Sexy Twist In A Weekend Outing

Hello XIS readers, first of all, thanks for liking my previous stories so much. I am back now with another interesting story for you. This story is about two married couples – Pawan and Jyoti, and Mukesh and Ramya. This story is not a real one but a fantasy one. Let’s dive into the story.

The two couples were in their middle age. Pawan and Jyoti had an eight-year-old boy whereas Mukesh and Ramya had a seven-year-old boy. Pawan and Mukesh were colleagues. They both jelled together at the office and they became family friends soon.

Even though they gave birth to children, Jyoti and Ramya maintained their figure well by going to the gym regularly. Whenever they got together, Pawan could not resist staring at Ramya. Her white complexion and smooth skin, her marvelous big boobs and curvy ass would give him an instant hard-on.

It’s not that his wife was not beautiful. Jyoti too had a curvy figure with ample bosom and great ass. He fucked her regularly and they were having good sex. Of course, he felt somewhat monotony fucking the same woman every day since his marriage. He wondered sometimes whether his wife also felt the same thing fucking him only regularly.

Pawan and Mukesh loved traveling. They both went to many places and enjoyed a lot. But this time they planned a family trip to a hill station during the weekend. They boarded a train on Friday night and they would reach the destination at eight on Saturday morning.

Pawan was already on cloud nine as he was going to spend the whole weekend with Ramya. He surely would get a lot of opportunities to flirt with her. His wife and kid slept on a berth whereas he slept on one opposite to Ramya. He was not able to sleep even though it was already midnight.

Mukesh, Ramya and their son were also sleeping soundly. Pawan could see Ramya’s chest heaving up and down as she was breathing. Ramya was looking very sexy today. She wore a white t-shirt and denim shorts that came above her knee, exposing her smooth legs to the summer air.

Suddenly Ramya woke up and looked around. The train was stopping at a station. She got down her berth and search for something.

“What are you searching for?” I asked, acting as if I just woke up.

“For my purse. I need to buy a water bottle.”

“Don’t go alone. I will accompany you. Let’s go. I have my purse.”

She nodded. I took my purse and mobile, then we both got down the train. The platform was almost empty, except for a few passengers roaming around.

“It’s a very small station. I wonder why the train stopped here,” I said.

A man was sitting beside a cart. He seemed like a vendor. I went to him and asked, “Do you sell water bottles?”

“No Saab! I have only cigarettes.”

“We cannot get water but can get cigarettes anywhere anytime!” Ramya said mockingly. “Wonder why our train does not have a pantry car.”

“It was my mistake I did not buy enough bottles in the evening,” I said. I got a strange satisfaction taking responsibility for her thirst.

“Saab, you cannot get a water bottle in the station. But you can get one at the hotel outside the station,” the vendor said.

“Outside?” I asked.

“Yes, just go out of the station and walk a little bit. You will find a small lodge-cum-hotel. They stack water bottles for their customers. So you can buy from them. Of course, they may charge a little bit,” he explained.

“We cannot go. We may miss the train,” Ramya said.

“Madam, your train has been here for ten minutes. It will stop here for another 15 minutes as a train was going in the same direction before this train. As this is a single track, your train cannot move until the earlier train reaches the next station.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, Saab. I have been working here since my childhood. I know about the workings of the trains.”

Then I turned to Ramya. “Are you thirsty?”

“Yes, but it is risky…”

“Don’t worry. Let’s go…we will come quick.”

She reluctantly followed me.

The vendor was right. We found the hotel within 2 minutes of the walk. I bought two water bottles even though the guy at the counter charged me double. I removed the cap of one of the bottles and gave it to Ramya. As she eagerly drank the liquid, I looked at her adorably. I felt as if I had achieved something for her.

As her red lips covered the front of the bottle, my imagination ran wild. How did it feel if it was my cock in that place instead of the bottle? My little friend between my legs erupted into action, but I made him sleep again with difficulty.

With satisfaction, Ramya handed over the bottle to me. “Thanks, Pawan. I was really very thirsty,” she said. I smiled at her.

We started walking back swiftly. As soon as we entered the station, we were greeted with empty tracks by the platform. The train was gone.

“Where is the train?” Ramya shouted, worriedly.

I too got worried. I looked around frantically. It was a small station with a single platform so no question of us arriving on the wrong platform.

“Pawan, we missed the train! What to do now?” Ramya said, her voice quivering.

“How come we did not hear anything! It seems the driver did not even horn,” I said. However, I soon regained my composer and decided what to do next. “Let’s go to the station master’s office.”

We rushed into the office and told the station master about our situation. He looked at us annoyingly. “How can you be so stupid to go out of the station. I can’t do anything now. You must catch the next train only.”

“When is the next train?” I asked.

“It’s tomorrow this time, the same train.”

“We cannot wait one day,” I said. “Is there any bus to Palak Hills?” Palak Hills was the hill station we were heading to.

“See this is a small village. You need to go to the nearby town to catch the bus. You can get a bus tomorrow morning from this village.”

I understood we were in the soup. We came out of the office and called Mukesh. He was horrified to find out that we were not on the train. I assured him not to worry and will take care of his wife. And we would reach Palak Hills by bus. I asked him to take care of Jyoti and kids.

“What to do now?” Ramya asked after cutting the call.

“Let’s go to the hotel due to which we missed the train. We will stay there until the morning.”

“Pawan, I am frightened.”

“Don’t worry! We will catch the bus tomorrow morning and will reach Palak Hills,” I assured her.

We went back to the same lodge and explained our situation to the guy at the reception. He responded sympathetically and offered us a room.

“Shall we take two rooms?” I asked Ramya.

“No, I cannot stay alone. Let’s take one.”

When we checked into our room, it was two in the morning. I offered a bed to Ramya and I laid down on the extra mattress on the floor. As I looked up into the ceiling, I thought, ‘What a strange opportunity life has offered to me! Never thought I will sleep in the same room with Ramya alone.’

The first time after missing the train, excitement rushed through my body. Beautiful, sexy, curvy and buxom Ramya was so close and just a few feet away on the bed.

Friends, I hope you enjoyed the story. More masala is yet to come in the next part. Please feel free to write to me at [email protected]

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