Satisfying The Sexual Needs Of Zoya

Hello people, I am Raj from Mumbai back with another story. About me, so I am tall, wheatish with an average muscular body and have a tool to satisfy any woman. I stay in Mumbai with my younger sister.

This is a story that happens between me and my sister’s friend, who was my friend as well. Let’s call her Zoya. Zoya is about 25 years in age, with a slim and sexy figure. Zoya got married a year ago and we came close like just more than a friend.

I was the one to convince Zoya for her marriage. Being her jiju she agreed to me. I assure her that she would be happy with the guy we have chosen for her. At the time of marriage preparations, Zoya started asking my opinion for everything, choosing her dress, bangles, ornaments, almost everything.

One day when she had gone for shopping with my sister she sent me some lingerie pictures. I first ignored thinking that she must have sent mistakenly. She continued sending more pics. I was not shock but surprise as to why is she sending all that to me.

When I did not replied she messaged me asking me to help her choose lingerie for her first night. I was shocked and just replied, “I don’t know.” She immediately called me. I was scared to answer but somehow I answered the call.

Zoya: Why didn’t you reply to me?

Me: I am busy at work.

Zoya: Don’t lie to me, if you don’t want to reply it’s ok. I will manage myself and she hung up the phone

After few minutes she messaged me again asking for my choice, I didn’t reply to anything. So she again messages stating that she won’t purchase anything if I don’t reply. I had no choice but to choose one. I started looking at the pictures she sent to me and replied with few of my choice.

I message her with pair of red, blue, green and purple color lingeries. She just replied thank you with a wink Form that day Zoya use to message me every day, just a casual talk, hi hello and all. I didn’t know what was in her mind. A few days passed and she sent me a picture of wearing one of her lingerie.

But her face was hidden.

Me: What is this Zoya, have you gone mad?

Zoya: What happened? I sent you this pic to know from you how am I looking in this lingerie?

Me: Shut up Zoya and stop all this. Or else I would have to speak to your friend, my sister about this

She did not message after that and I also deleted the pictures. I was shocked and confused as to what is that she want from me. Due to marriage preparations I had to visit Zoya’s place every now and then and Zoya’s behavior with me was changing.

Due to her bold figure and after I saw her picture in lingerie I started liking her a bit. But never dared to do anything because of relation that we were in. A few days passed and it was her day of marriage, while she was getting dressed in bridal dress.

She was sending me pictures one by one starting from wearing lingerie to complete dress and ornaments and bangles, almost every single thing. I didn’t reply to anything. I was just enjoying her pictures and thought that this will end today as she will be married. Finally she got married and went to her place.

I didn’t hear anything from Zoya after that day. I use to get to know about her well being from my sister. It was almost three months and suddenly I got message from Zoya.

Zoya: How are you, Raj?

Me: I am good, how are you?

Zoya: I am good, but not happy.

Me: Why? What happened?

Zoya: I will meet you in person and then tell you.

Me: Do my sister know about it? Should I speak to her?

Zoya: Please no, she doesn’t know anything. I don’t want to tell her as only you can help me.

Me: How?

Zoya: I will tell you next week when I come to meet you all at your place.

Me: OK, see you then.

As Zoya said I didn’t speak to my sister about anything and also deleted the chat between us. A week passed and it was day when Zoya, her husband, all other friends were about to visit our place for get together. Zoya walked in with a big bag. I was wondering as to what is wrong.

I just signal Zoya asking what happen. She smiled and whispered nothing is wrong don’t worry. We all had long chat, dinner and all started moving out. Zoya and her husband was left. Zoya’s husband stood up and said even I should leave. Zoya was not looking ready to go.

That’s when my sister told me that Zoya is staying with us for few days. I was shocked and bit happy as well. Zoya’s husband left and it was only me, my sister and Zoya. We made arrangements for Zoya in the next room and went to our rooms respectively.

