Sex With A Foreigner – Part 2

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Hi guys! This is your girl Keerthy here. I will take you on a trip on my sexual adventures, which are kinky and nasty.

So this is the continuation part of the one where I lured a hookup with a Nigerian in a shopping mall. I explained the seduction and the sex we had in the trial room of a mall. Now that very day, we both went on a date, which was a horny one.

We both met in the parking place and decided to go on a date to make out more and have some serious fun. While walking out of the mall to his car, he was eating me away with his eyes. I can see the hunger in it. He was soo excited about it, and I wanted to take the pleasure to the next level.

So I started to seduce him again. I was very horny at that time, too. He was slightly trembling from all that things happened in that trial room. I slowly caught his hand and put it around my waist. I went closer to him, but we were still walking. He was slightly pressing it.

We both went to his car, and I sat in the front seat. He was not even speaking a word except for blushing looking at me. So I smiled at him and said, “Are you feeling weird?” He said, “No, nothing like that. I cannot believe I got a hookup today. That too-“ He looked at me and smiled.

I blushed, covering my face with my purse. He laid his hand on my thighs and said, “Thanks for that.” I said, “Thank me later. There is still a lot to do on a date.” He said, “Let me concentrate now, or else we will both end up in the hospital.”

I said, “Maybe a hospital is a better place for some fun.” We both laughed and had a small conversation. So Markus told me about his problems and stuff he would like to do. Some professional talks and then we reached a hotel. He looked at me and said, “The mattresses are the best here,” and he winked at me.

We both checked in, and he booked a room. I did not want him to think of me as a gold digger (obviously, I am not one), So I paid for the room, and he paid for the food. (I would rather be called a sex digger.)

We went into our room and had our food, and we both shared some secrets. Trust me, they were dirty secrets, and we laughed joking at each other. We occasionally kissed while we were talking. We both know what was going on inside our brains.

After some time, we started talking about sex. I told him about some of my experiences and stuff like that. We started getting heated up with the conversation. We still did not finish our food and were having desserts. But he already had a boner. He asked me to sit on him.

He sat on the bed, and I sat on him with my legs wrapped around him. I moved my ass on his huge dick. We both were sitting soo close that our foreheads were touching, and our lips were occasionally touching. We were still talking dirtily, with each other gazing into each other’s eyes.

I was licking my lips and purposely touching my tongue to his lips. He started by catching my ass and rubbing it smoothly on his rod. I moved my hair around, exposing my neck to him. He was still rubbing my ass to his dick. The feeling was heavenly. He gave my ass a huge spank, and I snapped out of heaven.

I looked into his lusty eyes. He grabbed my neck and started kissing it all over. He kissed my collarbone and came back to lick my neck. His grip was very tight, and the kisses were insane. I backed up a little and took off his shirt, exposing a perfectly toned body with sexy abs.

I ran my hands on his chest and the abs, slightly pressing them hornily. I bent forward onto his face. I kissed his cheek, this time more intense than ever. I almost pulled the cheek of his face with my lips. My tongue was licking it. He let out a small moan.

He grabbed me into an embrace tightly. His hands instantly grabbed my boobs. I went to kiss his ear lobe and started biting it in a sexy way. He was playing with my boobs. I went to the other cheek, pulled it with my lips, and grabbed his ears. His breathing was very heavy.

He shivered slightly and said, “Oh my god! What are you doing to me?” I smiled and looked into his eyes and said, “Now tell me, how many times would you like to fuck me?” He hugged me tightly and said, “As long as you can bear my dick in your pussy.”

I started licking my lips hornily and moved my ass, rubbing it very hard on his dick. I increased the speed of rubbing while still looking into his deep eyes hungrily. He grabbed my waist and helped me increase the rubbing further. He pressed my navel a few times and kissing my belly button frequently.

But we both were still rubbing each other’s parts. He whispered into my ears, “Your curves made my dick hard enough! I want to enjoy every inch of you.”
He ran his fingers smoothly on my cheeks which were red from the heat between us. He stopped his fingers on my lips.

He delicately pulled my lower lip. He then grabbed my boobs and gave them some attention by kissing them. I already stopped moving my ass because I was involved in him while he savored every inch of my skin and enjoyed it. He kissed my fingertips, slightly licking my hands and kissing me on my shoulders.

He kissed my neck, sending shivers all over my body. He said, “Can I get a blowjob?” It was hard to deny anything from him. I would have accepted everything he could offer. I was silent and was looking into his eyes hornily, slowly lowering myself onto his pant. His bulge is huge, and I stroked it slowly.

