Sex With A Married Facebook Friend From Mumbai

It was a hot summer. I was in the office doing some work. My attention diverted on a pop up in mobile. I saw it was a Facebook messenger tone. There was a ‘Hi’ from a lady she was not in my friend list responded and the conversation started.

After the initial ‘Hi, Hello’ thing she gave me her number. It was a strange thing for me. As in the first 5 minutes of chatting with a stranger, how can someone give her number? At first, I thought there is a boy doing prank with me. Still, I asked her, “Do you give your number to everyone?”

Then she asked me to call her. Then I called and she was in a different tone asking, “How can you ask such a question? Do you think I am that kind of a lady?” I said, “In our first conversation itself you have given me your number, so I asked.”

Then she said, “I found your profile genuine. I saw your photos with your wife that you love her so much. I am missing this love in my life from my husband. Our first call itself went for half an hour. After that called and you started chatting as an old friend met after so long time.”

She sent me some of her photos. I was flattered to see such a beautiful lady. I haven’t seen such beauty in my life. She was too fair with black eyes and an expressive face. The same night I was alone at home as my wife has gone to her mom’s place. She was carrying 8 months so I was missing sex in my life.

That night itself while sleeping we were chatting. I said goodnight and sweet kiss to children to end the chat. She said, “What about my kiss?” This was the first time we talked like that. I said in my mind, “The fire is from both sides. Now I can roast many things in it.”

After 10-15 days of our first conversation, she started insisting me to come to Mumbai that she wanted to meet me. I was knowing what was going to happen in Mumbai. Till that time we were open and were speaking openly. I decided to go to Mumbai 28 days after the first conversation.

I was in Mumbai I sent the location of the hotel and was waiting at the hotel. It is just 3 hours journey to Mumbai from Pune. By 8 o’clock I was in the hotel. She was supposed to come at 10 o’clock. I was in the excitement that these two hours were not passing at all.

After some time she messaged me that she had left her home to come. I was calling her to keep me updating her location. Then she messaged me that she is in front of the hotel. I was feeling restless was not knowing what to do after 2-3 minutes my doorbell rang.

I opened the door and there was a room attendant and behind that man, there was my beautiful queen. I said thanks to room attendant and she came inside I closed the door we hugged each other so tight as if there is no tomorrow. Then we started laughing saying let’s see each other first.

Let’s confirm are we meeting the right person. We saw each other’s faces for the first time. I was unable to believe that I am going to have sex with this beautiful lady in a matter of 2 minutes. We started kissing each other for 2-3 minutes. Later she sat on the bed and kept her purse and dupatta aside.

I was not ready to leave her so I went near her. I held her face and pushed her on the bed and climbed on her and started kissing her. Later she came on top of me removed her kurta. Oh my goodness, she has the perfect boobs very very very fair skin. I never had seen such a beauty my life.

I started kissing I was unable to control myself. Later she came on me and I inserted one hand into her salwar and panty and started squeezing her butts. I unhooked her bra and removed it. I saw beautiful pink nipples and two cute boobs. I started kissing on her boobs.

She stopped me and came to me and started removing my clothes. Now I was nude. She was surprised to see the size of my cock and started playing with it. I was in no mood to leave such beauty so started kissing her boobs. My one hand was going inside her panty.

There was a very soft, clearly shaved, soft-skinned and cute pussy which I could imagine from touch itself. An electric current ran into my body. There was not a single black spot on her body. Even her nipples were pink (I had seen only black nipples so far.)

I opened her legs wide to see her beautiful pussy and it was all over pink. Even her pussy lips were pink, I was in the sky to see all that. I started playing and kissing all over her body. Yes, I was mad for her. I wanted to play with her pussy. So I climbed on her it was like a rolling session.

At one point in time, she was on me and later I was on her. Now I was kissing her on her lips playing with one hand her boobs with other fingers in her pussy. It was too wet down in pussy. She insisted to have a quick round of sex first. Later we can do whatever we want to do.

Because I had asked her not to have sex for 10 days with her husband. As we wanted to be like a mad and hungry dog dying for sex. I accepted her request and started rubbing my cock on her pussy lips. I wanted to tease her.

She was waiting for me to insert but I was not in the mood to do it. Then slowly I started to push inside. It was so tight that she asked me to apply a little oil on my cock. Slowly I went inside later she asked me to increase speed. As I increased the speed she started moaning.

I stopped in between and asked her to open wide legs and inserted full cock inside. It was touching uterus. She started moaning loudly and I was enjoying the scene. This went for 3-4 minutes. Then again I increased the speed. After 4-5 minutes I was about to come. I told her that.

She said, “Come inside, I want to feel your hot liquid.” After 10-15 big shots, I collapsed on her with a loud moan. We were moaning so loudly that the hotel staff outside the room might have heard it. We both were exhausted. We hugged each other and slept for 5 to 10 minutes.

What happened after that, I will tell in another story. So boys please don’t ask me her address or photo and anything about her. She is not a whore and it’s my responsibility to keep our both identity secret. Send me feedback on [email protected].

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