My Dream Boy

Hi everyone, I am here with a story of my dream boy. My name is Alamelu from Chennai, a housewife, a mother of two children, aged 35. My native place is Madurai. I am a degree holder in commerce but didn’t work after marriage. After my graduation, my mother got me married to her cousin.

He is rich and a businessman, selling sarees and having multiple branches across india. His name is Suresh. The age gap between him and me is around 15 years. When my husband married me, he was 36 years, and I was 21 years old. He didn’t take any dowry from us.

As my husband’s age is nearing 40’s, he was not interested in sex. If he does sex with me, he just finishes within five minutes. I am left with unsatisfied sex at the end. I got pregnant with my first child after 3 years of marriage. In these five years maximum, we had sex just 20-25 times.

When my husband goes on a business trip, he won’t spare his time calling me or messaging me. I have become a sex-starved wife, and I started masturbating. I started wearing low waist navel revealing sarees. My navel is round like a 10 rupee coin and deep with some pregnancy marks around it.

By the way, everyone looks at my navel when I got out. It makes me get horny and masturbate thinking about it. I am medium in color, short, my stats, 34d-34-36.

My boobs are big and a showpiece for my classmates during my college days. It looks bigger even if I wear chudidars. Now I am 27 years old. My boobs have attained a good shape and have milk in them after my baby’s delivery.

Time passed, I fought with my husband for not spending time with us. He scolded me and went to Delhi on a business tour. I decided not to live with him anymore. I packed my clothes to go to my parents’ place in Madurai alone. My mother, who visited my home, took my three-year-old kid with her to natives.

I directly reached the bus station without booking a ticket. I randomly asked the buses which are ready to leave. As I am a single lady, there were no seats available to accommodate another single lady. Finally, a bus conductor agreed and asked me to share a seat with another man.

I half-heartedly said ok and paid 700 rupees as it was a sleeper bus. The conductor took me to a seat, and that seat was covered with a curtain. The conductor called the person inside the seat to uncover the curtain. When the curtain got uncovered, there was a surprise!

It was Saravanan, my BCom college classmate. He was handsome, fair, athletic body and every girl fell in love during our college days. Even me too. He was good in his studies as well. After seeing him, I got happy.

I asked, “Do you remember me?” He replied Alamelu. Finally, I am happy to hear my name from the mouth of such a handsome fellow. The bus conductor understood that we know each other. He told me to accommodate, and he left. I went and sat near to him on the window side, and he closed the curtain.

We started our chat, he asked me about my husband and my life. I explained everything to him, and I started crying. He consoled me and said sorry for that. I asked about his family. He went sad and said that he got divorced from his wife after a year of marriage, and now he is single.

He said that he earned lakhs in his job, and he married a rich woman. But she loved another millionaire and married him immediately after their divorce. It is already an hour since the bus started. It has now reached Kanchipuram, and the bus halted for the passengers to have dinner.

Saravanan called to accompany him for the dinner as there are a lot of hotels at that place. I got up and raised my arm to correct my hairs which made my navel exposed to Saravanan for the first time. I caught him seeing my navel but didn’t mind it.

Usually, I tie 3 inches below my navel. But due to this bus travel in sleeper class, the saree went below, exposing my navel properly. I started getting down from the bus, and Saravanan took me to a biryani shop. While walking, Saravanan tried to peek at my navel whenever it gets exposed.

We ate the food and left for the bus. Saravanan told me to occupy the window seat. He started covering the seat with all the curtains tightly. I wondered why he is tying the curtains tightly as if we are not going to get down. The bus started to move.

Within a minute, he started asking, “How is your sex life?” I was shocked after hearing the words. But I told him the truth about my husband and my sex life. After hearing that, he planted a kiss on my lips. I started pushing him, saying that I am married and have a husband.

But he did not hear my words started to kiss deeply into my lips. After some time, I started surrendering to him. We kissed for 20 minutes. He started removing the pin of my pallu and removed my pallu. It made my boobs, and my navel got exposed completely to him.

He started opening my blouse and removed it completely. He removed my bra with just one pull. Now my upper body is exposed to him. Suddenly he started squeezing my breasts roughly. The milk in my boobs started coming out from my nipples. He got so happy and started sucking the milk from my breasts.

After that, he started going towards my navel and started kissing it. He was making rounds with his tongue around my navel with his two hands squeezing both my breasts. I was enjoying the moment with him. He then lowered his pant and jockey.

He took his cock out, and he went to the lower part of my saree and removed my panty. He took his cock to the entrance of my pussy. Suddenly the bus stopped. We got the sense, and I started wearing my clothes. But Saravanan took my bra and panty and told me to wear the blouse.

I wore it, and we drew the curtain of the seat. The bus needed repairs and halted near Krishnagiri. The replacement bus is coming. We were like shit! Within half an hour, a replacement bus came to pick us. All the people rushed to get a seat, and we were the last to enter the bus.

We browsed for the seats and got a last double sleeper seat. Saravanan was happy, thinking that nobody would disturb us. The bus is an ac bus for our luck. We got inside the seat, and Saravanan took bedsheets from his bag. After we got inside the seat, he started tying the screens and curtains tightly.

I asked him if we need to continue our sex. Saravanan replied that the real game will start now. He removed my saree completely, took my blouse, and removed my petticoat. I asked him that I would be completely nude. What if others open the curtains and see?

He said that nobody is going to disturb us as its 4 am, and all started sleeping. He also became nude in no time. We both are nude. I had my mangalsutra on my neck and my leg toe ring. He started squeezing my boobs with his lips tasting my navel for 15 minutes.

Without wasting any time, he took his cock and placed it near the pussy entrance. Immediately he inserted his cock inside my pussy with pressure. I shouted. He started his cock drilling inside my pussy. Initially, I felt the pain, but later the pain got converted to pleasure.

I was letting out soft moans to make sure that other nearby passengers should not hear me. While Saravanan is drilling his cock inside my pussy, I saw the pleasure on his face that my body is giving to him. The pleasure that his ex-wife didn’t give him. Now my body is fulfilling his manly needs.

I am also proud that the handsome guy in our college is having sex with me, and his cock is entering my pussy. Although there were beautiful girls in our college, who proposed to him and wants to sleep with him. But me being not so beautiful, got an opportunity to serve his sexual needs.

He started heavily to drill my pussy with his cock. I understood that he is nearing releasing his manly seeds. I also got into my senses that I am not protected and in my ovulating days.

But I don’t want to tell him that. He may feel disheartened. He also needs to feel the pleasure of cumming inside a women’s pussy. He started increasing his speed. I was also on the verge of cumming and finally released my pussy juice. He felt warm inside my pussy environment after I ejaculated pussy juice.

Finally, he held my breasts and started drilling fast, which made him cum inside my pussy. His sperm went inside my womb to fertilize me. I held him tightly to accommodate more sperms inside my pussy. We stayed in that position for some time.

The bus was nearing Madurai, and the sunlight started falling through the windows. I can’t wear my saree on the bus. So I took a chudidar and wore it. The bus reached Madurai at 7 am.

Saravanan took my phone number, and he left for his home. I got an auto to reach my parents’ place. After that incident of making out with my classmate on the bus, we met after two days. We enjoyed our sex which I will post in the next part.

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