Me, My Neighbor Bhabhi And Sex – Part 2

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Hello once again to all the horny and lusty readers reading sex stories in this platform. I am Mr. X, back again with another of my sexual encounters that happened back in 2019 with Priyanka (name changed).

We had sexual encounters before as well.  I have also shared it on this wonderful platform. Those who have still not read it please go through it, you will enjoy the encounter.

Coming to the story, let me again give a brief intro about myself. I am Mr. X (name changed) a 24-year-old bachelor lad. I work in an MNC in Kolkata. A height of almost 6 feet with a very normal body but with a very charming smile on the face. I have a dick of 6 inches and can expand more.

The female lead of the story is Priyanka (name changed). She is a married Bengali beauty with charismatic and seducing body stats of 37b-27-38 and a very seducing dressing sense. She mostly wears blouses showing a bit of cleavage.

She wears her saree below the navel showing a major part of her heavenly stomach enough to give an instant hard-on boner. Her husband is a government employee. He is an average Indian man with a very low sexual stamina.

I have explained in my previous story that how we had sex for the first time. Now Priyanka and I had become good friends. Whenever her husband was not at home and I had an off day from the office, we used to have small foreplays and smooching.

But we never went beyond that as it may lead us to some social trouble. One fine day, I got a message from Priyanka that her husband will be going for an office visit at Ernakulum. It will be a great opportunity to fulfill our burning sexual desire.

The next morning I got a message from Priyanka that her husband has left for the trip and she is all ready for the play. In the afternoon, being all set to quench my lusty thirst I went to Priyanka’s flat. As I rang the bell, she opened the door and was looking completely gorgeous.

She was wearing a red saree with a sleeveless and backless blouse, as usual. It was tight near her boobs. The saree was much below her navel giving a complete view of her sexy well-maintained body. Her long hair rolling down her right cheek.

After opening the door she started going inside in a seducing manner shaking her ass. I got inside and closed the door. I already understood her intention. Without wasting much time I undressed my t-Shirt and held her from the back.

She rested her head from the back on my naked chest and crossed her arms in a scissor shape around my shoulder. Her beautiful armpit smell was adding some sexual flavors in the environment, blowing my mind away. I was just losing my consciousness in that beautiful perfume of armpit.

I started rolling my palm around her naked stomach from the blouse to saree knot at her waist feeling the warmth of her body. She was getting aroused and started breathing heavily. I could feel her breathe and started smooching her neck, shoulder, back, and armpits from behind.

Priyanka was getting erotic and was making slow moans. I was smooching her. Continuing to smooch, I brought her to the sofa in the dining place. I sat on the sofa and made her sit on my lap. It was a very romantic moment. I brought Priyanka closer to me. So close that even air also couldn’t pass through us.

Priyanka started rubbing her boobs over her blouse with my chest. I hugged her and opened the knot of her behind and felt her naked back by rubbing my hand all over her back. She was not wearing a bra. It seems that some sexual current has passed through her body and she started moaning softly.

I was also in cloud 9 breathing the erotic armpit smell, feeling the warmth of her body, and hearing her moans. I threw her blouse and stared at her huge sized boobs. I couldn’t resist myself from a deep passionate liplock. The liplock was quite wild.

While kissing I was pressing her right boob with my one hand and pressing her left ass with the other. We had a tongue fight while kissing and sucked each other’s tongue and exchanged saliva. My dick was now erect as a pole and couldn’t hold it much in my trouser.

I broke the liplock and made Priyanka sleep on the sofa and opened my trouser. My dick just bounced out as if it is giving a salute to the sex Goddess sleeping on the sofa. I pulled her saree and saw that her petticoat is wet from her pussy region.

We both smiled and opened her petticoat too. She was not wearing any panty either. Now we both were naked and we both started licking each other’s pussy and dick in a 69 position so that while having penetration we don’t have much pain as it gets lubricated by our love juices.

We sucked each other’s dick and pussy for about five minutes till they got lubricated. Now it was the time for real fun. Priyanka was lying straight on the sofa and I placed my dickhead upon her pussy lips. I was in no hurry to penetrate and finish it off. I wanted to enjoy every bit of it.

I started slowly and was moving to and fro in a very smooth motion. It was unlike the first time when Priyanka had sex after a long time. I had to kiss her so that her screams don’t go outside the four walls. She was enjoying every stroke this time to the fullest. She was looking at me and was moaning slowly.

As I increased my speed, her moans also grew louder. It was increasing the pleasure of sex with each stroke. She was holding my chest and out of excitement. She has almost scratched my chest leaving a love mark. These scratches prove that how much you have satisfied your sex partner.

The deeper the scratches the more satisfied your partner is. I cummed twice inside her warm pussy which she enjoyed. We had sex on the sofa for about 15 minutes and then we were exhausted and hungry.

As Priyanka’s husband was out of town for 2 days we enjoyed each other’s body for complete two days which I will narrate in a different story.

I hope you all loved the sexual encounter. If any bhabhi or aunty wants to have a sex chat can mail me or message me via hangout at [email protected] As I am from Kolkata, aunty or bhabhi from Kolkata are preferred.

Do not forget to give your feedback in the above-mentioned mail id. Till then your Temporary Companion is signing off. Love you and keep cumming. Bye.

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