Indian Housewife’s Sweet Sin – Part 1

Hello everyone! My name is Piyali, I am reading stories on ISS for a couple of years. I am in my early thirties and my stats are 34-26-36. I am married to Piyush who is a successful
businessman in the Capital of the Nation.

I and Piyush used to study in the same college. He was in his last year when we met for the first time. He is the guy any woman will desire for. From emotional to physical security, he has always been a gentleman.

We got married when I was 22 years old, after dating him for two years, and decided that I will give up on my career and would look after his life management like an ideal Indian wife.

I gave birth to my son when I was 23 and life was still going on I somehow didn’t understand myself and gave up on my career. Maybe I loved him too much and he had everything that women desire.

In the initial years, it was all good – from getting presents to taking vacations and making love – it was all a fairy tale kind of life.

After five years of our marriage, my husband Piyush lost interest in me. We hardly had sex once or twice a month and due to excessive workload, I could see him under performance pressure. But I still supported him because I love him. But I was also getting sex-deprived. Hence, I was getting into high mood swings.

One day I decided to meet our neighbor Pallavi. Pallavi was an excellent counselor and psychologist. I vent my heart out to her to which she told me about having a hookup to spice up my life and confidence.

Not bad! I thought!

I quickly made an account on Tinder with a fake name and no pictures on it. In a few days, I got lot of matches. But these boys were only looking for a hole to fill their cum. I needed something meaningful and less risky as people in the city knew my family.

So, out of curiosity, I mailed some writers on ISS who had good intellect. To my surprise, many of them disappointed me being a pile on for sex.

After a couple of days, I got a mail from an author who seemed to be genuine and generous. His name was Samar and was in the same city. I and Samar started chatting on hangouts first. Still, I was unsure about him and my safety. So, I maintained a little distance from him.

After a couple of days, I texted him –

P: Hey!
Him: Hi.

P: Do you mind if we meet?
Him: Sure, why not.

P: Rose café 5 pm.
Him: Sure , 90####1111. Ping me.
P: Sure, see you

I was scared as fuck but I was excited too. So I told my in-laws that I have a party to attend and went to the café. I saw Samar for the first time. My heart was beating fast with excitement. He was a smart guy with a young athletic body, perfectly groomed beard and mustache.

We ordered some coffee and cheesecake. I had no idea this guy would have good taste in food and intellect. It was turning me on for a strange reason.

He asked me about my life. I told him about me and my husband Piyush. Hee understood my situation nicely. The way he was talking to me, I felt like kissing him right there and give him a head (blowjob) of the lifetime but I somehow controlled!

It was around 6:30 when he asked me to join him for a drive. I quickly refused but he insisted and I gave up on his chivalry. I quickly texted my husband saying that I will be back late at night.

We sat in our car and went to drive on the outskirts of the city. We were talking as if we were old friends, listening to good music and getting a good break from the monotonous life.

Suddenly, he stopped the car at some tea-joint and suggested we should have tea. It felt so romantic. Good music, tea and his hands started running in my hair. I was getting butterflies like a teenager and suddenly, he planted a kiss on my forehead and then on my lips!


I was sucking his upper lips and he was fighting with my tongue. A few minutes later, I got a flash and we broke the kiss. It was a guy staring at us cheaply but instead of getting angry, I felt like a teenager and started laughing.

I asked Samar to park the car at some isolated place and we got a blind spot. I quickly started kissing him and playing with his tongue. He inserted his hands inside my top playing with my boobs over my push-up bra. My hand was running in his hair and another on his crotch. He had an average dick but it was thicker than my husband.

It was dark and I was with a stranger and making out wildly. This was me who is an obedient wife and getting slutty here! But, to be honest, I loved it.

Samar quickly adjusted the seat and removed my top. He was speechless after watching my white skin and boobs.

I removed his shirt as well. He was nicely built. I loved his collar muscles and jawline. He quickly removed my bra and started sucking my boobs. I was also cooperating by rubbing his dick over his jeans.

He was pressing my boobs harder sucking and biting my nipples. I was going wet down because I never had this plan. Then I removed his pants and the undergarments and started stroking his dick. I was staring at him and he was moaning in his own trance.

To be continued.

A special note: To all the ladies, stop suppressing yourself with the normal chores and start exploring your sexual urges. Remember, sex and love are different. Having sex does not amount to cheating. Do send me feedback on [email protected]

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