Sinful Pre-birthday Gift

Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good-looking, and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any slutty girl, woman, milf, etc. I am half Muslim.

You can read my stories here, and yes, they are real-life experiences.  I write these experiences as I want to share them anonymously with you guys. I am thoroughly enjoying speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback.

My birthday was approaching. I hadn’t made any plans. But thankfully, the women in my life had other ideas. Vanessa had asked me to meet her on my birthday. Mary also said she wants to meet me the night before my birthday. She wants to be the first to wish me, and we all know what that means.

Sofia also texted me and asked to meet before she flew out again. She asked me to plan it out for my birthday and the next day, which was a national holiday. You can understand how excited I was.

But before my birthday came, I got a very special text.

Swati- Kya re? Bhool gaya mujhe? (What’s up? You forgot about me?)

Me- Ekdum nahi. (Of course not.)

Swati – Birthday pe kya chahiye? (What do you want on your birthday?)

Me – Tumko yaad hai mera birthday? (You remember my birthday?)

Swati – Jab tak zinda rahungi teri har baat yaad rakhungi. (I’ll remember everything about you as long as I’m alive.)

I blushed while reading that message.

Me – Tumhe achhe se pata hai, mujhe kya chahiye. (You know very well what I want.)

Swati – Ek baar bol na kya chahiye tujhe, mujhe sunna hai tujhse. (Tell me once what you want, I want to hear it from you.)

Me – Tum chahiye mujhe. (I want you)

Swati – Uff haye! Aa ke le le. Teri hi hun. (Uff, Come and take it. I’m all yours.)

Me – Pata hai tum meri hi ho. Time kitna milega? (I know you’re mine. How much time will you give me?)

Swati – Kya irada hai? Bol na. (What are your intentions? Tell me.)

Me – Pehle bohut pyaar karunga, fir randi ke chodunga. Thuk ke, thappad maarke, zaleel karunga meri randi ki tarah. (I’ll love you affectionately first. Then treat you like a whore. I’ll spit on you, slap you, and humiliate you like my whore.)

Swati – Aur mat bol, chut geeli ho gayi hai aur tu hai nahi mere paas pyaas bujhaane ke liye. Bolti hun kuch time mein. (Don’t say anything more. My pussy has started dripping, and you aren’t here to satisfy my lust. I’m letting you know in some time.)

Me – Mera lauda khada hai tere liye. (My dick is hard for you.)

Swati – Khada rakh. Aa ke baithti hun us par. (Keep it standing. I’ll come and sit on it.)

I waited for her message and the next day she messaged.

Swati – Saturday full day and night hai. Pati bahar hai aur bachho ko mausi ke ghar bhejungi. Subaah se pick up kar, bohut gift karungi tujhe. (Saturday full day and night. My husband will be out of town, and I’m sending my children to their aunt’s. Pick me up early so I can gift you a lot of things.)

Saturday morning, I picked her up, and I had booked a room at a resort a little outside Kolkata. She was wearing a tight body-hugging churidar with a shawl. She had a big bag with her. She got into my car, and we headed off. While driving, she spoke.

Swati – Kitna time lagega humein? (How long before we reach?)

Me – 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Swati – Tab tak iska kya hoga? (Till then, what do I do with this?)

She took my left hand and slid it down her pajama. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and her pussy was already wet. I drove with one hand and fingered her with another. She started biting her lips, sighing, and shortly after, she started moaning. Thankfully we were on the highway by then.

She slid her hand down my track pants to grab my semi-hard cock. I was obviously not wearing any underwear. She was stroking my dick slowly. But I was in control of her with fingers in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that my gear stick was also drenched from touching it after taking my fingers out of her pussy.

We somehow reached the resort without crashing the car. We checked in. The second after I locked the door, Swati wrapped herself around me and started kissing my lips, licking and biting my neck. She undressed me in no time and started licking my nipples and stroking my dick.

Before she got on her knees, my dick was already hard. And she went to town sucking it hard as her life depended on it. I somehow took off her top and bra and was squeezing her tits. She kept sucking me hard and then got breathless.

She took my dick out of her mouth, looked up at me, and said

Swati – Zaleel kar mujhe! Maar peet, istemaal kar. Apni randi ko beizzat kar ke aaj aisi haalat mein le aa ki koi chhuye bhi na teri rand ko! (Humiliate me! Beat me, use me. Berate and use your whore so badly that no one would dare to touch your slut ever)

I was a little shocked to hear her say that. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t incredibly turned on by what she said, how she looked.

This married 40-year-old woman seemed like a homely woman who obeys her husband and looks after her children. And here she was, on her knees sucking a 26-year-old boy’s hard dick. She knew I had impregnated another woman in her building and made her eat non-veg and drink alcohol for the first time.

Here she was asking to be used, abused, and humiliated by him like a whore. This was the line that blurred between love, lust, and total devotion. I was not going to deny her wishes. I held her head as she sucked me, took my cock out of her mouth.

I looked at her eyes, which had some tears from choking on my dick that had smudged her kajal. Her lips were wet, and her mouth seemed hungry. Her skin was flawless, her cheeks looked so delicate, not like a whore’s. She needed to be careful what she wished for.

I held her head straight as she looked up at me like a puppy, and I slapped her hard.

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