Seduced by My School Crush

Today I will tell you the story of how I was seduced by my school crush and had a memorable hardcore steamy sex session.

Now let me introduce you to the characters involved. The names of characters are changed due to privacy reasons.

Me:- Aged around 26, height around 5”8’, wheatish complexion, the body structure is a bit bulky. The size of my dick is around 6”, a bit darker compared to my skin.

Anshika:- Was my school crush, a bit shorter in height, around 5”3’, cute baby face, slim body with the body stat around 34-28-32. She was shorter in height, but her boobs were medium-sized and were toned and round-shaped.

This happened to me in September 2014. I was watching TV in my home in Ahmedabad all alone. My parents were not in town. Due to a shortage of leaves from my office, I was in Ahmedabad.

I got a notification in my Facebook Messenger from my old schoolmate Anshika. She was working as a consultant in Ericsson and was in Ahmedabad for a visit. She asked me whether I am free this weekend. I told her I am always free on weekends.

She asked me if I could meet her at her hotel in CG Road. She is super bored. It was perfectly ok to meet her. She told me to meet her in the Hotel XYZ (Name I am not revealing). I went and called her from the reception. I went to her room which was on the 4th floor, and rang the bell. She opened the door with a smile.

She was looking sexy in her sleeveless top and her micro-mini shorts. Her boobs were ready to come out of her top. She gave me a tight hug and asked me to sit on the sofa. In the meantime, she asked me what I would prefer. I told her coffee. She asked the room service to get 2 cups of coffee.

After ordering the coffee, she asked me about my life. I told her that at present, I am working with an MNC and based here in Ahmedabad. She told me that recently her company transferred her to Ahmedabad. She is now in this hotel for 15 days, and she will need to find a house in the next 13 days.

She wants help from me as I am residing in Ahmedabad. I suggested to her that she can take a house in my area.  She was happy as at least she can have a person whom she knows. After a chit-chat, I took leave from her hotel and came back home. That night I jerked off some 02 times before I went to sleep.

Next weekend I asked her if she is ready for house hunting. She was ready as she has to shift from the hotel soon. Due to very good luck, we found a fully furnished house in my building and that too on my floor. We both were very happy as it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

She shifted to her house. After settling down, we got into a more common routine like going to the gym in the morning and strolling after our dinner.

One day in the gym, she told me that as it’s Saturday and she was feeling bored. Let’s have a cooking party at her house. I readily agreed. We cooked and finished our cooking by around noon.

She told me to watch some movies, and she put ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ on Netflix. After watching the film for some time, it was time for some hot scenes. She switched off the TV and came directly over me, and sat on my lap facing me.

She said, “This cooking Party is just a chance to get you in my house. I want you to quench my thirst for your dick inside my pussy. I want to be your fuck buddy with no serious relationship.”

I was amazed at her demand. She gives me a wild kiss, and it goes for around 5 minutes. We both became super horny as well, as we started sweating. I removed her top and shorts. She was in a baby pink bra and panty and looking super cute and sexy.

After removing her top and shorts, she removed my Sando and pant. She made me nude and told me to lay down on the bed. After that, she came and sat on my thighs and started kissing me. After that, she started licking my nipples and sucking them.

OMG, what a great feeling! She then went down to my navel and put her tongue inside my navel. She started slowly and slowly licking it. I was getting an erection down there. When she completed licking my navel, she told me, “Let’s make it kinkier.”

She went to the kitchen while I was still lying in bed. From the kitchen, she got Nutella Chocolate Paste and Dairy Milk Silk. She put Nutella in my dick and started licking it like a lollipop. My dick was in full erection at that time, and pressure was building inside it.

After around 03 minutes, I told her that I would launch my semen with full force. She told me, “I am waiting to taste your seeds.” I released my sperm in her mouth, and she swallowed it happily. I asked her, “How does it feel to taste my semen?”

She told me, “Yummy, as it got mixed with Nutella molten chocolate.”

She changed her position and lay down on the bed, and removed her bra and panty. She was looking amazingly sexy with her round boobs with pink, which were shining with the sweat. Her pussy area was cleanly shaven with no hair.

