Crossword To Unexpected Sex With A Married Woman

Hi, I am Rahul, a 35-year-old married man and currently living in Ahmedabad. Working with a renowned company. I am going to share my real-life story. Please pardon me if I make mistakes.

This happened when I went to the Crossword book shop to buy Chetan Bhagat books. When I was searching these books I saw a beautiful married female in another row. She may also be searching for her favorite books. Around 10 to 15 minutes our eye contacted each other and both smiled.

The next minute I asked her, “Did you find your favorite book?” She denied and I replied the same here and we started to chat with each other and came out of the shop. She asked about my job and my native place. She was happy to hear about my native place. She already knows that place.

After a few minutes, we both were comfortable talking. Then I asked about her position and her house. She smiled again and briefed about herself. Her name was Sushma, around 37-year-old and mother of a 6-year-old kid. Her husband is not living with her due to some dispute and she is living with her parents.

After a few minutes, we shared each other’s contact numbers and left the place. I came to my flat. I called her as I became impatient to see her. I called her. She picked the call and said, “Badi jaldi call kiya!” I said yes and asked, “What are you doing now?”

She told me that she is changing her sari. I said wow. She smiled at the phone. Then I asked, “Should I come to meet you? I would like to meet you one more time.” She said OK and shared her address. She suggested, “Call me once you reach near my home.”

I reached in the next 15 minutes and called her. She came down. It was a very big bungalow. She belongs from a rich family as it’s a posh colony. There are 4-5 cars parked in that bungalow parking. I asked about it she told me that the cars belong to her family members.

She was in a red tracksuit and looking so sexy. I caught her hand and she asked me what happened. I said, “Kuch nahi aap ko dekhna ka man kar raha tha.” Then she smiled and we went to the backside of parking where it was dark. She already knew my intention and she looked very hungry.

I caught her both hands and smiled and tried to kiss her. She didn’t hesitate. Then we did lip kiss for a long time and enjoyed it. After that, I opened the upper part of the tracksuit. She was in a red bra and having very tight boobs. I touched her boobs and unhooked her bra.

I was sucking her boobs. She was enjoying a high voice. Then I opened her lower. She was in a black panty. When I tried to open her panty she was busy opening my T-shirt and pants proactively. Now both are in underwear only. She hugged me very tightly and asked me to eat her.

Then I opened her panty and my underwear too. When I touched her pussy it was too wet. Then I pushed my one finger in her pussy and pushed her near the wall so that I can suck her pussy. I did it and sucked her body from top to pussy many times. She was crying and asking me to fuck.

But I was a little bit hesitant because I don’t carry any condoms. She was crying for fuck and I too hungry to fuck. I told her to band down to fuck in the doggy style. She positioned immediately. After that, I suddenly inserted my cock in her pussy without wasting time.

She was crying to fuck hard and fast with good strokes. I was doing it fast and rubbed her boobs at the same time. Her pussy was tight and very clean saving. I fucked her around another 10 to 15 minutes until both were not discharged. Once discharged I was scared that what will happen if someone will see us.

She told me don’t worry no one aware of this secret place and both were busy wearing the clothes. I hugged her kissed her again and left that place immediately to say thanks.

The very next day I got a call from her around noon. She asked, “What are you doing?” I replied that just doing time pass at home. She told me that she would like to meet me again if I am alone and comfortable. She liked my nature and wildness.

I shared my address and she knows my apartment as it’s near to her house. She reached my flat in the next 15 to 20 minutes and called me to open the door. I was surprised when I opened the door. She was looking too hot and sexy. She entered my house.

I closed my main door and cross-checked once again is it properly locked or not. We went to my bedroom. As it’s a 2 BHK flat, I and my partner live in separate rooms. When we set the bed she hugged me very tightly. She started the lip kissed as she didn’t want to waste the time.

I was rubbing her boobs from outside during kissing and they were hard. Gradually I inserted my hands in her pussy and it was wet like yesterday night. A few minutes later we helped to remove the clothes of each other. Now both were nude and I was watching her boobs and pussy.

I started to suck her pussy wildly. She was playing with my cock as we were 69 position. I didn’t know about this position. But she suggested to me about it and said we both will enjoy it. We were enjoying this position. She was looking like an expert to suck the cock.

After this exercise, we were in normal condition. Her legs were open to welcome my cock. Suddenly I put my cock in her pussy without any demand for a condom. It was a very lovely moment for both of us. She told me, “Rahul please put complete cock as you have not yet inserted fully.”

I did hard strokes and it touched her inside part. She became mad. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. “Rahul, your wife is too lucky to get you. You are a genius. Fuck me fast.” Now sounds were increasing. I tried to put my hand on her mouth to suppress her voice so that my neighbors don’t hear it.

Now she told me that she is going discharge in the same stage. I released fully inside pussy. I took a long breath and stayed in the same position for another few minutes. Both were feeling too comfortable. That day we did once again.

Then I prepared the coffee. She left my house after coffee and gave a compliment about good coffee. After that, we met many times at my place or in resorts and did the fucking session.

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