First Sex In Dubai With A Stranger

Hi, I am a regular follower of ISS now I will share with you my story which happened last week. I am Rajesh, 26 years old and 5’10” tall. I am currently working in Dubai in a multinational company.

Coming to the story I am staying in a Dubai Marina and most of the buildings have a swimming pool inside the building. From my apartment, I have a clear view of the swimming pool. So my general time pass is to have a coffee and look at the ladies in the swimsuits having a dip in the swimming pool.

I generally watch many people having a swim. But 1 month back I saw a lady mostly in her early 30’s swimming in a one-piece swimsuit which caught my eye. I observed her for 1 week. Every time I see her I masturbate myself imagining fucking her.

She gave an amazing body whoever sees her in that attire will definitely imagine her on his bed. Finally, I decided to try my luck. So I used to observe the timing and go to the pool at the same time and finally started a conversation with her.

After a couple of conversations, we became friendly. She even told me she is divorced 2 years back and moved to Dubai. I was so happy from inside hearing this. I asked her number and she gave it. So we used to chat daily. I used to send some forward messages and double meaning jokes.

She used to reply with laughing emojis for that. After a couple of weeks, she invited me for drinks and I readily accepted. Before going to her place I went to a nearby pharmacy and bought a pack of condoms. When I knocked on her door she opened the door and I was spellbound with her dress.

She was wearing a Victoria Secret nightdress which is hardly covering her thighs and hardly covering her boobs. After seeing her like that I thought of fucking her then and there. But I didn’t want to ruin the night. She invited me inside. We sat on the couch and started to watch TV.

She brought 2 beers and handed one to me. We started sipping our beers. We were having a conversation but my concentration was on her body. After having a couple of drinks, she asked me about my girlfriend. I replied we broke up 2 months back.

After a couple of more drinks, I asked her to dance with me and turned on the music. As we were high on alcohol we were very close to each other. I could feel her warm breath. I started touching her body and she didn’t stop me. I thought its a green signal and proceeded and hugged her.

After that, I took my lips closer to her lips and planted a kiss. She responded to that and we started to smooch each other. We continued our smooch for 15 minutes, we broke it as we are out of breath. I laid her on the couch and started licking her boobs over the dress.

I even went ahead and started licking her pussy over the panty. She stopped me and said, “Let’s head to the bedroom.” I lifted her and took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and started removing her nightdress. She was in her bra and panty. Then she started removing my dress completely.

She asked me to remove her bra and panty with my mouth and I did it. Now we both are completely nude. We started smooching each other again. While smooching, I started pressing her right boob with my right hand and squeezing her left butt with my left hand.

This happened for 30 minutes and we converted into 69 position. I licked her pussy and she licked my penis. We both cummed at the same time. We cleaned ourselves and then we took rest for 15 minutes. After that, we cuddled with each other which helped us to get into the mood.

Then she asked me to insert my penis into her pussy. I took out my condom and placed in on my penis and tried inserting my penis into her pussy. Her pussy is as tight as a virgin pussy. So with the help of oil, I inserted 1/4th of my penis into her pussy.

After that, with one hard push, I inserted my complete penis into her pussy. I can see tears rolling from her eyes which are happy tears. I started at a slow pace and then rammed her like wild animals. The room was filled with her moans. After some time both got to climax at once and I collapsed on her.

An anal sex position is my favorite when I told my idea she was scared as she never took anything in her asshole. After compelling her for some time she is ready for it. So I used lubricant again and started inserting my tool into her ass hole. It was super tight after so much hard work.

I finally inserted my tool into her ass hole. She screamed a lot and asked me to remove it but I didn’t listen to her and inserted my tool. Once inserted I took it slow, I moved slowly. Once she was comfortable I rammed her fast which she also liked very much.

We are not yet done and she wanted to try cowgirl position. So she stroked my penis and given me an awesome blowjob. After the blowjob my penis was stiff. So she came on top of me and started inserting my penis inside her pussy. After some time we are tired and rested.

We went to the washroom to clean ourselves under a hot shower. We started with soaping each other bodies and started a session under a hot shower. I placed her one leg on the support and inserted my penis in her pussy. Once we were done we cleaned ourselves and slept the cuddling each other.

I hope you enjoyed my story. If any girls or aunties need casual or fun experience or friendship with me in Dubai, don’t hesitate to write to me at [email protected]

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