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We wasted no time and started making out heavily. Her hands were on my ass, and mine on her tits and waist. All the while, we french kissed.

We smooched our way into the bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and jumped right on me to continue the hot makeout session. Akshita cuffed my hands above my head. Then slowly moved downward. Kissing all the way from my lips to my neck, then chest and abs, and stopped at my dick.

And I watched her kiss and bite all over my body and then toy around with my dick using her soft hands and hot lips. She knew what she was doing. Teasing the dick tip and under the crown with her tongue a couple of times. She then grabbed the condom box and ripped one wrapper open.

Then slid the condom over my dick shaft gracefully but with a firm grip. Then unbuckled my leather cuffs. We rolled over, and now she was beneath me. I could feel my dick grinding against her pussy and her perky hard nipples poking my chest.

I pulled back a little, just enough to set my dick tip at her pussy entrance. I pushed myself forward, pinning her to the bed with my body weight. Sliding my hard fat dick inside her tight warm, and obviously wet pussy. We both moaned as she felt me enter her while her pussy walls held my dick in a death grip.

I kept pulling out and stretching her more and more till I was balls deep in her. Akshita locked her legs behind my back, pulling me towards her, helping me go deeper into her pussy. During all this, her hot cum kept flowing. No wonder it went inside her without an issue.

Now that she was comfortable with the position, we ended the slow lovemaking and started fucking each other really hardcore. My hands traced their way to her soft squishy boobs. Holding them firmly for support and squeezed them to all my heart’s content.

I fucked her with deep and heavy thrusts. Her legs still locked behind me matched my thrusting, and she pulled me towards her. She was enjoying it all with a Horny evil look and seductive moaning. The room was filled with our moans, grunts, and loud clapping of her ass and my thighs.

She clung to me, and her nails carved my back with long marks (they sting badly). But no pain could stop us from fucking like no tomorrow. We kept fucking in the same position for around 10-20 minutes.

Watching her big tits jump with every hard thrust and her pussy gripping my dick tightly tested my patience. I pulled out just in case to avoid cumming early and ending the perfect moment.

Akshita was not happy with this move. So I just finger fucked her pussy, teasing her erotic spots, and played with her nipples till she orgasmed. We made out a little more. She ripped the condom off me, not letting my dick soften by touching it and teasing me with her beauty.

In the meantime, she played with my handcuffs and blindfold. She got excited as she never experienced getting fucked while wearing them and wanted to try it. The cuffs were red and looked amazing with her fair skin, pinkish nipples, and pussy.

We did a mini photo set. I cuffed her hands behind her back this time and made her kneel on the floor beside the bed. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my dick. Sucking and licking it till it was super hard.

After face fucking her for a minute or two, I pulled her up and bent her on the bed. She managed to crawl her way up the bed’s edge, and I spanked her ass.

Akshita- Ah! You’re so naughty, but this isn’t fair.

Me – ( Rubbing my dick on her pussy) Come on. What’s not fair?

Akshita – I’m cuffed and can’t see you fuck me, so you can’t either. Blindfold yourself for doggy style, or we fuck in missionary. (She really thought I’ll turn her around.)

Me – Sounds good to me!

I picked up the blindfold and wore it over my eyes while kneeled on the floor facing her gorgeous ass. My hands spread her butt cheeks, and my tongue explored her pussy. I could hear Akshita squirm and moan, fighting to get me to turn her.

Her face was pressed against the bedsheet. She really wanted to see me eat her out, but I kept tongue fucking her. Licking her pussy lips and teasing her clit. She was dripping wet and moaning.

Akshita- Oh fuck! Yes, lick it, honey. Ah, lick it, let me see you, please let me see it, Oh, God!

Finally, when she was wet enough, I positioned my dick and thrust it inside her. She gasped and hummed as I started pounding her pussy raw. Yes, we forgot the condom. But the feeling of her velvety pussy walls rubbing against my dick was heavenly.

After all, I could do was fuck her harder and harder, feeling myself sliding inside her tight pussy. My balls slapping her clit, hearing the thumping of her ass with my thighs and her erotic moans and grunts. The more I fucked her, the more I felt my balls tingling to explode.

She hated birth control pills which I knew. So I pulled out my dick, and she left a loud sigh. It was all covered in her cum which was flowing down to my balls. I cleaned it with a towel, wrapped a fresh new long-lasting condom on it. I thrust it back inside her pussy.

I made sure to hold her by her waist and started thrusting deep and hard. Increasing my speed with every push and pull. I thrust my way on the bed with her still in the same position, kneeling on the mattress for more grip. I bent myself on her till I could grope her boobs.

I fucked poor Akshita really hard while kneading and squeezing her nipples, sending her into another world. I could feel her body stiffen. Soon enough, she orgasmed and screamed loudly with her hot cum flowing all over on my dick. I was still fucking her.

I, too, couldn’t hold back myself and fired ropes after ropes of thick sperm before falling beside her. We both laid on the bed, panting and breathing heavily covered in sweat. I uncuffed her. We made out some more giving each other as many love bites as we wanted.

Akshita rolled up the condom and sucked the semi-hard dick clean from tip till the balls with a sloppy blowjob. She loves sucking dicks for sure. We made sure to throw the condoms in the dustbin and rested for another hour. We had our lunch and then got all dressed up to leave.

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