He let out a small moan in satisfaction as I unzipped and took his tool out. I did not get a good look at his dick until now. I just wanted that big thing all to myself. I caught it tenderly and started giving it kisses without leaving an inch. I ran my hands all over his balls and dick, caressing it to get harder and harder.

I started licking his dick and sucking his balls. I stroked it a few times with my hand, and he gasped. I can see that he likes it. I started giving quick kisses to his dick head and continued stroking it with my hand. I licked his dick head and made rounds around it with my tongue.

I lowered my mouth on the top of his dick and started sucking it. He held my hair while I licked and sucked the tip of his dick, with my saliva dripping on his big dick. I bent and pushed his dick totally into my mouth. It felt great. I started massaging his balls with one hand and stroking his dick with the other hand.

My mouth was moving his dick into my throat. I thoroughly licked every inch of his dick for nearly 10 minutes, then some pre-cum flowed out of it. I sucked it like a pro and drank all of his pre-cum. He grabbed all of my hair in one hand and pulled me up as I passed on the last drops of his pre-cum into his mouth.

My tongue went into his mouth as his tongue got into my mouth. We shared a steamy kiss with saliva dripping from our mouths. He broke the kiss as we both were out of breath. We smiled shyly at each other while panting for breath.

He slowly kept on kissing me on my face, shoulders, neck, and navel while he undressed me completely. We both were naked, and he was taking in my curves. He was staring at my erect nipples, and his fingers went into my pussy. I gave a loud moan as he began giving thrusts with two fingers inside my pussy.

He took out his fingers and tasted them. I was all wet already. He pushed me onto the bed and fell on me as an animal fell on its prey. He was desperately kissing my neck and tasting my boobs. I hugged him tightly around his neck as he was enjoying my boobs and neck.

I wrapped my legs around his ass. His hard dick touched my pussy slightly while he moved up and down to kiss my navel and boobs. I could not control it anymore. I caught his hair and face and pulled him up to my lips, and started kissing him fiercely while the saliva was dripping from our mouths.

I licked it off his lips and chin. His hands roamed around my body. He was feeling my body against him as we broke the kiss. I wrapped my legs around his ass and stared into his eyes, and said, “I want you NOW!” That’s it!

He seemed blessed to hear that. Within a few seconds, his BBC was in my pussy. The minute it entered inside me, I felt ecstatic, and I could sense that this session would be amazing. The entrance was kind of rough since his cock was large. He started pounding me roughly until it was lubricated with his precum.

His dick was flowing with my juices, which lubricated it. He started to rocking my pussy in and out as my moans filled the room. His hands were stiff on my navel. He was pressing it as my navel was a little chubby and soft. His dick was moving in and out, and my hands wrapped his neck.

He pinched my navel, and that was it. He knows how to turn me crazy. I came while his dick was still in my pussy. My voice was stuck in my throat as I reached my first climax. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment as juices flowed out onto the bed. His balls were wet with my juices.

“Wow! You are awesome,” he smiled at me – sweat dripping from his hair onto my navel. The drops dripping from his face flowed onto my navel, making it wet, and a few drops entered my navel hole. His rod was hot inside my pussy, driving me crazy as his sweat made my navel cool.

His hands started pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I grabbed his chin, and my lips landed on his lips. I kissed him wildly. He grabbed my hair with one hand as his other hand was busy placing his dick into my pussy. I spit into his mouth.

He was like, “You dirty girl!” He gripped my head tightly to his mouth, and he licked my neck and chin. After a few minutes, he came inside my pussy. I hugged him tightly, and he caught my ass so tightly it went red. You could see his handprints on my ass.

His cum went into every corner inside my pussy, and it slowly started pouring out onto the blanket. I fell back onto the bed with him. He kissed my cheeks, and he was still desperate, his hands pressing my boobs. He was licking my cheeks, but we both were so tired that we went to sleep cuddled for a few hours.

Then I woke him up, he wanted to do it again, but time did not permit us. So I bid him goodbye. I took his number as he insisted he would like to do it again sometime. I gave him a small peck on his lips, and we both smiled. We shared a warm hug. I walked away to my house, and he walked out of the hotel.

That was it! I never saw him again, nor did I call him again. But the sex we had was one of the most memorable and hot moments of my life.

I will be back with another one of my experiences soon. Bye for now.

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