Neha Meets Guy On Hangout And Invites Him Home

Hi everyone, my name is Neha and I’m from Bangalore. Basically, I am from Jaipur but I am staying in Bangalore for the past 8 years. I work in an MNC and I’m single by choice. I have had a few flings with random persons and this story is about one of the flings l had, so enjoy this.

A few years back, I posted one story on ISS about my sex encounter with my teacher and I got a lot of responses on my e-mail id regarding that story.

I started talking to lots of people on hangout after that. There was one guy named Rohit who was also working in an MNC. We started talking and discussing different topics, everything from sports to history.

I enjoyed talking to him and literally used to wait for the whole day so that I can talk to him at night. After 2 or 3 weeks, he asked for my pics and I thought that I’ll share some of them because we were talking for so long.

So I sent him a few pics and he was aroused seeing them and started saying that he wants to meet and have sex with me. I was also talking to him about this only because I don’t believe in a relationship due to some personal reasons.

I replied back to him that I will think about this and then he asked for my WhatsApp number. I replied that I’m not comfortable with sharing my number as I still did not know him too well. Then he said that he wants to do sexting and I thought that since I have already said no to him many times and I will have a sex chat with him.

I saw no harm in doing that. I said, “Okay I will sex chat with you,” then he sent me his dick pic. I was shocked after seeing his dick pic because I was not expecting it.

I opened his picture which he sent me and to tell you honestly, I was really impressed with his dick. It was very thick and swollen. I literally felt like sucking his dick and so I complimented him. He replied, “Suck it,” I said, “Whatever you say.”

I started sucking his dick by texting and he was messaging me saying, “You’re a bitch, whore,” and a few more abusive words which I normally enjoy listening to during sex.

Then he told me to sit on his dick and start fucking myself. He didn’t want to make this sexting a long one and after 10 or 15 minutes he said, “I am cumming. I want to cum on your face,” to which I said, “Ok, yes do it.”

He sent me his photo which had all his juice which was very white and thick. After this sex chat, we started sexting every day and after 3 or 4 months, I told him if he is okay I want to meet him.

He said that he will meet me and we fixed a date. Since it was our first meeting, I suggested that we meet outside, so we met in one pub in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

I wore a one-piece in which I was looking very hot, and after 15 or 20 minutes he came to the pub. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and he was looking very handsome in those clothes. I saw him coming to my table.

I stood up when he approached and we hugged. It was a very warm and tight hug. Then we sat down and ordered beer and looked at each other, smiled, and spoke about so many topics. We started drinking and after a few hours, I became comfortable with him, and told him, “Let’s go to my house,” he said, “Okay.”

I sat in his car and he started driving around, after 10 or 15 minutes he kept his hand on my thighs and I looked at him in a sexy way and smiled and then he started rubbing my thighs, I told him,

Me: Let’s go to my home and do all this.

He: There is nothing wrong with doing it here.

I again smiled and moved towards him for a kiss and our lips met and he whispered, “Oh my god!” I smiled a bit. He moved his hand on my waist and started rubbing it. I was very turned on and then I gently pushed him and said, “Let’s go home.”

He smiled and said, “You have delicious lips,” and then started driving we reached my home and then we went inside.

Me: Settle yourself and I will change.

He: How much time it will take?

Me: Don’t worry baby, I will be back soon, if you want a beer you can take it from the fridge in the kitchen.

He went to the kitchen and took a beer. I went to change myself.

He (shouting): Why are you changing alone? I also want to see it.

Me: I will show you everything honey, first let me change.

I changed and came outside. I was wearing shorts and a red top. He saw me and said, “You look sexy, bitch.” I smiled and went to bring a can of beer for me and then came and sat on the sofa with him. Then he passed his cigarette to me and I started smoking too.

He: Let’s finish this fast and get to our business.

Me: We can do this without finishing our drinks also and I winked.

He pulled me towards him and started kissing me. I was also very turned on. Then he started squeezing my boobies and I started moaning and calling out his name.

He removed my top and I was in my bra and shorts. Then he put his head in between my boobies and I unhooked my bra so that he could enjoy them better. He started sucking one hard and squeezing my other boob. I was loving it and moaning and calling out his name.

He: Go down.

Me: Let’s go to my room.

He: No, I want you to suck my dick here.

I went down and opened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and removed his jeans and underwear, and took out his dick. I applied his dick with my spit and gave a little massage and after that, I put his dick in my mouth and started sucking his dick.

He was shouting my name, “Yes Neha, wow, you are the best,” and then I put my other hand on his balls because I know that men love it when a girl squeezes their balls and sucks them.

After sucking for around 3 to 4 minutes, he said, “Can you please suck my balls also?” I started sucking his balls and he became very horny after that and started abusing and I felt his precum on my head.

I thought I’ll wait for a bit and then continue. But he pulled me towards him and put his dick in my pussy and started fucking me. I was not expecting that to be so soon but I was enjoying it.

His shots were very hard and I was moaning a little extra because of that. After 15 minutes, he said he was going to cum and he wanted to put his cum on my boobs and navel. So I lay on the sofa and he cummedall over my body

Then he put his dick in my mouth and told me to suck his cock. We had sex 4 times that night and he became my sex buddy for months.

So, friends, that was my story. If you want to give me any feedback mail me at [email protected]


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