Adventures With Aswathy – Part 2

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Hey, Goutham again. So, the last time, I told you guys how Aswathy and I got together. Well, things have changed a lot since then. We are officially a couple now. We regularly have sex now, like any other ordinary couple. Aswathy trusts me more now. So, she had opened up a lot since last time.

She stays with me during the weekends and we fuck like bunnies. She’s also opening up about her kinks. One night after I was cuddling her after sex. She asked me if I had my eyes on any woman except for her. Like, do I get attracted by seeing hot women anymore? What sort of question is that?

My mind wanted me to tell her no. But my heart wanted to be honest and told her yes. To my surprise, she told me that she also wanted to see me with another woman. I’ve never felt happier.

“But it’s impossible, right?” I asked.
“Why not?” Aswathy asked, her nipples standing up against my chest.

“Because,” I said, grabbing her right nipple with two fingers, “where would we find such a kinky woman? The kinkiest one is here on my bed.”

She moaned loudly. She kissed me deeply on the lips, and said, “leave it to me, dear. I’ll find you your kinky woman.” She smiled widely.

“Okay, princess,” I said. She gets incredibly shy about hearing that name.
“Shall we have one last round?” I asked her.

“It hurts, baby.” She said, “Just settle for a blowjob now, right?” She said and crawled down to my cock, with her pussy above my face. I loved 69 position with her. I licked her pussy real nice. She gave me a good blowjob. I must say, she was getting better at it.

Later, we slept, wrapping ourselves around each other’s naked bodies. It was Monday again. And we went to college.

Aswathy was still getting used to the ramming that she receives between her legs during most nights. She used to walk a little funny. And during that entire week, I’ve found her busy on her phone, that she hardly even noticed me often.

And on Thursday, she came running.
“I found someone.” She said.
“Really? How?” I asked.

“Via Facebook.”

“Fb? Come on, do you even think that’s a real woman?” I asked.
“I made sure, my dear.”

She handed over the phone to me. There was a picture of a woman in there. Mid-thirties. Dusky and a little overweight. But her face looked real cute. She was dressed in a traditional saree.

I could see the outline of her big boobs through the saree. And judging from the size of her midsection, she must have a nice big ass too.

“She’s Kartika. Obviously, that’s a fake name,” she said.
“Obviously,” I agreed.

“Right. She’s 35 and a mother of two. She likes to have some fun, but anonymously. So, I don’t think she’d like to have me in there while you guys fuck.”

“So, how will you watch?” I asked.
“Well, I have to watch from the next room. There’s a small cavity behind the bookshelf. I’ll be there,” she said as though she had already planned everything.

“Thanks, my dear,” I said.
“Don’t be too excited,” She laughed.
“You’ll only meet her on Saturday. It’s actually a date. She seems like a poor woman. You have to treat her real nice.”

“Like a full day date?” I asked.
“Yeah, it’ll be fun. She said that her husband would be out of town and her kids would be at their grandparents’. You’ll only bed her in the evening. Okay?” Aswathy said earnestly.

“But I got you for my next two nights, right?”
“Yeah, baby,” She said, smacking her lips.

For the next two days, I fucked Aswathy in various positions. On Friday evening, I finally tried assfucking her. Finally, her asshole was big enough from using butt plugs. And I went wild on her, leaving her screaming and peeing on my bed. I used to tease her about that peeing episode for years.

And came Saturday. I was supposed to pick up my mysterious Kartika ‘aunty’ at 10 am at a nearby mall. I got dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans and went to the mall. I borrowed Aswathy’s scooter. I wandered for almost half an hour across the mall until I spotted her.

She was wearing a blue saree with matching blouse. She was more beautiful and voluptuous than in those photos. I approached her.

And I said, “Hi Kartika, I’m Goutham. Nice to meet you.” She reluctantly shook my hands. She was slightly nervous. We went to the nearby bakery and ordered fruit juice. Afterward, we got talking.

I understood that Kartika was a poor housewife who didn’t get much attention from her husband after the birth of her children. She even showed me a picture of her in her twenties.

“This is how I used to look,” she said gloomily.
“Hey, you still look beautiful. Your husband simply can’t see it. But I can,” I told her.

She smiled. I held her hand. She looked puzzled for a moment. Then she interlocked fingers with me. After that incident, she seemed to behave more freely with me.

She told me in passing that her husband has not even taken her to watch a movie yet. I told her that I will take her to a movie. She disagreed.

“No, no. It’s too expensive.” She said. I still took her to the show. We went to a Hindi film. It was a romantic drama. She was so excited that she was seeing a movie for the first time.

I slowly took her hand. She didn’t respond. I placed her hand on my pants, above my cock. She gave me a weird look. But then, I gave her a peck on the lips. And I slowly put a hand on her breasts. I could feel her heartbeat rising. I slowly squeezed her left boob. She let out a short moan.

