Sex In Mumbai With My Ex-Girlfriend

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Hello guys. I am Ankit. I am here again with my second story of how my ex-girlfriend and I had sex in Mumbai. So this incident happened in 2018 when I went to Mumbai after completing my graduation. My ex-girlfriend by that time had been trying to get into the aviation course.

So she was trying on some institutes to pursue her course at Mangalore, but she did not find any. So she had to do her course in Vashi. Before she could join the institute, there was a seminar she had to attend where all the details would be shared. To attend the seminar, she had to come to Mumbai.

But she had no idea where to stay as she did not have any relatives in Mumbai. Since I was in Mumbai at that time, she asked me to look for a room. I then booked a room in a hotel. I was really very excited because this was the first time we were getting a chance to be together and away from our hometown.

She had already decided that we would stay together for 3 days and enjoy every bit of togetherness. She arrived by train in the morning at LTT. I was there already waiting for her. As soon as she got down the train, she hugged me tightly, and then we moved towards our hotel.

It took us almost 1 hour to reach our hotel, and we then got into the room immediately. I then went and had a bath. After I was done, it was her turn. She came out covered in a pink towel that covered just half of her milky thighs. It was exposing her navel as she tied it low.

We then had our breakfast. She said she was tired and wants to sleep. But I was sure that she won’t sleep as she wouldn’t miss a chance like this. And I was right! Just 5 minutes under the blanket, and she asked me, “Are we really sleeping?”

Anyhow I was waiting for her to be relaxed, and now she gave a green signal. I said, “You wanted to sleep…” To which she put her finger on my lips and came closer to me. I immediately put my hand on her back and pulled her close. That was quite romantic.

She then slowly started kissing me. Her fragrance was making me feel so good. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed what she was doing. Her hair was still wet, and water was dripping from her hair on her neck. I slowly moved my hand over her neck and started kissing her neck.

She was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts. While I was kissing her neck, I could feel her breathing getting heavier. Within no time, I could feel her hands on my dick. She was playing with my dick from outside my boxer. She then slowly put her hand inside my boxer and freed my dick.

Till now, we were under the blanket. But now we started feeling hot even though we had AC in our room. So I removed the blanket and removed her top upon which I saw her wearing a purple padded bra. Now before removing her bra, I wanted to seduce her more.

So I started kissing her belly button since it was her weak point. While I was licking her belly, she was so aroused that she started pressing her boobs in pleasure. I then removed her bra and freed her boobs. I could see her nipples aroused.

I then pinched her nipples and started sucking her boobs. I gave her a love bite on her right boob. By this time, she had removed my boxer. But I wanted her to feel every movement do on her body. So I started it slowly. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down.

She was wearing a red panty with white polka dots on it. She always knew how to seduce me using her sexy innerwear and would never leave a chance to seduce me. On removing her shorts, I saw her panty was already wet. So to add more joy into it, I started playing with her pussy outer lips.

I avoided putting my finger in just to make her more desperate for pleasure. She was enjoying every rub on her outer part that her juice started dripping from her pussy. Within no time, I started licking her pussy and tasted the juice. All this time, she was still in her panty.

I then removed her panty and started licking her cunt again, putting my tongue deep inside her. I could hear her moan out of pleasure. I knew that she enjoys getting her pussy licked. So I licked for almost 15 minutes, after which juice started dripping from her pussy again.

Now it was her turn to satisfy me, and she knew how to exactly do so. She made me sleep on the bed and started playing with my dick, which was already rock hard. She always preferred a clean-shaven dick and was too good in a blowjob to a shaved dick.

She gave me a blowjob for almost 10 minutes. After that, I cummed on her face, and without wasting any time, she drank all of it. By now, she had no control over her and asked me to fuck her. On hearing this, I quickly lifted her and threw her on the bed.

We both were already very horny, so without wasting any time, I put on a Durex dotted condom. It was on her request that I brought this brand. As I have said in my previous story, she only preferred Durex. So now, I was wearing a condom.

She was eagerly lying on the bed, waiting for me to insert the dick inside her and fuck her hard. I then came near her and started playing with her pussy making her hornier. I touched my tip on her pussy and made a slow movement. It made her shiver.

I didn’t want to put my dick inside her at once because I wanted her to crave for it. I slowly started inserting dick into her pussy. I could clearly see the pain in her face. I thought it was hurting her. So I asked her if I should continue to, which she said fuck me harder.

This made me feel good, and I went more inside her. To reduce the pain, I started kissing her real hard. Then I just pushed my dick inside. She couldn’t control the pain and bit my lips. I stayed still for some time and then started the movement slowly.

With each movement, I could feel immense pleasure. She placed her hands on my ass and started pushing me more inside her with every movement she asked me to fuck more. I then made her sit on me and made her jump on my dick. I was witnessing the best view of her facial expressions.

Her hairs were falling on her face and her boobs bouncing drove me crazy. She started moaning with every moan I would push my dick more inside her. Soon she had her orgasms, and all her juice was on my stomach. She was on top of me. But I did not want to stop until I cum.

So I fucked her real hard, and then in some time, I cummed inside her. By now, she was already tired. So she got up and went to wash her pussy. She then came and slept beside me and started playing with my dick. I knew she was still not satisfied with just one session.

But she was too tired for the second one due to long traveling. We were lying naked, and she was still playing with my dick while she dozed off on my shoulder. I then covered her with the blanket, and even I slept.

This was just the first session in Mumbai. Over the next three days, we had almost 25 sessions, no matter what time it was. After all, sex in the middle of the night is really fun when you are sleepy but also want to enjoy those sleepless nights.

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