A Break From Monotony- Met Her Online

About me- I’m 30, male from Mumbai, well-read and can hold conversations at an ease. I have been reading stories online for a very long time now. I had put out an ad in one of the classified ads about me looking to meet someone new to break the monotony of life. And possibly spend some sensuous time together.

A few days later, I got a few responses, out of which, one sounded genuine. After exchanging emails for a few minutes, we spoke on Hangout. We also did a video call the same night. The flow of conversation was smooth, hence we decided to meet up over the weekend.

I asked what she would want to do. She said, “Exactly what’s mentioned in your ad.” I booked a hotel in a safe area and carried some alcohol and sheesha. We decided to meet post-lunch, and she arrived at around 3 pm. We immediately hugged each other at the meeting and gave a peck on the cheeks.

I was pleasantly surprised by the effort she had taken to dress up. About her- she is in the late 20s, an average girl next door, dressed in a top and denim. We moved into the room and had a generic conversation. I poured some beer in the glass and then also made a sheesha (which she loves).

Once the sheesha started, she mentioned that she’d want to try it out. I said, my pleasure, took a drag of sheesha and went close to her. She understood my intent, and came closer I released the smoke in her mouth and continued kissing her. She said that this was the best sheesha she ever had.

I told her, “Picture abhi baaki hai.” To which she gave a naughty smile, and said, “Toh chalo poori picture dekhi jaye.” She moved closer to me and sat on my lap. I adjusted the strands of her hair which were falling on her face, and we kissed. I started with lips and got intense with time.

Soon our tongues met and we lost a tap on time due to our involved passion. While we kissed, I kept playing with her breasts and scratching her back. She seemed to be liking the latter more (was her soft spot). Soon I got her top off and got a sight of her handful breasts.

I buried my face into them, and she moaned a little. I slowly tried to unhook her bra, but she resisted. I looked into her eyes, and caught and unhooked her dancing balloons. Gripped her by her back, and started eating them up. She was moaning a little. Her eyes were now closed with passion and she was running against my dang!

We kissed again. Soon she went down on her knees, opened my denim button by button She pulled them down, and reached for my tool within my boxers. After stroking it for a while, she finally got it out and started to lock its head while still stroking me.

Soon the pink head was inside her mouth. She sucked it to her content. In a while, she had my entire shaft in her throat. I loved every bit of it. Soon I held her by her hair, and she gave a stare this time (indicating that she wants to dominate). I let her do her thing and submitted myself completely.

She was so good, that I had to stop her, for me not to cum. I got up forcefully, picked her up and put her at the edge of the bed. It was my time to give some pleasure. I got her pants off forcefully, and then the panty. And there was her gateway to heaven. Shaved and clean.

She also had a mole on the left of her abdomen. I slowly spread her lips and saw that she’s dripping wet. I planted my lips on her lips and licked its head. Soon I bit her a little and she let out a moan. She then forced me up and pushed me on the bed. She said that she’s still hungry.

She climbed on me, and we ate each other out. Her juices were flowing like a stream. She was moaning, but couldn’t do so to her content. a she was also busy eating my tool out. After a while, she got up and sat on my tool in a reverse cowgirl position.

I thought she’d go slow. But to my surprise, she put it in with a jerk and started riding me. The sight of her ass moving back and forth was a delight to me. However, I also wanted to see her expressions while she does it. After a while, I asked her to face me, and she obliged.

She rocked me in a rhythm, giving out moans. She put one of her arms on her head and pulled her hair in pleasure. In the meanwhile, I sat up and played with her pear-shaped boobs. She loved it a lot. She started moaning out loud. Then, while I was inside her, I pushed her on her back and started doing it to her in missionary.

I was rocking it slowly. But she held my butt tight, indicating me to go faster. I put both her legs on my shoulder, and started increasing my speed. We loved every bit of it. After a while l got down from the bed and asked her to come close to me. We now started in the doggy style.

We enjoyed it soo much, that by now, both our bodies were sweating. But our passion was still unsatiated. I kept banging her hard, and eventually released inside her. She fell on the bed, immediately, looked as if she skipped a few heartbeats.

I too did not have the strength to get up for a while. I laid on her back, while still being inside her. I then laid next to her, and we kissed passionately once again. After a while, we continued with the sheesha and beers. Then we left for the day, back to our homes.

In all, it was an excellent experience we both shared. She later told me that she’d want to meet up again the next day, and we did. We’re still in touch, though she has now moved to another city with her family. For the chemistry we share, it’s a pity that we do not meet any longer.

but we get off online every once in a while and love it just as much.

Let me know how you like this. Email – [email protected]. I hope a few of you also get inspired by this, and share your own experience or try to break your mental shackles.

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