Double The Fun With Wife And Sister-In-Law

Hey there, thanks for the great support for my previous stories. If you haven’t read it before, please check it out once you are done with this. I am Rahul, a well-built man. I am 31 years old. I want to write about one my special sex experience with my sexy sister-in-law.

I am married for a few years now. Recently my sis-in-law had visited our home after her post-graduation. She looks sexy and seems to be a naughty girl, though her sister is a more orthodox girl.  My sis-in-law name is Shalini, and she has 34 C rounded boobs, which is stiff and nice.

One night while she was staying with us in Bangalore, my wife and I had rough sex. Our bed was making so much noise, but we didn’t care much as we both were very horny. However, I was not fully satisfied, and I wanted more. My wife slept deeply. But it was to become a night to remember.

I was checking my mobile. I saw my sis-in-law is still online on Facebook and WhatsApp. So I was sure she heard her sis moaning and our bed making all noise.

I got up and went as if I was going to drink some water. While going to the hall, I saw her room light was still on. I could see it from the gap below the door. I slowly pushed the door. With the small gap, I was watching what she was doing with the night lamp on.

She was fully covered with the bedsheet, and her hands were rubbing her pussy which I could find with her hand movements. On the other hand, she was holding her mobile and seeing while she was rubbing. I quickly got an idea and texted her on WhatsApp.

Me: Hey Shalini, still didn’t sleep?

Shalini: No, Jiju. Just listening to some songs. (and then she asked) What are you doing till now?

Me: You don’t know?

Shalini: (Smiley)

Me: Let me come over.

I was watching her through the hole. She quickly tried to adjust herself, but within those seconds, I opened the door. She was shocked to see me there. While adjusting, half of her body was out of the sheets. She was completely nude inside.

“Jiju, why did you come here? Go to your room,” She said in a mild voice.

“I thought you are listening to songs, and I can also join you. But looks like a different scene here. What were you doing, Shalini?”

“All because of you, Jiju. You guys were making so many loud moans. I couldn’t control.”

I said, “You should have joined us then.”

“What are you talking about, Jiju? Let’s meet tomorrow morning. Go to your room now.”

I pulled her sheets completely from her, and she tried to save them. But couldn’t. What a view! I could see her full body in the dim light. I told Shalini, “I can’t leave you like this. You are looking so sexy, and I still want more today.”

While talking, I went close to her and spread her waxed, smooth legs. I took those toes in my hands and started licking from her each toe. I ran my tongue all over her silky legs towards her thighs. I gave small bites over her thighs and moved closer to her pussy. She closed her eyes.

I went close to her shaved pussy and started licking her clit. I kept my lips clipped over her clit, and my tongue was licking her clit randomly. She was moaning lightly in pleasure. I kept licking her clit, which was pink, and pointing towards me.

My fingers ran through her silky smooth legs and reached her asshole. I rubbed over there, took it up, and slid into her pussy. She was not expecting both her pussy and clit to get pleasure. She gave a jerk as my finger went inside. I turned my finger towards her upper body inside her pussy.

I had slightly bent my finger insider her pussy and started scratching her upper side inside pussy. This made my finger rub her rough space inside her pussy, and she felt a jolt inside. She took the bedsheet and stuffed it into her mouth so that she is not moaning loud.

I continued doing this for some more time and added another finger into her tight pussy. She was scratching through her hairs and pressing my head even more towards her pussy. My tongue is just eating her clit, and my finger is fucking her deep into her pussy.

I was enjoying every bit of it as I am waiting to fuck my sis-in-law for a very long time. Read my previous story about how I seduced her the first time.

My hands were fucking her pussy deep with two fingers in and out. I moved my wet tongue up and reached her lips. And started kissing her with her own juices on my lips. We kissed each other badly. Our tongues were fighting inside. I cupped her lower lips which were in cherry red color.

I sucked it for some time. I lied over her side and started sucking her right boob, which has a nice dark nipple, and the areola was small, unlike her sister. She also turned towards me sideways. I was sucking her boobs like a baby drinking milk from it.

Her nipples were erect like a gun. And my fingers didn’t stop fucking her pussy. Her leg was on the air as my speed of fingering was increased. I pulled her on my top and made her sit on my dick. She took my long thick dick and guided it to her wet pussy. In a few tries, it slid inside her wet pussy.

And she just fell on my chest. I held her hips and started pushing my dick in and out with medium speed. Hot breath was gushing out of her. Within the fuck she cummed and collapsed on me again. I kissed her and hugged her tightly.

I made her come in a doggy position, and she was laying her head on the bed. I took both her hands behind together with her hair. As she has long hair, I held all these together like horse and fucking her from behind. I was fucking her in this position.

I kept my other hand on her pussy clit and started rubbing while I am fucking her in and out. I pushed the whole dick inside and kept it for a moment. I then slowly moved it out. Then again, I pushed my dick with full speed and held it there. She started moaning.

I fucked her in the same position by myself, standing over her ass. I spanked her ass hard again and again. With speed, I was going. I was about to cum. I told her, “Shalini, I am gonna cum.” She asked me to cum on her boobs.

I turned her around and put my dick between her 34 C boobs. I fucking her boobs with my thick dick. By pressing both the boobs, I made sure both the boobs are touching. She was moaning with pleasure. Finally, I cummed on her neck and boobs.

I took my cum in my finger and gave it to her lips. She licked it nicely and said, “Jiju, you are so nice.” We kissed each other, and she requested, “Jiju can I see my sister nude? I was shocked. I asked, “You like girls too?”

She said, “Yes, jiju, I love my sister’s body. I wanted to see her. I ensured my wife was in a deep sleep. Then I asked her to come to my room. She saw her sister lying nude and went back.

I hugged my wife again and slept till the early morning. This was one of the memorable sex experiences for me.

I hope you liked my romance with my sister-in-law. Please share your feedback on [email protected]. If you want me to write your own experience here, please do connect.

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