Enjoyed In Classroom With My Girlfriend Jillu

Hello, guys this Anbu from Chennai. Happy New year to everyone for 2020. This is my first story. I have been reading this XIS past 4 months. I have been addicted to this site. I regularly follow up and read most of the stories. My age is 28 and I am married

Now coming to these stories. This happened when I was 22 and in college final year. My college is located near Tambaran. Usually, I traveled to college in public transport.

Introducing the heroine. Her name is Jillu. (nickname) She was in the same class as me. She was looking at me for the last 2 years. One fine day, I saw that and asked her, “What is your problem? Every time you are looking at me. If I see you, you change the direction.”

She was surprised and unable to talk anything. Struck and silent for 5 minutes. Let me introduce my self and her. Mine: 5.11 height with lean and clean, not gym boy but fit. And the heroine part: she is dusky color and chubby face.
Height is 5.5, the body is bubbly and cute. Especially boobs and buds are good.

I will move to the story. She didn’t respond to anything. Then I left that place. The same day I got a message from her. I thought someone was teasing me. So I didn’t reply to anything. Again the next day, the message was received. So I replied that number.

Me – May I know who is this?

Jillu- You know me very well in your college/class.

I left it that conversation. I didn’t respond to her. The next day in class my friend told me, “Jillu asked your mobile number so I gave it to her.” Now I realized that message.

Me- Hi!

Jillu- I think you found me.

Me- Not yet. (kidding her and continuing the conversation)

Jillu – Don’t lie, man. I know about you.

The days passed and both were a little close. Daily calls and chatting, then we moved to sex talk some times. I still remember that day Feb 14, 201. I went to a movie. By that time I got a message from her. Once the movie was over I went to her home just visiting her.

Her sister and mother were there. She gave coffee and snacks. I ate and was watching TV. Suddenly she kissed me on the lips for 2 minutes. I was surprised about that. My 1st kiss never happened before like this. Then I left her home and my mood was changed. Once I got on the bus I texted her.

Jillu –  How were tea and snacks?

Me-  Both are waste. The juice was tasty. I want one more.

Jillu – Come soon I will give one more glass.

Me – Now I have started. Next time I will take it from you with the parcel.

That day night we were chatting about what happened in her house fully. I loved her lips taste. So we planned that daily we should do this at least one time. We moved to the next stage. So planned accordingly. We planned that 9 o’clock is at college. So we came early to college at 7 o’clock.

No one is here. So we can enjoy ourselves in class and safely. Planned accordingly we both came early and entered into the classroom. Our class was on the 2nd floor. So I came outside in the veranda to see if anyone is coming or not. We had time almost for 1 hour. We enjoyed as planned.

Week one:
I instructed her to stand in the corner of the wall while entering the classroom so that no one can see her. She was standing there. Now my turn started. Deeply and smoothly, the kissing started with lips almost 10 minutes. Both our saliva mixed. Oops, what a feeling!

After a few minutes, I went outside and searching if anyone is looking for us. Only kisses were exchanged for almost one week.

Week Two:
The same place came earlier to college. Moving to the next stage boobs pressing and deep kiss alone. 2 days went like this. The mood was upgraded. So I asked her not to put bra while coming to college. She didn’t accept but she planned for that.

Once we reached the college, she went to the restroom to remove her bra. So that I can suck her boobs look like brown color balloons. She is dusky so I liked it very much. Again I started lip kisses and played with boobs. After the session was over she went to the restroom and wore the bra and come to class.

She came near me and gave me some tissues and told me to go to the restroom and open this packet. Usually, she gave chocolates like this. So I thought what’s special. t I asked her if I can open here itself. She replied soft voice to go and open in the restroom. It’s special for you to keep it yourself.

I’m totally confused about what it is. I reached the restroom and opened those tissues. I was surprised when I saw her pink color panty. She was wet when I was kissing and sucking the boobs. I smelt it more than 5 times in the whole day. It was heaven.

Jill- How’s my gift?

Me – (totally speechless and looking at her stunned) Now you are without a panty whole day in class.

Jill – I have a spare panty, my sweetheart. This was a planned gift for you to enjoy, baby.

Week three:
Last week’s session was extremely fulfilling. So we both were planning this week how we will enjoy it. The day 1st started 5 minutes. I told her lying on the seating bench. She asked, “What’s your plan? Tell me then only I will do.” I told, “Please do what I say,” and she did.

I removed her top. She was shocked. I planned to remove my shirt also but she didn’t accept. So I placed a kiss on her belly what a curve belly and biting more than 15 minutes. Then as usual moved her boobs and lip kiss happened. Then both are afraid so stopped the playing.

She asked me, “Can we go for a movie so that we can enjoy it?” My next session is Sathyam theatre, the movie is ‘Nan Kadavul’. I will explain my next part based on your feedback and comments.

Hope you all enjoyed this story. Feel free to respond. Your responses will encourage me to write more. Contact me at [email protected]

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