Sex With A Stranger Aunty In A KSRTC Bus

Hi XIS readers. I hope everyone is doing great with their respective sex life. Prithvi here residing in Whitefield, Bangalore.

To tell about myself, I am a 22-year-old bearded enthusiastic guy. I am always attracted to matured and married women who are in their early or late 30’s. I always look up to married unsatisfied women.

I love to smell women’s armpits and eat hairy pussy, taste each and every inch of the body, and enjoy women’s bodies like hell. The most important thing is I love to turn black nipples to red color. I love to eat and remove pussy hairs with my mouth and make milfs to cry and spank their asses.

I love fat married ladies, especially because I love the way those ladies show care and concern. After their marriage, the husbands ignore their wives due to their fatty structure. I feel bad for those ladies and I try to make them happy and satisfied.

Once I was traveling on a KSRTC bus from Bangalore to Mangalore to attend one of my friend’s brother’s wedding. Everyone had reached there and I was all alone. My friend had booked tickets for all of my friends and they went as per that. But I had an important task on the journey date.

Hence I couldn’t make it on that date.  Now I was to travel alone which was frustrating for me. So I went to the Kempe Gowda bus stand ‪at 9 p.m . I was able to get a bus but for my fate, I didn’t get a seat initially. So this made me more frustrated and go mad.

I went and enquired with the conductor regarding the vacancy of seats. The conductor told until the next one or two hours no one will get down. Hence I can wait until then or I can change the bus. I didn’t find any other bus at that moment.

I went to enquire from the ticket reception and they told the next bus will be late. Tomorrow morning was the wedding so at any cost I need to get into the previous bus and I got in. I was cursing myself for such a terrible situation.

I was standing in the middle of the bus, next to the seat and the pole. So that I can relax until I get a seat. After a long journey of 1.5 hours, I got a seat next to a woman. Literally, I was happy and felt relaxed that at last, I got a seat.

After 5 minutes the women next to me offered water to which I was happy and drank it. Then she offered me some biscuits and chips which she was having it. I felt overwhelmed by her gesture and I thanked her.

Me: Thank you, ma’am.

Her: That’s cool. I saw since you got into the bus and you were exhausted. So I provided all this.

Me: That’s so sweet of you ma’am.

Her: Hey! Don’t call me ma’am. Address me as Aarti.

Me: Aw! What a fabulous name, Aarti.

Aarti: What’s your name?

Me: Randy. I like yours, Aarti.

Aarti: Hmmm, why are you traveling to Mangalore?

Me: I need to attend the marriage so and what about you?

Aarti: I am going to my sister’s home.

Later it went on normal topics and after a few minutes, she asked me about my girl.

Me: I am not in a relationship. How about your hubby?

Aarti: He stays in Dubai. I live with my in-laws in Bangalore.

Now I got to know the reason what made her ask about my personal status. So I thought of trying my luck and I kept on asking about her hubby. She was feeling bad and out of fear I asked.

Me: How do you manage yourself at night?

I was scared of whether she will yell on me and I was waiting for her reaction.

Aarti: Hey naughty, I do manage with fingers and dildo. Even now I am horny and I feel like smashing my boobs.

Me: You can proceed Aarti. No one will stop you.

She started to rub her boobs. After watching this action it made me horny so I started to stroke my cock. Later she touched my cock and my hands went near her face. I pulled her face and our lips met. No one could see us due to darkness. Later after tasting each other lips, it went on deeply by exchanging our saliva.

She was responding very well. Then I went to unhook her bra and started to suck it. They were normal but the thought of sucking some stranger’s boobs gave more madness. I sucked and chewed like a small baby. After chewing her tits for good 15 minutes then I came down to my favorite place to worship.

I came down and started to remove her leggings till her knees. Later I smelled her private part. It gave me a kick. So I started to lick her thighs and feel her pussy above panty only. I love to give love bites on thighs and I  succeeded in it. Then I undid her panty.

I started to kiss her vertical lips. After a good 4 minutes of worshipping, she asked me to insert my cock. To tempt her I started finger fucking her. Initially, I started with 2 fingers and after some time it went on to 4 fingers and she cummed.

Now again I started to lick her pussy. She reacted in a fabulous manner after licking it for a few moments. I thought of inserting my rod into her hole. It was free and not so huge pussy. So my cock did not take more minutes. Then I started to fuck her.

In the meantime, I was smashing her boobs and she was holding my waist. After a good few moments, we both came. She was exhausted. So she asked me to stop. Later we got dressed up. I took her panty and kept smelling and smashed her boobs for the rest of our journey.

In the morning we woke up. She took my number and said she will contact me once she reaches Bangalore. I asked her that I will keep her panty and she agreed to it. Until today I am waiting for the call but she didn’t contact me. I am still waiting for her.

If any ladies out there who liked my story. Please ping me and share your opinion. Any ladies who are physically unsatisfied please be free to contact one of your friend in Whitefield, Bangalore (Prithvi) at ‪[email protected]

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