But it got drowned in the noise from the cinema. She was a little turned on now. I slowly removed her saree pallu and unhooked her blouse. I saw her bra and was disappointed. It was the type that old women wear. Hiding my disappointment, I took her left boob out of the bra.

I slowly leaned on her shoulder and started sucking on those big nipples. Compared to this woman’s nipples, Aswathy’s nipples looked very small. I wanted her to give me a handjob there. But it was really hard to pull that off in such a crowded place. Before the cinema ended, I fixed her clothes.

The cinema ended and we got out of there. She looked really shy to even look me in the eyes. I casually took her hand and walked with her the way married couples do. We hit the road on my scooter and I stopped at a nearby lingerie shop. I gave her some cash and asked her to buy some decent lingerie.

She was too shy. I finally convinced her by walking into the store with her. I bought a couple of black laced bras for her (38D) and a couple of black thongs. We reached our place in the evening. I knew that Aswathy was peeping from the next room.

I showed Kartika around. She seemed to be interested in my collection of books. I started liking her more. She was a genuine woman. Even if she didn’t tell me her real name or details. Then I asked Kartika if she wanted some tea. She said she would make it. And she did.

We talked over tea. Then I took a bra and thong from the packet and handed it to her. I asked her to change into those. She was really shy. After much persuasion, she agreed to go change in the bathroom. “I’m gonna see everything in a while though,” I said.

She smiled shyly and went into the bathroom. She came out after a few minutes. She looked like a goddess in those. She was a little overweight and had a bit of belly fat. But she was brown and beautiful. Her boobs scenes to be eager to jump out of her bra. Her ass looked like mountains to be conquered.

I went to her. I took her arms in mine. And pulled her close. I kissed her passionately. She kissed back. I got her into my bed. I took off my t-shirt and jeans. I was just in my undies. I just felt like letting her finish what we started in the theatre. I took off my undies and brought my cock near her mouth.

She had never taken a cock in her mouth. She had a little vomiting tendency. She got used to it and started giving me a good blowjob. Her warm moist mouth moved along the shaft of my hard cock. I was about to cum. She felt the precum in her mouth and was about to spit out my cock.

I held her by her hair and fucked her mouth and came inside her mouth. She spluttered and coughed. She didn’t expect that. But she liked it. I took my hands to her fat waist and pinched her flesh in a sexy way. She moaned. I pulled off her bra and grabbed her boobs.

Those were way bigger and softer than Aswathy’s. I took each of them in my arms and slowly squeezed them. Then I put the right nipple in my mouth while pinching the other. She had big black areolas and big nipples almost the size of the tip of my little finger.

I further moved to behind her ears and her neck and kissed her there. Her skin was not perfumed like Aswathy’s. Kartika’s odor was slightly musky and sweaty. I was turned on by that. I kissed her lips and put my tongue in her mouth. Her mouth still tasted like tea.

I moved on to play with her boobs. She moaned with each playful squeeze I gave until they turned red. I sucked on them and bit the left nipple a little hard and pulled. She screamed in pain and pleasure. Her sweet voice turned me on further. I licked along the centerline of her tummy right into her navel.

I swirled my tongue around in her navel. She was going crazy with all that movement. I pulled down Kartika’s thongs. She had quite a bush down there. She looked a little embarrassed. “I like bushes, babe,” I told her. She smiled and lay down more relaxed.

I parted her legs and buried my face. The stench of urine penetrated my nostrils. Still, I had to please her. I licked her clothes vigorously. I started tongue fucking her. She started moaning “Oh my god. Oh, I feel good. Oh my god. Please don’t stop.” Her moans got louder with my tongue’s speed.

I slowly fingered her pussy. She almost came when I stopped. She looked disappointed. “Not like that, baby,” I said. I put on a condom. Then I hopped on top of her and wedged a pillow below her big ass. I parted those legs wide and put my cock in her pussy’s entrance. It was tight.

I pushed hard. My cock went all the way in. She screamed. I didn’t wanna go slow. I went full speed on her. Quick strong strokes. I fucked her pussy for a few minutes till I came. She didn’t come yet. I stood her up on all fours and fucked her from behind, doggy style.

It was nice, my balls bouncing against her sweet ass. I fucked her hard.

“Aah bitch. You are so fine, you slut,” I moaned.

She started verbally abusing me too. I liked it and encouraged me to fuck her further. Finally, she came. And she fell, tired on the bed. I put my face over her asshole and started licking it. It was nice. I wanted her to ride me. She wasn’t sure she could do that.

I made her sit on top of my cock and grabbed her love handles. She hardly had any strength to pull off a cowgirl. So, I felt her as per her comforts. She fell asleep on my bed.

I got up and Aswathy had left a text message on my cell. It said that it was so hot and she cummed many times masturbating to me fucking Kartika. She also said that she was leaving for the night since Kartika would be with me all night. She would come back the next morning.

I went back to Kartika. I woke her up and fed her. She started dressing, but I stopped her. I wanted to be naked for the rest of the night. We spent the entire night exploring each other.

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