Sexual Affair With Mumbai Housewife I Met Online

Hello all ISS readers. I hope you all are safe and enjoying your life to the fullest. This story is about my sexual encounter with a beautiful, married lady who I met on an online dating site.

About me, I’m a 21-year-old, young boy living in Gujarat and I’m doing my engineering. I’m a decent guy and am always fantasizing about an experienced woman.

I joined a dating site and was eagerly looking for housewives to respond to my messages. Many messages came but they were not genuine and I was really looking for genuine people.

After a few days, a woman from Mumbai responded and we were talking casually but slowly after days of chatting, we came close to each other. We exchanged our numbers and chatted on WhatsApp. She told me about herself and her family. She came from a very conservative family and her marriage was an arranged one.

Her husband was working in a marketing company and he had to travel a lot so you can imagine the situation. She was very lonely and her husband was not at all able to satisfy her.

Her name was Ankita (changed) and she was very beautiful. She had medium-sized boobs and had a chubby stomach and her butts were big enough to attract any man.

So, after some days of chatting, we finally switched to talking about sexual fantasies. We sex-chatted a lot as we had a lot in common about sexual desires.

Finally, we decided to meet and have fun. Her husband had to go on a business trip to Delhi for 4 days so we finally got a chance. I stay in Gujarat and she wanted to visit Gujarat and wanted to spend time with me.

We booked a hotel for 3 nights and I went to the airport to receive her. Friends, I just can’t describe Ankita because she was so beautiful and she was wearing a pink saree with a deep-neck blouse.

I just hugged her tightly at the airport and we greeted each other. I took her travel bag and we sat in my car and drove to the hotel. We checked in to the hotel and as soon as we entered the room she hugged me!

The Mumbai housewife started saying, “Please, this is my first extra-marital affair and I really want to have so much fun with you.”

I started kissing her lips. We kissed for about 20 minutes. Her lips were so damn soft. I took horny north Indian housewife to bed and made her lie down and again started kissing her lip. We were lost in each other for a while. Then I removed her saree and she was in her pink blouse and petticoat.

Her belly was looking so chubby and I started liking her belly and she moaned, “Aaaaahhh, ” and closed her eyes. Again, I started kissing the Mumbai housewife deeply and I was also biting her neck. Ankita was really enjoying and in between, her moans were making me very horny, “Mmmhhhh Ahhhhh yess bite me.”

I removed her blouse. She was not wearing a bra. Slowly, I started licking the aroused housewife’s erect nipples. I could feel her breath getting heavy but I was getting so wild that I made her completely naked.

I was so lost licking her boobs that she told me, “Baby, now I can’t control myself, just lick my pussy.”

I went down between her legs and started biting her thighs and then I slowly started licking her pink and wet pussy.

Ankita moaned so loudly, “Aaaahhh baby, lick me and make me cum.”

I started licking and fingering the married woman’s pussy and she was so lost by my skill that she pressed my head towards her pussy.

Ankita kept on moaning, “Yesss baby..aaaaahhh yess, it’s all yours,” and finally after a few minutes, the housewife had her orgasm. I drank all her juices. She was breathing heavily.

Without giving her much time to recover, I started undressing her and kissed her at the same time. She removed my underwear and started rubbing my 7-inches cock. She was shocked to see mine, as her husband’s cock was only 4 inches long.

The north Indian housewife smiled at me and started giving me a blowjob. And believe me guys, she was a very good cock-sucker. I was feeling like heaven as she was sucking and playing with my balls and even pinched my nipples which made me crazy.

Soon, I loaded all my cum inside her mouth and she even made me taste my cum by kissing my mouth like hell. My favorite position is missionary and so I inserted my cock in her pussy in that position.

Ankita’s pussy was was so tight that I felt like I was about to fuck a virgin. On the first stroke, it didn’t go in completely but on the second stroke, I gave it a hard push and it went completely inside her. She moaned so loudly, “Aaaaaahhhhh… Mmmmmhhhhh..Aaaahhhhh,” and tears rolled down from her eyes. Her boobs were bouncing and I was enjoying the view and we were smiling naughtily.

I increased my speed and she kept on moaning, “Yesss babyyy, Aaaaahhhh, yesss fuck me, Aaaahahhh Mmmmmmmmhhhhh,” and I was like in heaven by her moans.

We fucked in doggy style and then we were in 69 position, licking each other’s sexual organs. Then the chubby housewife came on top of me and took my dick completely inside her and she was bouncing on me and kissing me like hell.

Our most liked position was a missionary, so again we were in that position again. We were kissing like couples tasting each other’s tongue and meanwhile fucking.

Ankita told me that she had never experienced such passionate sex and she was completely satisfied.

I started kissing her and stroking very hard and increased my speed very much and she was again moaning very loudly. When I was about to cum, I told her the same. She kissed me very passionately and looked at me intently and said softly, “I am all yours, just release your cum inside your lady’s pussy.”

This really made me crazy. I increased my speed and kissed her passionately and released all my liquid deep inside the housewife’s pussy. I just can’t describe the warm feeling I was having. I released my cum inside her hot pussy and I was sucking her boobs and kissing her like hell.

We then went to the bathroom and had a shower together.

We went for dinner like a couple and then in the hotel room, we watched a movie together. She was so happy with me and enjoyed my company.

After the movie, we kissed deeply, and again it ended with me having very passionate sex with Ankita.

This time, we even did anal sex and we both were very happy and slept in each other’s arms. For three days, we really enjoyed each other’s company and had lots of fun.

This worked for 2-3 months and then her husband was transferred to Singapore so we had to end our sexual relationship. But whenever she visits India, we meet and have fun.

Friends, this is my first story so if there are any mistakes in describing my experience, I’m sorry for it. Now I’m looking for a new lady with whom I can share happiness and can satisfy her.

Ladies, I can understand the sexual satisfaction every lady needs in her life. Just feel free to mail me and I’m a very genuine guy belonging to a reputed family.

It’s just my desire to satisfy unsatisfied women and just give happiness especially to housewives, bhabhis, aunties, and divorced ladies. Privacy will be 100% maintained and you would really enjoy my company.

So, ladies, don’t think much and just mail me at [email protected]

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