Hot Sex With Marathi Wife On Train

I am a 37-year-old Puneri Brahman man of a middle-class Maharashtrian background and an electrical engineer by profession. I have been married for the past 12 years to a simple Marathi woman from Satara. She is a housewife and mother of our two children.

I am well built and have a toned body as I am regularly practicing Yoga and go for morning walks. My wife is fair, slightly plump having long black hair.

Having been brought up in a conservative environment with all neighbors knowing each other, I never had a girlfriend and was a virgin till I got married. I have never had sex with anyone else besides my wife.

Having lived a basic life of home-office-home with only attending marriages and religious functions as special occasions, I have often dreamt of having a luxury holiday with my wife who has never been outside the state of Maharashtra.

So I booked this trip to Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. To reach Kanha, the nearest Railway Station is Nagpur.

I selected my favorite sari for my wife for the train journey as I was planning to have a super sexy time! We boarded the train at Pune Station and got to our 1st class AC coupe which was so clean and comfortable. The door had a double lock which made me feel comfortable as I was planning a full-on sexual experience.

I tipped the train attendant and told him not to disturb us till the next morning. He was used to seeing couples in a coupe and assured me of complete privacy with a sly all-knowing smile.

The train started moving and so did the blood in my cock. My wife was very excited and was looking out of the window. I sat next to her and started to feel her upper back and love handles on her waist. She seemed to be enjoying the journey and my advances.

I moved on to smell her mogra-cha-gajra in her long black hair and that made more blood rush to my cock which was becoming bigger and tighter by the second. I kissed her smiling lips and kissed her throat all the way down to her Mangalsutra Wati.

I removed my kurta and moved her pallu to expose her blouse and buried my face into her chest. She was enjoying it as much as I was and was cooperating with my moves. I made her stand and pulled out her sari by making her turn around a few times.

I also took down my jeans and was stating in the compartment only in my underwear with my baiko (wife) in her blouse and Ghaghra.

I made her climb and sit on the upper berth and I lifted her Ghaghra and put my hands into it to remove her panty. Wow, the panty was already wet with her juices and that made my cock throb. I put my head into her Ghaghra and started to smell and lick my wife’s cunt which was so delicious and warm.

I went on licking her cunt till it was time to move on. I removed my wife’s blouse and bra and took down her Ghaghra. She was completely naked.

I pulled her down to the floor and made her stand naked in front of me where I took off my underwear and exposed by dark, tight and wet six-inch cock moving up and down with the vibrations of the moving train.

This was terrific, both of us naked in this compartment with the sounds and smells of the train! I climbed on the top berth and sat with my erect cock facing my sexy wife. She started to hold my cock and feel it with gentle strokes before she started to play rough with it.

After a while, I hinted to her to suck my cock (cock sucking was not normal with us but she does it on special occasions) and this was a very special occasion.

OMG, my wife was happy and excited that she sucked my cock so well. She kept sucking according to my hints and I was in heaven. This was the best cock sucking I have enjoyed in my life. She then put her mangalsutra over my cock and was licking the tip and head with the rhythm of the moving train.

I was ready to burst but was controlling my urge as I did not want this whole experience to end. I jumped down from the upper berth and lay down on the lower berth and told my wife to now such my cock while I am lying down. Oh, that was so sensuous beyond belief!

I wanted to fuck my wife and do it in different positions. At first, I made her take the doggy position and look out of the window while I knelt behind her and thrust my cock in her hot and wet cunt while both could see out of the window with lights in the distance and some going by near the train.

I wanted to lay down and made my wife ride my cock with the rhythm of the moving train. The sensation was amazing and I was ready for the traditional man-on-woman position and moved to the upper berth and pulled my wife along. We fucked on the upper berth with wild mouth-to-mouth kisses, till I thought that this is it.

I got down to the lower berth and made my wife lay down on her stomach with her bums facing up while she looked out the window. I got behind her and fucked from the backside while looking out of the window.

The fucking went on and the train was slowing down and it entered a station. As the windows are tinted, people outside can’t see inside but we could see people walking around while we were fucking.

Fucking my wife on a moving train with seeing so many people physically near but in complete privacy was enough to make me cum inside her and burst out in multiple shots like never before.

Thank you, Indian Railways!

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