Sex At The Wedding Fantasy Fulfilled By Girlfriend

Hey guys, a handshake for the boys and boobs-shake for ladies. I am back with another story and this time, it is about how I fulfilled my fantasy of banging a girl at a wedding.

Here is a short introduction about myself. I am Ranjit, 24 living in Northeast, India and I am 5’8 in height with a dick size of 6 in length and 3-in broad.

Coming back to the incident. So, I was excited about going to one of the most beautiful places in India, and also to attend my best buddy’s marriage. It was the 9th of Jan 2021, I reached the venue 3 days prior where the wedding was going to take place.

I got myself comfortable after meeting my friends, uncle, and aunty. Then I went to my friend’s room and took a rest for some time. In the evening, I got fresh and came out and started helping with the decoration works.

After some time, I noticed a girl was staring at me. I was surprised to see my girlfriend there at the wedding. I messaged her and asked what she was doing here. She told me that she was the cousin sister of the bride. Suddenly, I thought, why not fulfill my fantasy of fucking a girl at the wedding be with my girlfriend.

To describe my girlfriend (Akshita), she was 5.5″ inch tall with right curves in the right place. Her stats were 34B-28-34. Whoever sees her goes crazy for her and that’s what I have noticed while we were roaming together. She was as sweet as honey and a sex bomb in bed.

Coming back to the story.

We didn’t get time to chat after that due to the works and rituals. The bride’s side had booked separate hotel rooms for the Groom and his friends. As the guest turned out more than expected, we ran out of rooms.

We tried to book rooms at the nearby hotels but it was of no use. We managed to get some beds and blankets and made ourselves comfortable in the hall. Everybody had rolled themselves with a blanket and slept but I was unable to sleep due to cold. So I got up and tried to find out some extra blankets for myself.

I got really cold so, I headed towards the kitchen to find some hot coffee or tea. There I found my girlfriend, she was having dinner all alone. She stopped eating and approached me to find out why I was still awake.

Me – I was searching for some blankets as I was feeling cold.
She – Wait, I’ll find it for you.

I held her hand and asked her to have her dinner first and in the meantime, I asked the chef for a cup of tea. For some time, the tea provided me the energy to tackle the cold but once I was done with the tea, I started shivering due to the cold.

Akshita then held my hand and started walking to find out blankets for me. She handed over the blankets to me and then went to her room. I wasn’t able to sleep so I slipped under the blanket and started chatting with her on phone. We chatted for some time and slept soon.

The next day was the marriage ceremony followed by a reception in the evening. Akshita was looking drop-dead gorgeous in her Ghagra-choli. I complimented her looks and winked at her. She blushed and hit me up with her elbow.

Once the marriage ceremony was over, everyone went to their respective rooms to get some rest. Some people changed into comfortable clothes and came to see the progress of work for the reception party. Once the work was completed, we all went and took some rest.

Soon the DJ started playing party songs and created the ambiance. Within no time, the ladies and gents irrespective of age hit the dance floor and started dancing. The others started posing for a photoshoot with the newlywed couple.

I made myself comfortable and started cheering them up. As I wasn’t a good dancer, I made myself distant from the dance floor. All the eyes were set on my girlfriend Akshita as she was looking sexy in her outfit as well as she was a good dancer.

She approached me and took me with her to the dance floor. She started teaching me the steps and I needed to copy her.

While we were grooving on the floor, the crowd started laughing at my crazy steps and started cheering me up. Meanwhile, Akshita came close and whispered in my ears to follow her.

Akshita took my hand and pulled me out of the crowd. We went to an empty room while everyone was busy dancing in the hall. My girlfriend locked the door, pushed me on the adjacent wall, and started teasing me with her lips without touching my lips!

Akshita blew her warmness on my lips and then hit my upper lips with hers and started smooching me like a hungry cat. I was not allowed to utter a single word, she tightly clutched my lips with hers as if there was no tomorrow.

We broke the kiss to gasp for some fresh air and then started exploring our lips one after the other. Akshita started scratching my back with her nails while kissing my lips passionately. My right hand searched for her left boob and started pressing it above the outfit. Her hard nipples could clearly be felt about the blouse.

Akshita broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and smiled. She had licked almost half of my face. She broke into laughter and hugged me tightly.

She kissed my cheeks and said, “I love you, and I want you”. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door and we had to rush out soon. Luckily it was a kid, so we had a sigh of relief on our faces, otherwise, we could have been caught in an awkward situation.

That night was the 1st night for the newlywed couple. Bride’s father had booked a luxurious room for them. Luckily our room was just next to that room.

We sent both bride and groom to their room and wished them luck. All the while, I and my gf were exchanging naughty looks and smiles. All of them went to their respective rooms and slept.

Akshita came along with me, once everyone left for their respective rooms.

We entered the room, stood in front of each other. Akshita leaned her face and started kissing, all over my face, lips, and neck. I straight away started undressing her. She help me by removing her clothes and meanwhile I got rid of my clothes too. I kissed her neck from the back and started pressing her ass.

I turned her and kissed her eyes, cheeks, neck, and finally her lips. After exploring her lips with mine, I started caressing the bride’s hot cousin sister’s boobs. I pinched and kissed her areoles before taking it all in my mouth. She went crazy and started moaning which made me high for her.

I pinched her hard nipples as I went down towards her navel, I kissed and licked them good too. My girlfriend started playing with her nipples while looking at me.

Then I slowly got her pussy with my hands, she spread her legs wide open to give my hand full access to her pussy. Then I got to her pussy and kissed her clitoris. I french kissed her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her while my fingers kept doing their job inside her. As I got wilder while eating her pussy, her moans got louder and louder.

Akshita:- Ahhh.. just keep on doing.. Aahhh I love it.. Baby, I missed it so much. Yes, fuck..

I kept on finger fucking her pussy with my tongue for some time. She held my head closer to her as she orgasm in my mouth. I drank it all and came on top to give her the taste of her sperms. My gf overpowered me and started kissing all over me. She held my boner and said, “Ohh baby, I missed him so much” and kissed the tip of my dick.

Me:- Then, show me your love baby.

She stroked down the skip of my cock and gave a small peck over it. Then she winked her eyes and gave me a naughty smile before my cock disappeared in her mouth. She started slowly but soon her beast mode activated.

Akshita held my balls and started playing with it while making eye contact with me. She was at her best all while my dick was inside her mouth. She then licked and sucked my balls as my dick was trimmed well. I felt heavenly while she licked and sucked my balls.

Akshita – I know you like this. So, just hold on and enjoy the night.

Then my lover spat on my dick and told me to hold her head and use her mouth as a fuck hole. I held her tight and started ramping her mouth vigorously. She started gagging while I deep-throated her mouth. Her mouth dripped out with a mix of cum and saliva.

As I was close to my orgasm. I increased my speed and in no time I released my loads inside her mouth. She drank it all and cleaned my dick with her mouth and then dried it up with a cloth.

We both held each other hands and started cuddling, kissing each other like a mad dog once again. In no time, my dick spanked on my gf’s ass and she was also ready for 2nd round.

This is the end of part 1. If I get the good reviews, then I will post part 2 Of our intense fucking at the wedding venue.

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