Perfect Day With My Bestie On The Sleeper Bus

Hi, myself Prakash. I am a regular reader of stories on this website. I am happy to share with you an incident that happened a year ago with one of my besties. First of all, let me introduce myself.

I am Prakash, living in Bangalore. I was studying in college when this incident happened. I was studying in a reputed university in Coimbatore.

I am 23 years old with a slim body and with a height of 6.1. The heroine of the story is my bestie and she is also my collegemate. We would always travel together to college and home on the bus. Her name is Shalini. She is damn sexy like an angel with a wonderful structure. Many men die for her.

We were in the same department. We became good friends since we are from the same city. This incident happened in the last year of our college. Till then we didn’t have any kind of bad intentions in our head. Let us go into the story.

We would always travel in a semi-sleeper Volvo bus. But that time while returning from college we didn’t find seats in semi-sleeper because of some season. So we planned to go directly to the booking office and asked for some seats. It was 6 pm at the Coimbatore Omni Bus stand.

The booking agent said to us there are only 5 seats available for a bus which will come at 10 pm. It is not a semi-sleeper but it is a sleeper. By this time I asked her whether we can go by a sleeper or shall we go by the government bus.

By seeing the passengers standing in queue for the government bus she agreed to take the sleeper bus. Then to kill time we went nearby hotel and finished our dinner. We came to the booking office and we were watching TV. The bus came at 10.30 and we went inside.

It was the last 2 couple of beds for us. I came in a t-shirt and track pants and she came in jeans and a t-shirt. This was the first time for me and her in a sleeper bus. She was very much excited to see the beds and also she was tired. This is new for me and her, sleeping near the opposite gender of the same age.

Then it clocked around 12. We were sleeping and I was in a normal position. She was facing me sideways. Suddenly she put her leg on me while sleeping and I became sleepless. This action made my cock go crazy. And I asked her to lift her leg.

She said that because of her tiredness this might happened. After 10 minutes the same thing happened. This time as soon as I lowered my hand to lift her legs from my body, she climbed on my body. This made me harder and shocks were passing all over my body.

Then she said that she can’t control herself and needs to enjoy this night with me. I then accepted. Then I said there are many traveling with us and we might be caught. She replied that everyone might be sleeping. We will close the curtains and leave the bag for support.

Then it started. It was 2 cot changed to 1 cot. We were in a single cot and nearby cot became free. I started kissing her lips hard for 15 minutes. I was in cloud nine. And then I started to press her boobs. It was so soft as cotton and this was my first time.

I needed to press her both boobs. So suddenly I removed her t-shirt and bra. Now she was semi-nude in front of me. I placed my head and rubbed both of the melons. It was the smoothest of all with light pink nipples. I started to press and lick her nipples simultaneously.

She was moaning in pleasure by pressing my head towards her boobs. And then after some 20 minutes, I planned to reach her pussy. While I tried to touch her pussy. She kept her hand on my penis and this made me go crazy. She said that she needs to see my cock.

Then I removed my tracks and showed her my 6-inch cock. She was surprised to see the huge one. She took it on her hands and started stroking. I asked her to feel it in her mouth. Then she gave a blowjob which made me to cum in her mouth and she drank it all. Now my mood was getting down.

By seeing this she made a plan. She removed her jean and inner and asked me to feel her pussy. As soon as I kept my hand there it was already wet. I was happy to feel that. Now she was completely nude in front of me with a beautiful structure. I started licking her from lips to toes. She asked me to lick her pussy.

Then I went down and asked her to show her pussy. She bent her legs and I kissed her pussy and started to lick it. She was aroused and started to moan. This made my tool to grow harder. Her pussy was clean shaved. It was soft as velvet.

Then she was cumming and oozing out in pleasure. She asked me to fuck and then I went up in a missionary position. I asked her to spread her legs and started to enter my rod there. It was not entering and slowly I managed to enter it fully. Meanwhile, she was moaning in pleasure.

I lip-locked her to prevent the noise and it was wet inside and too hot inside her pussy. This was a fantastic moment in my life. Then I started to fuck faster. We both reached the climax. We planned for another session since it takes some more time. We planned for the smooching and softcore sex.

Then she was lying on me. To make my tool harder she planned to rub her pussy lips on my tool and this worked 100%. Within 3 or 4 rubs my tool was ready and we were trying cowgirl position now. After that, we tried over the lap position. I was about to cum and left all my juices inside her.

Then we cleaned it all with my towel. We enjoyed this journey a lot. Later I fucked her more than 50 times on bus journey alone. After that, we had a few encounters in hotel rooms which I will share in upcoming stories.

Kindly give your feedback to the below-mentioned mail. Thanks for reading my true story and I hope you all liked my story. Reply to me for any queries and feedback at [email protected] you.

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