Sex With A Foreigner – Part 1

Hi guys! This is your girl Keerthy here. I am back with another story which is one of my own experiences. I will take you on a trip on my sexual adventures, which are kinky and nasty. I will tell you how I managed to sleep with a foreigner I met at a shopping mall.

Let us get into the story, so first of all, my measurements are 32-29-30. I have a slight dusky skin tone with round boobs and a perfect navel. You can imagine Avneet Kaur. I have long hair, and I think my ass deserves a lot of spanking.

I bunked my college for the day all alone. I always like to spend quality time with myself roaming around on the roads and hitting on strangers. I am a well-behaved girl in front of family and friends. So I show my horny side mostly to unknown guys. I ask them what I want and give them what they want.

So I always wondered why girls die for BBC (big black dick) guys. Of course, they are really cute and have splendid personalities. But I did not know the pleasure until I was fucked by one.

So after roaming on the roads for a while, I had my lunch at a restaurant. I went to a shopping mall to kill some time and grab selfies in some new clothes. I went inside the shopping mall. I spent some time in the trial room grabbing many selfies with dresses that I know I cannot afford.

Then I spotted a Nigerian (which I got to know after a conversation) and was attracted to him. A spark in my eyes I just got the horny bells ringing and gave me thoughts of having him to myself. I followed him for a while inside the mall. He was trying on some clothes.

I could not waste any more time, and I wanted his rod inside me. I went to the rack where he was searching for his clothes. I pretended to search for clothes, too. By the way, I was in tight jeans pant and a plain black shirt. Before going to the rack, I opened three buttons and tied a knot with the released ends.

I exposed my navel and belly button up to some extent. He saw me, and I smiled at him. He smiled back. But I did not say any word, he stared at me for some time, but I pretended like I did not know it. But I was biting my lower lip every time he looked at me.

Then he took his clothes and went away into the trial room. I quickly changed my dress into denim shorts and was showing off in front of a mirror. He came out, and I saw him looking at me as I exposed my navel and thighs. He searched for some time and had been watching me too.

I went to his rack again, and this time he stepped up his game. He said, “Looking for something? I have been watching you searching in the men’s clothing section.” While he was talking, I put my hands on my navel and pressing it slightly.

I was biting my lower lip. I smiled and said, “Yeah, I have a friend, and I need to buy him a shirt. Would you like to help me?” He folded his hands and said sure. I went somewhat closer to him and said, “He is almost your height and personality. But not too muscular like you.”

I ran my hands on his shoulders. As he was tall, he was looking at my boobs at a top angle. And in my mind, I was sure I want this guy today. He looked at me and said, “What do you want to buy first?” I locked my eyes on his face and did not take my look away from him.

I said, “First, I need a shirt. Which one would you recommend?” I did not take away my look. I continued, “You seem to have a nice touch in fashion.” I ran my hand on his shirt and said, “It looks good on you.”

He blushed and said thank you. He selected a few shirts, and we had a small flirty conversation. I was hitting on him hard. He was into it too. He started flirting back. It took me almost 20 minutes of conversation to get him to ease. He was suspicious of a hot girl hitting on him.

While selecting the other clothing, too, I stood very close to him, always touching him. Then I finally waited for the right moment and gave him my masterstroke, touching his dick while his pants were on. I could clearly see his boner on the pant after all the flirting and him staring at me.

After shirts and all, we went to select the pants. That is when I moved his shirt up and gave him my master touch. I slightly pressed his ball while pretending to get the size of the pant. I gave him a pout, and he was staring at my face. I turned my face away as if nothing happened.

I was looking at the pants, searching for one. I know he would make the next move if I ignored him. He came closer, and his head was in my hair, and he took a pant out. “Will this be fine?” His hands were slowly moving on my navel. “Yes, this is good.”

I turned my head, and we were almost so close that our foreheads were touching. I wanted to make him horny as hell. So I moved away from him and said, “Thanks for helping me,” and pretended to be moving out.

He came after me and almost grabbed me by my navel from the back. His fingers dig into my soft navel, and our breathing was heavier by then. He said, “Maybe I can get you another pair of pants. That is not the best of my selection.” He looked down into my eyes, and I was looking hornily into his.

He said, “You liked my pant the most. Maybe I should take it out for you.” I turned around, and his hands went to grab my ass. He was stammering, looking stunned, and said, “I…I can take it off too.” I know that he is horny now so, I can almost handle everything now.

So I pulled away, looked around, and said, “Are you serious?” He came closer again, stammering, “Yes.” I said, “Let us get into the trial room.” We slowly went into a trial room together. As soon as I closed the door, he grabbed my boobs and pushed me to the mirror.

He was kissing my neck and groping my boobs. His touch was very strong. I immediately lost control and almost moaned. But he closed my mouth with one of his hands and kissed my navel and top of my boobs slowly. He smiled and said, “This is my first time. What have you done? It is making me wild now.”

He did not stop kissing my boobs. I grabbed his collar, pulled him up, and landed my lips on his. I grabbed his lower lip and pulled it with my lips. Immediately I pushed him away and smiled hornily, saying, “What did I do?”

