Sexual Escapade With Olive

The week was excruciating. Days were filled with time spent driving to the office, firefighting the entire day, and driving back in the horrible traffic. It was already Thursday which meant just another day, and it would be the weekend.

I needed an escapade to let off some steam, so I succumbed to Tinder for a match to lead to hot steamy sex. The night was spent swiping hoping to find a decent match. Soon the notifications came, the conversations started with the usual pleasantries.

I have always been fascinated with Bongs because of their high intellect, ability to hold a conversation and erudition of art. Not to forget they are unbelievably well endowed. And Olive was the best of all worlds.

Our conversations majorly revolved about music. We hit it off quite nicely, so I asked her if she wanted to meet up on Saturday. Her parents had come over from out of town, she said. She will let me know on Saturday morning if she could make it. She gave me her digits, and we bid farewell.

Friday went by in a haze running around in the rat race. We didn’t speak on Friday, so I wasn’t sure if she would make it. I had woken up with a notification from her. She inquired if I’m available at four. Four was actually perfect, and we decided upon the meeting place.

I asked if she wants to smoke up. She had already scored, she said. I guess she was indeed the perfect date. I went to my usual pickup spot and saw her standing in black jeans and a grey top. She looked even better than her photos.

She was dusky, must have been 5”6’ and had expressive, round eyes and even rounder cheeks. Her hair long, dark, smooth hairs. She looked amazing. I signaled her to get in. She seemed confident and cheerful. We drove around for ten minutes. I asked her if she wants to go back to my place.

She told me she had a curfew, so I suggested we better get moving. She gave a guileful smile and sat back. She was completing her graduation from Jadavpur, and she is a big-time environmentalist. She told me about this movement, ‘Fridays for Future,’ which was actually pretty interesting.

We soon reached my place, and I asked her to get comfortable. I opened up some beer. Meanwhile, she rolled an amazing blunt. I took a drag and came a little closer to her, offering her a blowback. She leaned in, and our lips met. I exhaled, and she inhaled.

She closed her eyes and moved a little back. She smiled and leaned again. This time it was a serious kiss. She gradually opened her mouth to let my tongue in. I pulled her over, and she sat in my lap without breaking off the kiss. She smelled amazing.

My hands were all over her back. I moved my hands to her boobs and pressed them over her T-shirt. They were big, like really big. Probably the biggest I had seen. She broke off the kiss, looked me in the eyes, and gulped down her beer while I was admiring her boobs.

She took her T-Shirt off and again leaned in for a kiss. She was wearing a black bra that was hardly able to contain her massive boobs. I just flicked her bra, and it came off. I pushed her back to get a good view of the prize. Her nipples were hard and protruding out.

I looked her in the eyes and gave her nipples a hard pinch. She didn’t even flicker. I then knew she was game. I stood up, and she squatted down and started fiddling with my jeans. She took my dick out and gave it a nice lick. I told her to suck it off real nice and slow, and she obliged.

I found my way towards her boobs. I would give her nipples a hard squeeze when I wanted her to pick up the pace. I held her hair and choked her up and whispered, “Try your best to control your impulse.” I must have gagged her up for 10 minutes.

No matter how breathless she was, she didn’t try to push me out. Tears were down her cheeks, yet she still was looking me straight in the eyes. This girl had made me happy. I wanted to return the favor. I stood her up and kissed her with all of my admiration.

I took off her jeans and told her to bend over by the table and spread her legs. Her panties were soaking. I slid them off and brushed my tongue against her pussy lips. The girl shivered. She was really wet. I held her by her ass and started eating her out.

Her moans were intense. She was really loud. I feared the neighbors would come barge in, so I stuffed her panties in her mouth to shut her up. 10 minutes down the line, her legs started trembling. The fluid gushed out, and she collapsed.

I was happy to see her at peace. I sat back and continued with the joint. She wasn’t sorted, um, like, I think she was really messed up, or maybe something was bothering her. Ever since we met, I felt sadness oozing out of her. Seeing her content certainly made my day.

I think she needed the escapade more than I did. She opened her eyes after a few minutes and asked me to lay beside her. I obliged. She rested her head on my chest and kept looking me in the eyes but didn’t say anything. It felt really good.

After the moment passed, she remembered that I still hadn’t cum. She wanted to blow me off. But I told her to bend in front of the mirror, with her legs spread. There she was with her back arched, legs spread, dripping wet, waiting for me to enter her love hole.

I entered her from behind and fucked her in the doggy style. We kept looking into each other eyes, trying to get a glimpse of the other person’s soul. Her boobs were all red by now; I think I went a little hard on them. There was my hand imprint on her ass too.

The room was filled with sounds of pleasure. I raised her leg with my arm, wanting more and more of her. She said she wants to swallow and leaned in for a kiss. She sat on her knees and started sucking me off. I shot my cum, and it started to drip out of her mouth. It was one of the best orgasms I have had.

It was already eight by now, and her parents were waiting back at home. She left, and that was it. I never saw her again. I feel you encounter certain people who leave some piece of them with you for a long time. I hardly know anything about her yet. When I think about her after all this time, it still makes me smile.

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