That night I was excited looking at Zoya and masturbate imaging Zoya, it was for first time I had imagine Zoya while masturbating. That night passed and next day morning my sister left for work

It was only me and Zoya in the house, Zoya was still sleeping in the next room, I tried opening the door and it was not locked. I entered Zoya’s room and was looking at her from distance. She was wearing a black satin knee-length gown with a thin strap on the shoulder.

Her red bra strap was clearly visible and her milky fair legs made me horny. I went near her and tried touching her legs. Zoya suddenly woke up and sat on the bed next to me and asked what happen Jiju? How come are you in my room? I was staring at her cleavage.

She caught that and said, it is not for the first time you are seeing this I came back to my sense and asked Zoya. Common tell me what is wrong with you? What do you want to talk about? What do you want from me? Zoya stood up, tied her hair on top, bent toward me.

She said, “We have all day long Raj. I will tell you and show you all,” and gave me a small kiss on my lips and went to the washroom. She then came back after 10 minutes and said that she will take a shower, get ready and then we should have breakfast together. I just replied as yes.

Zoya was back in a half-hour. She was wearing a thin yellow t-shirt and black shorts. She was looking awesome with loose wet hair, bangles in hand, faint lipstick. I just murmur wow. Zoya asked, “What?” I replied nothing and took eyes off her.

She then prepared breakfast for two of us. We had our breakfast and sat in the living room watching TV. I was no way interested in TV, instead, my eyes were locked on Zoya. She notices that and came sat next to me. She said teasingly that this should be the best view, I was like, what? She said for TV and smiled.

I could not wait anymore and started the conversation

Me: Zoya now tell me, what’s the matter, why are you not happy with your marriage?

Zoya: what do you think could be the reason?

Me: I don’t know, you tell me?

Zoya: I will be frank to you. I am not happy physically. It’s been 3 months of our marriage and I am still a virgin.

Me: (shocked) Why? What’s wrong?

Zoya: My husband is always busy at work and comes home late. Due to his tiredness, we didn’t have a chance to do anything. (in a sad tone)

Me: Should I speak to your husband?

Zoya: No way, he will not understand and instead would question me as to why did I share all this with you

Me: Then what do you want, how should I help you.

Zoya: If you really want to help me, till the time I am here at your place treat me as your wife and fulfill my needs

I was shocked and before I could reply to anything, Zoya held my hand. She came to me and gave me a kiss on my lips. I didn’t respond for a few seconds, looked into her eyes and planted a kiss on her lips. Soon our kiss turned into smooch and we were eating each other’s lips like mad.

After almost 15-20 minutes we broke our kiss. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom, on the way to bedroom we were kissing. We reached the bedroom and I threw Zoya on the bed. I took my t-shirt off and jumped on her and started kissing her from top to bottom.

I kissed Zoya on all her exposed body. I went to her stomach, lifted her t-shirt and kissed her belly. She started moaning. After kissing for a while I untied the knot of her shorts and pulled a bit down. I then kissed the exposed body and was teasing her by pulling her panty with my teeth, she was going crazy.

Without wasting any more time I took her shorts off. She was lying there in her pink lacy panties. I got crazy looking at those milky legs and pussy covered in pink panties. I immediately took her t-shirt off and for a couple of minutes. I kept looking at her sexy figure in pink lacy bra and panty.

Her nipples were erect and were clearly visible in her lacy bra. I immediately took my pajamas off and started kissing her from forehead to toe. With my every kiss she was giving out soft moans. I kissed her cheeks, lips, bite her ear lobes, neck, shoulder and took her bra strap off.

I went down and pulled her bra down. I started kissing, biting and sucking her nipples. I was rolling my tongue around her nipples and made her completely wet. I suck her boobs and took it as much as I can in my mouth and was playing with her nipples with my tongue. Zoya started shivering like a fish

While sucking her boobs I started rubbing my finger on her pussy over her panty. She was moaning louder and her panty started getting wet. I started rubbing faster and she then slid her panty aside and inserted my finger inside her pussy.

