Got Lucky With My College Friend – The End

This is the third part of the story where I get some action with my friend Aparna from college. Be sure to read the two previous parts to know how she ended up in my place and into my bed!

Got Lucky With My College Friend

Got Lucky With My College Friend – Part 2

I was dry humping Aparna while kissing her on her neck and ears for quite some time now. She was wiggling with pleasure in my arms. With my right hand, I began playing with her nipples. I pinched and squeezed her erect nipples making her moan with each press.

I stopped kissing and moved down to her left breast and took that nipple in my mouth. I licked one nipple while squeezing the other. Aparna pressed my head down on her boob. Every time she would push my head, I would bite her nipples. This went for a while until she couldn’t take it anymore.

I moved from her boobs further down to her navel where I began my tongue attack again. With both my hands now pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts, I licked the inside of her belly button. It was tickling her so much and I loved it.

By now Aparna was so wet that her juices were making a patch on my boxers (I was humping her all this while). I confirmed the same with my hands and began rubbing gently on her clit. I brought her to the verge of orgasm and stopped. I did the same thing again and again until she became desperate to cum.

But I was in no mood to relent. This went for more than half an hour. The sheet under her was wet with her sweat and pussy juice. Finally, I decided to let her have it and went down on her. I started nibbling her inner thighs and slowly licked my way towards her wet pussy.

She had both her hands on my head and was trying to bring it her hole with great force. I began biting her pussy lips while rubbing her hard clit. She was moaning quite loudly that I thought my neighbors would hear it. Thank God for the rain!

I began licking in circles while I held her thighs apart with one hand and played with her nipples with the other. Aparna too had one hand on her other nipple and her right hand on my head pushing me down on herself. I bet she was enjoying it. Soon enough she cummed with a loud moan.

I licked up all the juices that had flowed out and made her relax. “Theernit illa,” (Not over yet) I said and moved in for the next round. I split her thighs apart and went down on her. In no time Aparna had her next orgasm. I licked her pussy clean and went to her breasts, sucking her nipples again.

Since she told me that she wasn’t ready to pop her cherry, I wasn’t thinking of fucking her anymore. I planned on pleasuring her orally and fingering her all night long. Her body was so addicting that I never bothered about my raging hard-on.

Again I moved down and began licking her slit. This time I used my thumb to rub her clit. She had a really intense orgasm but I didn’t stop licking and rubbing her at the same time. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and pushed me off her.

I looked at the clock. It had been almost two hours since I started orally pleasuring her after all. I moved back up and we made out again. I asked Aparna if she had given a blowjob before. She said she knew how to do it (by watching porn apparently) but never had given one.

I sat up on the bed and put her hand on my boner. She started rubbing and sizing me up over my boxers. “Innie ooran patuvo?” (Can I take off your shorts now?) She asked. I joked that once I take it out of my short I don’t put it back in without a fuck. “Oh,” with a devilish smile she replied.

I stood up and took off my shorts letting her see my gift in all its glory. I got back on the bed and laid down while she began giving me a good handjob. I took her hands off my cock and told her to start blowing. Aparna began by licking off the precum from the tip of my cock.

I understood her inexperience when she tried to take the whole thing into her mouth. I laughed at her failure and told her to go easy on it. She began slowly sucking the head of my cock and instinctively I put both hands on her heads and controlled her pace.

It wasn’t the best blowjob I had but it was quite fun teaching her how to properly suck dick. I asked her if I could cum in her mouth or if I should give her a facial. She told it was okay to cum inside her mouth. I was more than happy to oblige and shot in the huge load.

Aparna ran off into the washroom to spit all of it out. “Aduta pravisham kudiche patu, Ithokke ingane waste cheyan patilla!” (You have to swallow it the next time. These things must not be wasted!) I said, following her into the washroom.

“Nokatte,” (I’ll see) She replied. I told her that I like it when girls swallow and would love to see her do the same. My slut agreed not to waste a single drop the next time. “Innie enganeya karyamgal?” (What next?) I went close to her and with my index finger started poking her clit.

She pushed me off and walked back towards the bedroom. What a sight it was! The dim light of the bed lamp played magic on her nude curves. She drove me crazy with her seductive walk out the washroom into the bedroom. I caught her from behind and started kissing her neck.

With my right hand, I pressed her left breast and pinched her nipple. I reached down for her pussy with the other hand. This time, I pushed my index and middle fingers into her labia. Just till the point that their tips were at the entrance of her pussy.

Until this point, I hadn’t fingered her. I would push at her entrance and let go driving her crazy. She would hold my hand and push then into her in a bid to get my finger to enter her pussy. I kept on teasing Aparna like this until she was begging me to put my finger in her.

I slowly pushed my index finger into her much to her relief. She moaned as I started finger fucking her slowly. I brought my other hand down and started rubbing her clit at the same time. Soon enough she cummed and this time there was a lot of fluids. I repeated this and made her cum twice or thrice.

Aparna was becoming exhausted by now. I told her to get some sleep since we had the whole weekend to ourselves. She agreed it was a great idea and started rubbing my half-erect cock. Her soft fingers made my pole rock hard in no time.

“Are you going to swallow this time?” I asked. She smiled as we both got on the bed. She went down on me, sucking me off nice and slowly. I took one of her hands and made her massage my balls while I held her head pushing her down on my cock.

She looked at me puzzled at regular intervals probably wondering why I wasn’t cumming. I told her since I had cummed before, it would take a while before she could swallow. Finally, I told her I was about to go. She began sucking harder while I held her head down with more force.