I got to know that she had done permanent hair removal treatment for her whole body. She likes to keep her skin hairless, shiny, and smooth.

After that, she put some Nutella Chocolate on her boobs and licked her fingers in a sexy way. With that, I understood that she wants me to lick her nipples with the Nutella Chocolate. Slowly and gradually, I start licking her boobs and circling her nipples.

She was moaning, and with time, she held my hair and told me to suck it harder. After licking, sucking, and lightly biting her nipples, she told me, “Baby, my pussy is waiting for you. Open the door and enter into my pussy.” I went down to her pussy and put my tongue on her clit, and started licking it.

She was vibrating with force as well as moaning loudly and asking to lick and suck harder. I entered my middle finger in her pussy and finger fucking her along with licking it with my tongue. She told me that she was feeling that high voltage electricity was passing through her body.

Due to the effect of fingering and tongue fucking, she shot her juices with full force and got a massive orgasm. After her orgasm, she got tired and told me to rest before starting our 2nd session. We both lay down on the bed, and she came over my hand and slept on my shoulder with one hand over my chest.

I asked her whether she had a boyfriend earlier and was it her first time? She told me that she didn’t have a boyfriend. But this is not her first time. She had a lesbian sex experience with one of her roommates when she lived in the hostel during her MBA days.

She also told me that technically she is a virgin. But she lost her hymen when she entered one dildo in her pussy during the lesbian sex session. I will be the first boy who will enter the real dick into her pussy the first time.

I was more than happy as I will be the first one to enter this cute sexy girl. She is the second girl in my life who will take my dick inside her pussy.

While talking, it struck me that I didn’t have a condom with me. I was not ready for this session, and it happened very fast. I told this to Anshika. She told me that as she was well prepared for this session. She had the anti-pregnancy pills. She wanted to enjoy it raw and wanted my hot sperm inside her pussy.

After some half an hour, she asked me whether I wanted to eat or drink. I told her, let’s have light snacks and evening tea. After eating our evening snack, we were sitting in the dining chair. She asked me how I prefer the second session to start.

I asked her to come and sit on my dick facing me and give me a lap dance.  She came and sat on my dick and started moving her waist in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction and criss-cross direction. Simultaneously she was kissing me as well as chewing my lips alternately.

While kissing, she put a small piece of Dairy Milk Silk chocolate on her lips and put another side in my mouth. We both ate the chocolate and reached our lips. While eating chocolate, both our lips were smeared with it. I licked the chocolate from her lips.

She sucked and licked my mouth and lips and cleaned up the chocolate left behind. Within 5 minutes, my dick was fully erect and was ready to drill her sexy virgin pussy. She told me that it’s her dream to get fucked at the dining table, as portrayed in various porn movies.

I put her on the dining table and lay her down. While she was lying down at the table, her legs were dangling in the air. I open her legs, put some vaseline on her pussy to lubricate it. I put some on my dick, so it goes inside easily.

Then I put my dick on the entrance of her pussy and started teasing her. But I didn’t put it inside the hole. She was super horny and fully excited. She told me in a very sexy tone, “Babe dalo na apna chabi mere chut mein, kyu tadpa rahe ho.” (Babe, please enter your key inside my vagina, why are you teasing me?)

I put my dick inside her vagina in a single jerk. In the meantime, I put my lips on her mouth to seal her loud moaning and scream as it was her first time. Then slowly start moving my dick in and out of the pussy.

She was also acclimated to the situation. So she was also cooperating with me and moving her hips in contract with my movement.

We kept moving our hips for the next 15 minutes and kept increasing our speed slowly and gradually. In the meantime, we were drenched with sweat. It was June, and the temperature goes around 46-48 degrees here in Ahmedabad.

Also, we had switched off the fan because it was our fantasy to have the sex session hot and sweaty. We got this idea from our porn collection. After 15 minutes, I feel that Anshika’s pussy muscles are contracting and holding my penis tightly.

She told me that she feels that she will have an orgasm soon. In the next 2-3 minutes, I felt that pressure in my balls is also starting to build up. Then with force, I ejaculated my semen in her, and she also released her water at the same time.

After that, she told me that her first experience was awesome, and we would have it frequently.

I hope you liked my story. You can read my other story here as well.

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