Ex-GF Willing To Have Sex With Conditions!

Hi, this is Rahul (name changed) and I stay in Bangalore. I am 23 years old and have a well-built body with a 6.5 inches cock. Today, I am back with another incident that led to lots of amazing sex!

It happened last year when my girlfriend and I broke up. It was devastating for us. The reason firstly, being that we both liked each other a lot and secondly because the sex would stop. And obviously, the sex stopped. We didn’t talk to each other. I ended up using my hands for some time.

Then, one day, I was reading our sex chats, and it got me very horny. I texted my ex-girlfriend asking if she misses our action (sex). The thing with us was that we were completely honest with whatever we want, and we had always been that way.

Even when I texted her, I knew that I could be honest but didn’t want to rush it. She said, “Yes,” she misses getting any action. I knew that my ex-girlfriend was just as horny as me. So, our conversation went on like this:

Me: How often do you think about us making out?

She: Very often.

Me: Then, let’s make it happen?

She: In that case, I am missing sex too.

Me: I will bang you the entire night, just like before. And maybe we can try anal too!

She: I don’t know if that is a good idea because, having sex after a breakup doesn’t end well.

Me: Just remember how awesome it was when we used to kiss while I squeezed your boobs and ass simultaneously? And then put my fingers inside your vagina and fingered you until you orgasm? All this was happening while sucking your boobs. Do you not want all this again?

She: Let’s have sex! But there are a few conditions.

Me: Tell me.


1. We don’t develop feelings for each other again.
2. We do whatever the other person asks us to do. Except if it’s too dirty.
3. We can have sex with others too as long as we have sex with each other.
4. We have lots and lots of hot sex.

I was shocked to see #4, but I immediately agreed to all of them! I booked an OYO room near her house and then waited for my ex-girlfriend there. She came in a jacket and pants. And then, as soon as I locked the door, she pushed me onto the bed and started stripping.

Oh my god. It was the most seductive thing ever! One by one, all her clothes were thrown at me, and then she was standing naked in front of me. She was covering her boobs with her hands to tease me! I had always loved boobs more than anything, and she knew that!

I pulled my ex-girlfriend onto me and started kissing her like there was no tomorrow. I started pressing her boobs while licking her nipples. Then I slowly moved down. I kissed her neck and then her cleavage and finally reached her boobs. I had missed them so much!

I started kissing my ex-lover’s boobs and sucking her nipples. I had got a small bottle of Nutella just for this and put some on her breasts. Then I started sucking them and it was so tasty! She loved it too! Occasionally, I was putting Nutella on my finger and giving it to her to suck on my finger, because that looked so hot!

Later, I started putting one of my fingers inside my ex-girlfriend’s vagina and started fingering her. She started moaning loudly. I kissed her to avoid others hearing her moans. I then increased my fingers and put 2 fingers inside her vagina and then later even used 3! When I started inserting 3 fingers, her moans became louder.

I started licking my ex-gf’s pussy while fingering her clit. It took me some time to find the stop, but it was worth it. I didn’t let her go, and continuously licked her, and fingered her until she released her cum over me.

I licked it and even gave some of it for her to taste. She was happily looking at me and I knew that it’s my turn now! As expected, she came onto me.

She started kissing my ears, and then my chest, and then reached my cock. My cock was rock hard for some time and when she put her mouth on it, it felt heavenly!

She started licking the tip, and then she took my penis inside her mouth and started giving me the best blowjob. But she was going slow; so I took hold of her hair and started mouth fucking her.

She enjoyed it too. I later cummed a huge load, and she swallowed it all in one go. She couldn’t control anymore, she wanted my penis inside her.

We started kissing and after 5 minutes, my penis was rock hard again. Then I put on a condom and rammed my cock into her pussy. She moaned so loudly that the people in the room which was beside ours, must have definitely heard us.

I then started kissing my ex-girlfriend while having sex in the missionary position. I was continuously kissing her while fucking her and that turned her on even more! She told me that she wants to take control, and she came on top of me.

Boy, what a view it was to have sex in! Her boobs were jumping up and down, which I couldn’t control, and started sucking her boobs.

I always wanted to try doggy, but we hadn’t tried it before. So I told her, and she quickly went into the doggy position. As soon as I put it inside her in that position, her moans started increasing.

I think that magical position is very pleasing for women. But anyway, later I came again and that felt amazing! We were tired, and we just slept naked for a while. Before leaving, she promised me that this could happen all the time and without any strings attached. This turned us on, and we started kissing for another half an hour. And then we left the hotel.

We still meet during quarantine, taking lots of precautions obviously, and still make time to have sex.


Guys, please don’t ask me for her number. I am not going to give it to you. Please respect privacy.

Any girl/woman who is in Bangalore and who wants to hook up can email me at [email protected] My KIK ID is – ash5108. I would love to read your feedback about my story.

Bye, until we meet the next time.

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