Romantic Encounter With Hot Neighbour Dhanya

I am Arun, aged 28, reasonably fair, tall and good looking. Dhanya, my neighbour is a goddess. When she smiles, the whole world stops and takes a look at her. She is hot, super fit and athletic. I usually see her wearing jeans and t-shirts. But sometimes, she wears nice sleeveless dresses or medium to mini skirts.

Whatever she wears, my neighbour looks equally stunning and gorgeous. Whenever you see her legs or curvy waistline, you cannot help but want to see more and perhaps plead like a baby for a touch, kiss and more!

We were in good terms, as in, we would smile when we used to see each other. Dhanya visits us on weekends and watches TV with our family. We used to play online games on our laptops. Sex was obviously not on top of the list. It was more of an admiration for a girl whom you thought was the most beautiful girl on earth.

One of the days, it so happened that Dhanya’s family had gone out for a wedding and so had mine. We both stayed at home since I was preparing for my exams. My neighbour slipped in the bathroom and injured her shoulder that morning. So, the families left me in charge if my hot neighbour girl Dhanya needed any help.

I continued to prepare for my exams and soon it was around lunch time. I was not sure if Dhanya had anything to eat. So, I sent her an SMS asking if there was lunch at home and if not, she could drop by to my place to eat.

Dhanya texted back saying, there was lunch but she needed help to get it because her shoulder was in a lot of pain. So, I agreed to go across and help my neighbour.

Dhanya was wearing an off-shoulder top and I could see the transparent bra strap. I thought perhaps that was the shoulder that was injured. I casually asked her how she felt and she replied saying that she felt the pain and asked if I could apply Volini on her shoulders.

I got the Volini and started rubbing it on my neighbour’s shoulders. The intimacy was already having an effect on me. The bra strap was hindering the whole thing so I asked her if I could move it a bit down so that the shoulder area was clear. She was fine with that.

I pulled the strap a bit down and it was now hanging loosely, exposing a bit of the top portion of my neighbour girl’s breast. I had such a good angle that I could see a bit of her cleavage too!

I kept rubbing and then was moving my hand a bit towards the front where her breast started. This was all happening while we were standing.

Probably, Dhanya also felt the heat of the moment and was getting aroused. She asked if we could sit on the sofa.

We moved to the sofa and this movement with her bra unstrapped made it reveal more of her breast almost just above her nipple. When she sat on the sofa, she straightened her top and now a portion of her dark brown nipples were clearly visible to me.

I was already getting hard with all the intimacy and the view of the nipples clearly was too much for me. In a quick motion, I bent down and took my neighbour’s nipple in my mouth and started sucking at it. Dhanya left out a moan and held my head close to her boobs!

After a couple of minutes of sucking, I looked at her in the eye and said, “Sorry Dhans, I couldn’t resist”. To which she responded by grabbing my head close and locking my lips with hers in an intense deadlock.

I then carried her on my arms and took her to the bedroom. I started undressing my sexy neighbour’s top, careful not to hurt her arm and then quickly unhooked her bra.

I could see her boobs now completely bare. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the world – a perfect-sized pair of dusky melons wanting to be caressed, wanting to be sucked and wanting to be kissed.

I did not disappoint. I took turns sucking my beautiful young neighbour’s boobs, kissing her lips, licking her outer boobs, navel and whatever that was in view.

Dhanya was moaning all through and saying the words, – “Arun..I always wanted you one day. Oh baby..make me me..fill me with your manhood!”.

All these words turned me on and I took off my clothes and was standing completely naked in front of her. My dick was standing hard and tall in all its 7-inches glory.

My hot neighbour now took it in her hand and started stroking it gently. To me, that was heavenly. Dhanya played with my balls and started stroking faster. Then she bent down and took it in her mouth and started sucking. She continued it for a good 5 minutes.

Now, I wanted to give her the same pleasure. I undressed the skirt that she was wearing. She was wearing a red lace pantie. I could already see that she was totally wet.

I made Dhanya back lie on my chest and started to put my hands inside my neighbour’s pantie. I could see that she was well-trimmed.

I put my fingers between her pussy lips, spread them a little and started stroking her. She was really wet and kept telling me, “Oh Arun..It feels soooo good..Go the full length..Go the full length please..”

I was stroking the full length and my hand was so wet with her juices. Then I took my hands out and licked it in front of her.

Dhanya’s eyes were so moist and she started saying, “Oh baby..make me yours.. please get inside me..I want you. I want you sooo bad…”

But I was not ready yet. I took Dhanya’s panty off and buried my face in her love triangle. I started licking the inside of my neighbour’s thighs and then worked my way upwards to her pussy lips. I was licking the full length and she held my head pressed closed to her pussy.

She was letting out moans and saying, “Oh baby, don’t stop..don’t ever stop. I have never experienced anything like this. Eat me, me fully.”

I was licking at her hard clitoris. By this time, I reached her lips and we kissed so intensely, tasting each other’s tongue. Then she said, “Get inside me, Arun.. Come inside me..Fill me with your cum!!”

I put my dick slowly inside my desperate neighbour’s pussy lips and made a thrust to go in. She was super tight. She let out a moan when I entered a little.

I went in the full length slowly and was moving in and out. She kept moaning, “Oh Arun..Give it to me…Ye..yes..give it to me”.

I started stroking faster and faster pounding myself on her. Shanya kept her legs on my shoulders and I was going deeper and deeper until at one point her body shuddered with an orgasm. I was happy that I could stay long enough for her to orgasm first. And then I exploded inside her in the best orgasm that I have ever had.

We lay collapsed on each other for a while. I was still inside her. I slowly retracted and there still was cum oozing through my dick.

Dhanya came closer and licked at them and sucked my dick clean.

I moved close to her and asked if she had fun. She said, “The best time of my life, hands down!”.

And then I asked, “How is your hand?”.

“A lot better after the sex! 😉 “, she said.

“Maybe sex works better than the pain gel”, I smiled.

I helped to clean herself and wear clothes again. We were only in our tops for a while and cuddled together. We had lunch that way.

It was so hot to see her move around only in her tops. I would hug her from behind, press myself against her ass cheeks. I would bend down at will to kiss her pussy lips.

It was time to dress up and leave because the families would be back at any time. I helped her wear the rest of the clothes and kissed my neighbor bye.

That night she messaged me again saying she had such a wonderful time and can’t wait for the next chance!


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