He replied with kisses. He kissed me wildly, exploring my mouth. I liked his lips, and he was biting my lips tenderly. Our tongues were playing together. His hands were busy pressing my boobs. He was pressing them so hard that I thought they would explode.

My hands slowly caught his rod. I was slowly massaging it, and his grip on my boobs tightened. My boobs were red already. I grabbed his balls over the pant, and he stepped away in pleasure, his mouth wide open. I grabbed his hair, pulled him into a kiss, and slowly turned him to the wall.

He grabbed my ass and pulled it. My pussy was touching his dick, with clothes still on. I can feel his dick on my pussy. We started moving up and down. We kept on rubbing it. My boobs were crushing into his chest. We kept on rubbing it.

Our faces were soo close that our lips were touching. But we kept on moving up and down. We were staring into each other’s eyes full of lust. But we still kept rubbing it.

After almost 10 minutes in that position, he slowly kissed my lips. I said, “Shall we take it to the next level?” He said, “Right now?” I whispered yes, and I bit his cheek. He said yes. He unbuttoned my shirt and I unbuttoned his shirt. I ran my hands on his chest and abs passionately and said, “You look so perfect.”

He was staring at my nipples. I said, “I am all yours now.” He put his head into my boobs and started kissing them. I lead out a sexy moan, and he put my boobs in his mouth. He was licking them like a crazy guy. I kept on scratching his bareback and pulling his hair.

He thoroughly enjoyed every inch of my boobs. They were dripping his saliva.
Then he came up, and we had a steamy kiss. I broke the kiss and said, “I cannot take this anymore. Please fuck me already.” We both immediately removed our pants and undergarments.

I was staring at his huge dick. He said, “Do you mind giving me a blowjob?” I thought to myself, “I must not leave this hot stuff here. I need him more.” So I started giving him quick kisses on his lips.

I said it in a completely horny way. “Put your dick in my pussy for now. Later we shall hang out, and I will give you whatever you want.” I went close to his ear and whispered, “EVERYTHING you want.” He smiled and said, “It is my lucky day indeed.”

He grabbed my ass and lifted me as I wrapped my legs around his torso. He slowly penetrated his dick into my pussy. I almost shouted, but his dick did not even penetrate completely. The pleasure was kicking in very hard. He grinned slightly and pushed his dick completely into my pussy.

His balls bashed my ass with a thud, and I lost control and moaned loudly. He closed my mouth with his. He started stroking his massive dick in my pussy. I was breathless from those strokes and his kisses. I could not gather my breath to moan as his thrusts became heavier and stronger.

But he did not stop pounding me. I was moving up and down, my hair was moving like crazy all over my face, and my boobs were bouncing. I was pretty sure by that time that many of the people shopping would know what was happening inside the trial room. But I was surprised nobody disturbed us.

He increased the pace of the thrusts that his dick started entering my pussy completely. This time I was out of breath, and I was desperate for more and more of that breathlessness.

After some serious pounding, I felt like I was not performing well. He was overpowering me. So I bent down and stuck my tongue into his throat. He groaned, and the speed gradually decreased as my kissing diverted him. I said, “Maybe your stamina is up. Let me help you.”

I started moving up and down with my hands gripped on his shoulders. His dick was grinding my hole. Simultaneously my tongue was moving up and down inside his mouth. He grabbed my ass and helped me move up and down.

He said, “You are a pretty gym freak, am I right?” I nodded as I was busy exploring his mouth. He started drilling, too. But that did not make me stop my moment. I wanted every ounce of that pleasure. So I kept moving up and down. I can feel his dick is getting hotter and hotter, slightly increasing in size too.

Precum flowing out of it. He said, “I am going to cum inside you,” and we both increased the speed of the thrusts in perfect sync. I was moaning like a crazy girl. Finally, with a loud moan, he came inside me, and I let out another moan.

We both stayed in that position for a few minutes, enjoying the moment, dripping with sweat. My pussy was full and was overflowing with his cum. We both looked at each other peacefully, savoring every second of the pleasure we experienced. He kissed me again, and he placed me on the ground.

We just made the whole trial room shabby. He smiled and said, “I cannot get enough of you. We should hang out for some more time now.” I smiled and said, “Yes, we will.” I was very happy that I could successfully seduce the guy and got him to fuck me.

He dressed up quickly and kissed me, and went out of the trial room. After a few minutes, I slowly went out. I saw the sales guys looking at me in a confusingly horny way. Some people were looking away from me. But I silently walked away and met him at the parking place.

I looked at him and asked, “By the way, what is your name?” We both shared a laugh, and he put forward his hand, saying, “Markus.” I shook his hand. “I am Keerthy.” He said, “Very horny to meet you.” I blushed and gave him a wink.

We both went on a few dates. I will be posting about the dates and the wild stuff we both did in the other stories. I hope you guys liked my story. Be happy and safe.

Next Part: Sex With A Foreigner – Part 2

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