She screamed as she was still a virgin. I took my finger out and asked if she is OK. Zoya replied she is good and enjoying the most. Hearing this I went down and took her panties off in one go. I spread her legs and went between and started licking her pussy

Zoya was moaning loud. After licking for a bit I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her. I inserted as deep as I can and she was enjoying every bit of it. I continued for almost 15-20 minutes and Zoya had her orgasm. Her juice tasted awesome and she was looking happy.

Zoya then took charge and made me lay on the bed. She came on top of me and positioned her pussy on my penis over my underwear and started rubbing it. After doing this for a while Zoya started kissing me from the top. She licked my neck and started licking my nipples.

That was the best feeling that I experienced. She then went down and reached my underwear. She started licking my penis over my white underwear and made it completely wet and transparent. My penis was clearly visible and she was licking as if she is pro in it.

She soon took my underwear off completely and took my penis in hand. She started stroking it. After 10-15 strokes she took my penis in her mouth and started blowing me off. She was licking my penis as if she is eating lollypop. She did that for a few minutes and then stopped.

I stood up made her lay on the bed on her back. I asked if she is ready to lose her virginity. She just nodded as yes. I positioned a pillow under her waist, spread her legs, folded her legs from knees. I asked her to hold it and touch it till her boobs, she obeyed and so I got complete exposure of her pussy.

I licked it for a while and lubricated it completely. Her pussy was completely wet and then I started rubbing my penis on her pussy. After rubbing for a while I pushed my penis head inside her pussy. Zoya screamed and held the bedsheet tight. I asked if she is OK.

She asked not to stop and continue, she wanted to feel the pain. I obeyed her and gave a hard push and inserted my complete penis inside her. She had tears in her eyes and was screaming and blood started flowing out of her pussy. I ignored all that and I continued.

I started going in and out slowly and soon Zoya’s pain was turning into pleasure. I increased my pace and Zoya started to moan in pleasure. After fucking her in this position I stop and made Zoya stand. I pushed her on walls pressing her boobs on walls and lifted her one leg.

I started fucking her from the back. With every push, her boobs were rubbing on the wall and she was enjoying that. After a couple of minutes, I took her near the bed, made her bend down. I asked her to touch her elbows on the bed and spread her legs.

I held her hair and started fucking her from the back. It was like I am riding a horse. I went as deep as I can and she was enjoying every push. All this went for almost 90 minutes and I was about to cum. I told Zoya that I am about to cum. Zoya said that she wants all my cum inside her pussy.

I then made her lay on the bed on her back in missionary position and started fucking her. After stroking for almost 10 minutes I came inside her pussy and loaded all my cum inside her pussy Zoya was looking happy and satisfied losing her virginity. She kissed me and held me in her arms.

We were lying there for a while. Then Zoya got up and went to the washroom to clean herself and take a shower. Zoya was back in 30 minutes. She came back in a thin bathrobe, wearing nothing inside which was revealing her sexy wet figure. Looking at her gave me hard on again.

I just wanted to fuck her again. I went for it, however, Zoya stopped me. I asked to give some time for the next session as she was in bit pain. I understood and just kissed her and went for a shower. While I was back Zoya was ready in Punjabi suit and was looking gorgeous.

I complimented her and she replied, “I am here for the next 15 days. I am all yours.” Listening to this I gave her a small kiss on lips and dressed as my sister was about to return.

For all the days Zoya was at my place we had sex almost every day. Someday we had twice a day. We explore all the corners of our house, our kitchen, washroom, balcony, everywhere possible. I also fucked Zoya in her ass which she loves the most. I will narrate all the other experiences in the coming stories.

Thank you for reading this lengthy story and any female, single, married, housewife. Basically, anyone who wants to explore and enjoy and fulfill their sexual desire can ping me on [email protected]. Also, please you’re your valuable feedback which will help me in writing further stories.

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