Hot And Flexible Alisha Fucked With Help Of Red Bull

Hi everyone, my name is Kayan (name changed). This is my first story on this site. This is a true story and one of the best sex of my life.

First, let me tell you about myself. I am 25, a qualified CA, and staying in Thane, Mumbai. I am 5’10, slightly overweight but athletic with a 6.5 inches, really thick cock.

The heroine of this story is Alisha (name changed). Her vital stats are 32-26-32. She is slim but really hot and flexible. She has really cute, dusky face that makes me just want to keep kissing her.

I and Alisha met when we were in college and have been fuck buddies ever since. So one night, we both were feeling super horny. She was staying in Kalyan which was a 1-hour drive from my place. It was 1 am in the night but who cares the time when sex calls!

So, I and my college fuck buddy decided to meet up as I had a second place which was available. I went to pick her up and she started fiddling with my cock during the drive itself!

It was raining and by the time we reached our place, it was almost 3 am. Even though we were super horny, we were a bit tired as we both had a long day at work. So, we decided to get a Red Bull. Guys mai bata du ki Red Bull me bahot taakad hai. It gave me so much fucking energy. I would highly recommend it.

Alisha had really luscious lips and all of a sudden, we were kissing each other very passionately. Then I laid my college fuck buddy down on the bed and started kissing and licking her neck.

(Alisha really loves my foreplay as my tongue goes literally everywhere.)

I took off her top and her skirt. She took off my shirt and my jeans and we both were in just our inners.

My tongue started licking her entire neck, torso, belly, and waist. I then drove my tongue deep in her belly button which drove her crazy. I took off her bra and released her small but cute boobs.

(I am really crazy for boobs irrespective of the size.) After seeing my college fuck buddy’s sexy boobs, I started really working on them. I first licked in circles going deeper and deeper to her nipples.

Then I opened my mouth really big but shifted to the other boob teasing her hard. When I got near her nipples again, I repeated my trick and got back to the first boob driving her crazy.

Alisha started begging me to suck her nipples. I gave in to her demand and started really licking and sucking her nipples which made her moan. She started moaning my name really loudly which I absolutely love. I sucked her tits so well that her orgasm started building up and she came really hard with a loud moan.

After resting for a couple of minutes, I don’t know where she got that energy from, but she laid me on my back and removed my underwear! I was completely nude with my super erect manhood staring at my horny college fuck buddy. She started working her magic on it and guys, Alisha gives the best blowjob.

Alisha started stroking my dick and taking my dick really deep in her throat. I was in heaven. I just closed my eyes and started enjoying her blowjob. Her cock-sucking was heavenly. Simultaneously, my college fuck buddy started playing with my balls.

Her hands and mouth now had complete control over my cock and balls and I just was in heaven.

At that moment, I wanted to fuck her hard. So, I took her down, removed her panties with my teeth, and started licking her pussy. She had a sexy pussy.

I started licking her clit and also my tongue started going in and out of her pussy. Alisha was loving it and moaning my name again which I love crazily.

After sometime, her pussy was really wet. So I took my cock and was ready to fuck my college fuck-buddy. I started teasing her by rubbing my cock over her pussy and she started begging me to fuck her.

We both don’t like condoms and she was in her safe days so we didn’t use a condom. I placed my cock at her love hole in missionary position and gave a really hard thrust. She screamed my name in pleasure as my cock went half in.

The animal in me rose and I started thrusting really hard. It was so fucking amazing. I was giving her long hard thrusts and my cock was going fully inside her pussy now. The whole room was filled with thap-thap-thap sounds.

Alisha was moaning, “Aahhh ahhh ahhhh. Kayan aaahhhhhh.” The Red Bull gave me great stamina and I was fucking her really hard. I was really pounding my college fuck buddy’s pussy and she was going mad continuously, screaming and moaning.

Her pussy was getting all sore from my crazy unstoppable pussy pounding. I was continuously thrusting and then she came once more.

We decided to change positions. I lifted her up and her legs were wrapped on my back. We were in a standing position and we started fucking in the stand and carry position.

Guys, this is the hottest position ever. We both love this position a lot. Her arms were wrapped around my neck. Her legs were around my body. My hands were on her ass and moving her up and down for thrusts and my cock was deep in her pussy. I was not able to cum normally, but there was one position where I cum always. That is doggy style.

So when Alisha was getting tired, we shifted to doggy and I started ramming her from behind. She was half-unconscious from all the pounding. I was completely going in and out and continuously hitting her G-spot. Finally, a load started building inside me and I released and god, I came like water gushing out of a garden hose!

I filled Alisha’s pussy with my cum and she lay down on her stomach half-dead. What a sight it was! The beautiful Alisha lying down, arms wide, heavy breathing, drenched in sweat and cum dripping from her pussy.

Not counting the foreplay, we fucked for almost an hour and even I was breathing heavily. We rested for some time and had 2 more rounds before I dropped her back home with her having a sore pussy and a big smile.

So guys, this was one of our many times together. I hope all of you enjoyed it. Please send me your feedback by email. I have many amazing experiences.

If I get a positive response, I will definitely take the time to write about it. Any bhabis or young girls staying around Thane or Mumbai and needing a hot romp like this, do get in touch with me via mail. I specialize in taking virginities too. My mail id is [email protected]

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