Tales Of The Hot Bride Riya – Part 1

Hi guys, I am back with another story after a long time. I hope you guys will like the story of the hot bride.

This is the tale between Riya and her hookups in the past. Riya is a teacher by profession and a hot girl with 39-28-36 sizes. Riya is going to get married to a software developer Rahul.

Story begins:

Riya: I didn’t realize that I am going into big trouble when my match was fixed.

Like every day, I finished my college work and came home early to look after marriage arrangements. My parents said an event manager is going to come so check the arrangements.

I said ok, and soon somebody knocked on the door. So I went and opened it. A man is standing at the door, and he is staring at me.

Me: Hello, who are you?

Stranger: Hi, I am Sunil. Didn’t you recognize me?

Soon my parents came and said he is our event manager. As they are discussing, I am thinking about him.

I recalled that Sunil is a gigolo in Goa with whom I enjoyed in the past. Soon my legs started shaking. I told my parents we will see other options and went to my room.

Sunil came to my room by saying, “I will explain some other plans to mam.”

Me: I can’t allow a man who fucked me to arrange my marriage.

Sunil: No need to bother. It will be our secret.

Me: No, please get out of my house.

He started walking towards me.

Me: What are you doing?

He cornered me against the wall, and my legs started shivering by thinking about what will happen if my family knows. He brought his face close to my face and said, “You are still that lusty girl I met 5 years back.”

He moved one of his hands and placed it on my nighty. Then he started fondling my boob. He moved my nighty slowly up and started rubbing my pussy. My head got up, and my eyes are closed. I am getting aroused, so I tried to push him away.

But something big moved into my pussy. To control moaning, I crushed my lips. He moved his fingers into my pussy, and my pussy getting wet.

Sunil: Now go down and say to your parents that you like my plans for the wedding.

As I think, he moved away and grabbed one of my boobs. He is taking me downstairs by pulling my boob through nighty.

Me: No, wait, I will come.

We went down, and I said I am ok with his plans. My parents said ok and told me that we are going to a shopping mall tomorrow for dresses. Sunil went by saying I will call once arrangements are made. As he went, I felt relieved, and the day passed easily.

Finally, it’s the day of our shopping, and I need to act well as Rahul’s parents are coming. Our saree selection is over, and my parents told me to try lehenga and choli. So I went into a trail room. I saw someone and stepped back.

But he got a hold of my hand and dragged me in. It is Sunil, and he locked the room.

Sunil: Are you missing me?

Me: No, please not here. My parents are out.

Sunil: I won’t disturb you. Try them. I want to see how you look in them.

I removed my top, and now I am only on legging and bra. I started wearing a lehenga. Then Sunil stopped me and said, not like that. He told me to remove the legging and wear a lehenga. I said no.

He removed my legging. I tried to stop, but his strength exceeds mine. Then he removed my bra too, and I’m naked now.

Sunil: There is no need for a dress for you. You look good without them.

He said those words by swaying my boobs. I’m experiencing fear and arousal at the same time. Then he kept one of my boobs in his mouth and started sucking it. His other hand is caressing my other boob.

Then suddenly, he squeezed my nipple with his teeth, and a soft moan came from my mouth. There are no juices in my boobs, but he is squeezing and pulling my boobs in such a way that juices from my pussy are coming out.

I heard my parents calling me. So I pushed him away and started wearing a lehenga. While wearing choli, he got a hold of it and said, “Use your dupatta to cover your beautiful boobs.”

He adjusted my dupatta over my boobs and dragged it over my lehenga to cover my front body. Then he opened the door and pushed me out. Holding a dupatta with my hands, I started walking out.

Then he crouched and raised my back lehenga and entered in. Lehenga is big that he will be covered in it. But I’m worried about naked boobs.

As I moved out, my parents said its good, and they didn’t notice my boobs. But soon, Sunil started licking my pussy. My legs started shaking, and my lower abdomen getting trembled.

My legs got bent, but I’m making them straight while they are looking at me. Soon he moved one of his hands up through lehenga and started fondling my boob.

As I’m covering them with a dupatta, his hand movements are visible through it. So I rushed back into the trial room. He came out and removed my lehenga, dupatta. He passed his hands around my butts and lifted me. I moved my legs around his waist.

He started kissing me and moved his tongue into my mouth. His fingers moved into my pussy, and he started shaking them. My legs are trembling, and fluids leaking down.

My mother knocked on the door. So I got down, but he unlocked the door. I moved my head out of the door and talking with my mom while the rest of my body is covered behind the door.

He is licking my clit and fingering my pussy.his pace is getting increased, and I’m unable to control moaning. I gave my mom a dress, told her to wait at a billing counter, and closed the door.

He moved his fingers swiftly, and soft moans are getting out of my mouth.

Finally, I squirted in the trail room and got down on the floor.

I hope you guys will like the story.

Please do read my previous stories published here and suggest a storyline for continuing them.

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