Sweety’s Fantasies – Part 1 (Pre-Diwali Celebrations)

I am a housewife with a sexy figure of 34-28-34 and love to explore my naughty side whenever I get a chance. I don’t even hesitate to get naughty with anyone other than my husband as well. Sex has always been on my mind. Whenever I see a random person, I just imagine he will be banging me in my bedroom.

But I just cannot open it up to my husband. He will get separated after knowing my deep secrets. So let’s keep this life of mine as a secret one. So it was the month of Diwali. I and my husband decided to get our house cleaned and painted.

So obviously we need men to do that. To my surprise, my husband, on that morning, brought two labors, and both of them were quite young. I love to wear saree always. As soon as they entered our house, they started noticing my flat belly which was half exposed.

To avoid any kind of awkwardness, I changed my dress to a knee-length trouser and a racerback tee. But, it increased their excitement more. As now my boobs were visible to them in proper shape and they could explore half of my back through their lusty eyes.

Within a few minutes, my husband explained to them what all work is to be done. I got a little busy with my household stuff. Painters made a list of all the requirements for the work. My husband took along one of the laborers along with him to get the paint and brushes.

One of them stayed back to finish the pre-work to be done. I didn’t even realize when my dirty mind started thinking about making out with these painters. They were a little dark but both of them had quite a healthy personality. And I was just concentrating on how much fun it will be to make out with these guys.

But I knew it wasn’t going to happen as my husband was at home. The person who was doing the pre-paint work (let’s call him Raju) laid the newspapers on the floor. After around 20 minutes the other person (Ramesh) walked in as well. But my husband did not come back with him.

I was a little surprised and thought he might be doing some miscellaneous work and might come soon. But he did not come back even after an hour. So I called him to know about his whereabouts. I got to know that he has met with his old friend and went out with him. He will come by evening.

At first, I thought, again I have to spend the holiday alone at home. Then I realized I wasn’t alone, I had two dark men around me with eyes full of lust. And my naughty mind started running like horses to think about when to take the chance to seduce them. After some time, they started mixing colors.

They were not leaving a single chance to stare at my delicious body. To start my seducing work, I asked them to help them with dusting stuff. At first, they hesitated. But who will say no to such a beautiful lady, who doesn’t even mind if the men around her fuck her with their eyes?

So I took a piece of cloth and started dusting the windows. As I have to move up and down doing the work, they could see my perfect ass and my lower back exposed while moving up. I knew they were no more interested in painting on the walls.

Instead, they wanted to paint my body with a white color liquid. It is gonna come out of their lovely dicks after me giving them a perfect blowjob. So I decided to excite them even more. I bought a stool and placed it below the fan. I moved up on it and started cleaning the fan.

They could easily see half of my belly and sexy belly button. By now they knew what I wanted and even they were waiting for the right time to grab me. While I was cleaning the fan, dust came and fell over my head and my body. But that dust looked good on my milky body. So I decided to let it be as it is.

After a few seconds, Raju said “Hey Ramesh, isn’t it hot as all the fans are closed? W have to work by removing our shirts.” And both of them removed their shirts. And my eyes liked that view of their fit body and chest which was quite dark in color.

I naughtily smiled at them and said, “ So Raju according to that, even I should feel the heat.” And by saying so I removed my racerback tee and stood in front of them wearing a half trouser and a sports bra. Then Ramesh said, “Ma’am this is wrong, we are exposing our upper body totally, but you aren’t.”

I knew what he was signaling at. So to excite them both even more, without even thinking twice I removed my bra within a second or two. And my pair of boobs popped out as if they wanted to get out of some cage. Both the men were amazed to see such yummy boobs and they literally wanna grab them.

But to my surprise, they both were quite kinky as well. To tease me more they stood at their places and stared at my breasts continuously. I was getting out of control by their looks and started rubbing my cunt over my trousers. But they wanted to tease me more so they just stood and smiled at me.

So I decided to be bolder and pulled down my trousers and panty at once. I stood naked in front of them, with my one hand holding both of my boobs and one hand covering my pussy. Now this made them move and Raju started moving towards me.

But Ramesh held his hand and said, “Can’t you see that bhabhi is all dusty? Let us clean her first.” So they moved towards the corner of the hall, where a paintbrush and a roller was kept in a bucket of water to make them soaked and wet. I had no idea what they were about to do.

But I knew something new is coming to me. Raju got the brush in his hand and sat in front of me such that if removed my hand from my pussy he could easily kiss it. And Ramesh got the roller and came at the back of me and moved my hairs at the side of my neck.

Ramesh initiated the session by placing the roller just above my ass crack. I felt such a chill in my spine due to the wetness of the roller. I removed my hand over my breasts and placed them on Raju’s hair. Then Raju started his work and started brushing my thighs just below my pussy area.

The hairs of the brush were quite thick. As soon as they touched my inner thigh, out of excitement my second hand automatically went on Raju’s hairs. He now had a great view of my delicious cunt. But again he controlled and didn’t leave bushing my legs and thighs.

Then Ramesh came forward and started rolling over my boobs. They both pinned me down to the wall. Ramesh pressed my boobs and nipples so well with the roller that I was almost about to cum. Then Raju got more naughty seeing my wet pussy and started brushing my pussy.

I got so tempted with it, that I came in 30 seconds of that and begged them to fuck me. They both had a proud smile on their faces. I started relaxing by taking the support of the wall. I then looked at both of them with naughtily angry eyes and made them stand by the wall. It was time for me to go down now.

So I went on my knees and removed their pants. Their dicks popped out as they were the peak on their hardness by now. I took Ramesh’s dick in mouth and started stroking Raju with my hand and vice versa. They both were feeling my hair and side of my face with their hands.

As my blowing skills were awesome, they both came soon all over my face. I licked all of their cum and smiled at them. Then they lifted me and carried me to the bedroom, and threw me on the bed. Now they both were out of control and just wanted to fuck me.

I asked them to get the condoms from the drawer and they both obliged. Raju was the first to get on me. In no time he got the condom on and got inside me. As I was damn wet it wasn’t too hard for him to make the way. He started stroking me in the missionary position by spreading my legs as far as possible.

His friend Ramesh was busy enjoying my upper body. He was squeezing my boobs such that, they weren’t boobs but a stress ball. I asked him to go easy on them. But he now came with his mouth and started biting my nipples. They both made me their slave and wasn’t interested to stop at all.

They swapped their positions and Ramesh was more energetic in banging me. But they still had control over themselves and didn’t cum while banging me, Raju came near my mouth and pushed his dick inside it and Ramesh kept his dick on my left boob.

They both came and it felt so warm both in my mouth and on my boobs. They both were happy and satisfied seeing my slutty nature. So was I, getting banged like this.

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