I shot my second load of the night into her mouth again. Aparna swallowed every bit of it like a good girl and smiled holding my now limp cock in her hand. I asked her if I should finger her again. She told me she was done for the night and we should get some sleep.

We both slept naked after cuddling and spooning for a while. The next morning she woke me up. Being that typical mallu girl, she had woken up early, showered and made me some coffee too. I pulled her into the bed. She smelled amazing.

Aparna had only my tee on. When she sat on the bed I could see her nice shaven pussy. I reached out to touch it when she stopped me. I took both her hands and put them on my almost erect cock. She knew what to do next. After I shot my load into her mouth, I got out of bed, freshened up and had my coffee.

I told her to take off the tee reminding her of the no clothes rule. I was going to have breakfast in bed. I laid her down and put a pillow under her ass and got down to licking her. I began pushing my index finger into her wet pussy while licking her clit.

Slowly I put my finger more and more inside her and started feeling around for her G-Spot. She was loving the feeling of being licked and fingered at the same time. I zeroed in on her g-spot and once I found it I began rubbing it while applying pressure. She almost cummed instantly.

It was the first time Aparna got a g-spot orgasm. First of many more to come. Aparna was shaken after two (It was that intense for her). She told me that she’s only heard about a g-spot orgasm, now she knew how it is. I put my finger back inside and started probing her pussy again.

I told her we should try putting something bigger inside pointing and my hard cock. I laid on top of her putting my erect cock between her legs so that it will be rubbing on her pussy lips when I hump her. He would love to feel your pussy too I said.

We started making out again while I began humping her. I looked like we were fucking in missionary with the sad difference that my cock wasn’t inside her tight pussy. I could feel she was becoming wetter. I stopped humping, took her hand and put it down on my cock. She held it and began rubbing the tip on her pussy.

“Condom indo?” (You have a condom?) She asked. She couldn’t take it anymore. “Are you serious?” I asked. Aparna nodded. “I have loads!” I got up from the bed and went to get my pack of condoms. Mission accomplished I told myself. I was going to fuck her brains out.

I made Aparna suck me hard again. My pole was now ready to take her virginity. She put on the condom for me and laid down spreading her legs. After rubbing her pussy with the tip of my cock for a while, I placed it at the entrance and began pushing it into her.

She grabbed my shoulders, closed her eyes and held her breath as I slowly began entering her virgin pussy. I met with a lot of resistance with her pussy lips as it was her first time and obviously, my cock was way thicker than my fingers. Aparna was on the edge. I told her to relax and entered her again.

This time I pushed a little more into her tight hole moving beyond the point my fingers had gone. It was a bit painful for her but I knew from her face she was enjoying it. Gradually I put more and more of my cock into her pussy. I won’t boast that I am 12 and 13 inches long. But I have a pretty decent 7.8” tool.

She was having a hard time taking it inside her but eventually, after a while, she began to enjoy it. I increased my pace when I felt her body relax. With each thrust, Aparna would close her eyes and moan softly. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it while I squeezed and pinched her other nipple.

She wrapped her arms around me moaning as she reached her first orgasm. I fucked her faster and let her climax. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my cock as she cummed but I didn’t stop fucking her. I kept on fucking her much slower letting her recover from her intense orgasm.

Aparna was driving me crazy with her moans and expressions. I pulled out and turned her around and entered her from the back in the doggy style. While fucking her, I leaned forward and grabbed her breasts to play with her nipples. Soon enough she had her next orgasm.

I kissed her neck while squeezing her nipples really hard as she climaxed with my cock inside her. She moaned loudly as I gave little thrusts into her pussy and begged me to stop. But I was in no mood to listen. I pulled out once again and went down on her, licking up her juices for a while.

In-between licking I would tease her by rubbing my cock on her pussy. We got back to the missionary position again. She put her legs around my hips as I slowly entered her again. I held her hands as I smooched her while stroking her pussy deeply. I would bring her close to orgasm and stop.

This repeated many times and it was driving her crazy. Aparna was now begging me to stop stroking her and let her orgasm. Even I could hold on for much longer since it had been almost an hour since we started. Finally, I held her tight and gave her a good pounding.

She was almost screaming as she reached orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my hips tighter and pulled me deeper, scratching my back with her nails as she climaxed. I too was about to cum. I fucked her with all I had and cummed inside her. We both laid there totally spend.

I could feel her pussy muscles throbbing. She was panting, covered in sweat. I smooched her and gently squeezed her breasts. She took off the condom off my cock after I pulled out and began to lick my cock clean. I could feel it coming back to life with every stroke of her tongue.

“One more round?” I asked. “After some time” she smiled.

We both took a shower together (had an oral session there too) had food and fucked again. This went on for the whole weekend. The only time I put my clothes on was when the delivery guy came with food. Needless to say, it was one weekend I’d never forget.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this was the final part of my first ever sex story here. Hope you all enjoyed this one. Next up is a story about my Onam fuck with Aparna so stay tuned and don’t miss out on it.

Thank you for all the emails. I appreciate your support. Feel free to hit me up on my email ID or hangouts ([email protected]) for any feedback, reviews or anything I could help you out with. I’ll be more than happy.

Also, I’ve got a lot of messages asking for Aparna’s pictures. Not going to do that, guys. Privacy is a priority ‘Uno’ and not going to compromise on that. Thank you once again, people, see you in the next story. Cheers!

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