My Extramarital Affair With My Student

Hi friends, my name is Sonia and I am from Mumbai. I am in my early 40s and have been married for the last 14 years. I have two kids – one son and one daughter. I used to read sex stories here and finally today I took the courage to write a real-life incident of my life.

To start I would like to tell you all that I used to teach in a college in Mumbai. I am a good-looking lady with nice curves and assets. I had been maintaining myself as I thought it would help in my married life too.

But for the past few years, the relationship between me and my husband was not going well as he would stay out of home mostly because of work. I had started feeling sexually and emotionally deprived.

My friends used to go into dating apps but I was trying to avoid entering into an affair with anyone. To keep myself busy and away from such thoughts, I started taking coaching classes at home for the students of my college.

I had a student whose name was Sam. He was around 22 years of age. He was quite witty and friendly. He would often make me laugh with his wit and humor. He would often bring some gifts for me. I would thank him for his gesture.

I started feeling happy as my student Sam would do all those things for me which I liked, such as bringing chocolates for me and making me laugh. Soon, he asked me for my number to clear his doubts.

I gave him my number but he started sending me romantic one-liners and was flirting with me over chat. I took it sportingly and never took it in a negative sense until one day when my kids were not home and Sam stayed at my house for clearing some doubts after the classes.

That day I was wearing a tight blue color top and denim with my hairs open. My student Sam started complimenting me about my eyes and my hairs. I smiled and said, “Sam, you are so flirty. You must be flirting with so many girls this way.”

He smiled and said, “Sonia ma’am, I do flirt with girls but I have the biggest crush on YOU.”

I smiled at him and said, “Sam, concentrate on your studies. I am married.”

He smiled and said, “Sonia ma’am, don’t worry. I will get good marks in my exams.”

I said, “Good and if you get good marks, I will give you a gift.”

He smiled and said, “But I will choose that gift.”

I said, “Ok Sam.”

The exams were over and he got very good marks. He called me and said, “Sonia ma’am, now my gift.”

I said, “Sam, tell me what you want.”

He said, “A date with you.”

I was shocked and said, “Sam, that is not possible, I am married.”

He said, “It’s just a date, don’t worry, ma’am.”

I didn’t want the whole world to see me with one of my students so I told him that my kids will be in school the next day and during that time, he can come to my place and we can have a brunch date together.

The next day, he came well dressed. I too dressed was in a one-piece dress. I congratulated him on passing the exams. He smiled and said, “Ma’am, see I have passed with good marks.”

I smiled and said, “Yes Sam, I know.”

He had bought a bottle of wine with him. We had a few drinks together and suddenly, I don’t know what happened to me, but I got carried away with drinks. My student Sam started flirting with me more and more and I too was giving him a nice smile all the time.

He then asked me about my married life and I told him that things were not good between me and my husband. One thing leads to another and in no time, we were discussing our personal lives with each other.

He told me that he had a crush on me and that he had never dated any girl. As I was getting up, my foot slipped and I fell on him! As I fell on him, I felt my student’s cock against my ass which aroused me suddenly.

He too was breathing heavily as I was very close to him. We both were glued to each other. He then came close to me and we had an intense 2-minute long lip kiss! It was good to feel a man’s lips on mine.

Sam was trying to insert his hand inside my top but I stopped him by saying my kids will be home any time. He understood my feeling and went back and left from there.

In the night, I was feeling lonely and had a few glasses of wine. At that time, I wanted his touch. So I messaged him saying, “Sam, come home. The kids are asleep.”

He read my message and within no time, he was at my doorstep! I opened my door. He smiled at me. I took him inside my bedroom and we started kissing each other madly. I told him that we could make out but we can’t make noise as my kids were in the other room. He wanted it badly too.

I removed my top and my denim. I was wearing my red bra and panty at that time. Sam was amazed to see me in that lingerie. I removed my student’s pants and pushed him on the bed. I knew he was a first-timer so I stroked his cock gently and slowly started to suck his cock. He was in heaven and I too was happy to have a real cock after long.

Then I removed my bra and panty. Sam started playing with my boobs, sucking them and fiddling with my nipples. I was moaning in pleasure. My student was rubbing my clit with his fingers and was also fingering my pussy.

I then asked my student to lick my pussy. He went down on my pussy and licked it and soon, I came for first the time. Then I gave him a condom to wear and sat on his cock and with my hands, I guided my student’s cock inside my pussy. I started jumping on Sam’s cock. His hands were on my ass. I was biting his nipples to make his cock harder.

Sam was pumping me harder and harder. I wanted to make naughty noises but due to my children, I controlled my emotions. I knew being a virgin he might cum soon. So I laid myself on the bed and now got him on top of me in missionary. Sam was now going slow and gentle inside me. He was biting my neck too.

Soon, I could see he was nearing climax. So I started moving my ass to make him enjoy his first real climax with a mature woman. He finally cummed and laid his head on my boobs. We both hugged each other.

Later, my student thanked me for the sex. Then, before letting him go, I allowed him to fuck me in doggy style. I gave him lots of kisses on his lips and also gave him a blowjob and allowed him to cum in his teacher’s mouth.

Now I have a secret sex life with my young student Sam and we make out whenever my husband and kids are away.

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