Lucky Charm Guy Ends Bangalore Wife’s Suffering

Hi everyone, this is Nandini from Bangalore. I work in an MNC. I am married and I have a 2-year-old son. This story revolves around a guy who is considered as a lucky charm. Till now I have seen and heard only in movies that guys will fake like this to sleep with girls. But this is a real story. I couldn’t believe that I got into this situation.

I knew the readers who read this story also may not believe me, but trust me, me being a lady who suffered a lot (that’s another story) in life and finally giving a try on this really worked for me, a couple of my friends and my sister-in-law.

It all started when things were not good between me and my husband as well as with my in-laws. A year back, life was so good. It was a dream come true at the age of 32. I had a beautiful home, a good husband and a son with no debt and no family tension.

And every year for the anniversary, we are going aboard and basically enjoying life to the fullest.

Then it happened, life took a complete 360-degree turn. I lost my family member in an accident. My husband’s business was in debt and our house was taken over by the finance guys. My husband became drunkard day by day and my in-laws started to blame me and my son for all the mess.

When I was going through this rough patch, my bestie said this weird idea saying that her sister once said there was a guy who is considered a lucky charm. If you sleep with him, luck might turn around.

I laughed like hell and almost fell from my chair when she said this. Everyone in the canteen was looking at our table. It was almost a year since I laughed like that. I told her that all these are rubbish and nothing like this will happen in real life.

That evening when I was traveling in a bus on my way back, something inside me said to me,

“Nandini, it has been more than 8 months since I had sex with my hubby and due to all the tension, I have forgotten my sex life. Also, I remembered how my bf used to fuck me day and night. But after marriage, it all ended and as I was faithful to my husband, that thought never came until now.”

To cut short the story, I had lost my son also to dengue and my husband lost one leg in an accident. After a long time, something came in my life at the office in the form of a new project. There was a requirement to be in Canada for 2 years. The visa processing and the paperwork started.

I needed this desperately to make mine and my life sustain. I thought why don’t I try my best friend’s idea? Anyhow, I have lost so many things in my life, let me try this a well. Keeping this in mind, I approached my friend who by this time was married and asked her for the reference.

She was more than happy to help me as she has seen me suffering in life miserably. She just gave me the guy’s email id and said he interacts through email and maintains the secrecy. He was a well-educated guy.

I emailed him a long mail and waited for his reply. After 2 days, he replied. His reply was simple and crisp. He said, “I don’t know whether I am lucky or not, but people who have been with me are happier in life whether its sheer luck or their fate”.

He ended the email saying he will think about this and email me back and asked to drop my contact number.

It was in June and it was raining that day. I got a call from the lucky charm guy saying that he was free for the evening and told me if wanna we can meet.

Without thinking twice, I said yes because I wanted to get out of this ASAP. I wore a sexy backless saree and we met for coffee in Jayanagar at the 4th block. We had a discussion. As he will be traveling to the USA on a short trip for office purposes, we decided to do it soon. I told him that I was free that day.

He made an arrangement through stay-uncle app (which is quite famous for booking rooms for couples without any hassle). He paid for the coffee bill and booked an Ola and left for the reserved hotel room.

As soon as we entered the room, he ordered a beer for him and wine for me. Then I sat at the balcony and he said his fantasy of how he wants a girl who is very conservative in nature but be shameless in bed. And he said I look something like that.

I was blushing and without thinking twice, I went and sat on his lap and kissed him hard. He hugged me hard and we continued kissing for 5 minutes. He started to undress me by kissing me from head to toe. My husband never did this to me.

I was already leaking by then. He turned me towards the long mirror and showed me my nude body. I became shy and fell on him.

I hugged him tightly, kissed him and started to explore his body, inch by inch. I reached his cock. It was no like the one we see in blue films, but it was sufficiently big and around six inches (much bigger than my husband’s 4 inches). I started to suck him. This was his fantasy as his wife didn’t do this.

Soon, he was rock hard and came down to lick my pussy. I was already dripping below and told him to enter me already as I cannot wait. He entered me gently and fucked me like a machine for the next 5 minutes. He was crazy for my nipples as it was too long when excited.

Then he turned me on doggy style and fucked for 10 minutes. Pulling my hair, he made me come on top of him and fucked me for a while before making me suck his cock and cum in my mouth as he per his fantasy.

I fell on the bed fully tired. He was sweating. He requested me to come and give him a bath. We entered the bathroom naked and took a bath. While soaping him, his dick got erected again.

I requested him to fuck me in ass. My husband never agreed to this. As soon as he entered, I was in heaven. What a feeling! He kept on fucking me for 10 minutes and again, cummed in my mouth.

While leaving the hotel room, I paid him 40K and said if everything works out well, I will give him a party. But he said, “No need of anything. I hope your difficult time gets over soon and see you happy soon.”

After 42 days, my Canadian interview went on well and my visa got approved. I was so happy and immediately emailed him telling him that. He was in New Jersey by the time, I left for Canada. Now I am happily settled. My husband also improved his lifestyle after coming to Canada. He is working in a mall.

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