One Night Stand In Dubai

Hi everyone, I am Andrew. A post-graduate student living here in Bangalore. I am a passionate photographer as well as a writer. I know the intro is a bit vague, but the story is much more interesting.

My story is about sweet darling, Maya. Maya is a Mallu girl whom I met during my vacations in Dubai. She is working as a nurse. She is one of the lovely ladies I had the pleasure of meeting in my life.

I had gone over to Dubai to visit my family as they are settled there. I had practically grown up there. Hence I knew the place well around. After some boring days, just sitting at my home, I planned to go for a movie. The movie was great.

I decided to return from the mall in the metro. It was a short distance for me to walk and I could grab shawarma on the way. She was sitting in front of me like a creamy chocolate cake, waiting to be licked. I smiled at her. I think she felt uneasy from that smile, her face was unresponsive.

I smiled at her again once. She then looked at me from top to bottom and gave a smirk. She was a bit dusky woman, about 5’7. She looked like a typical Mallu girl. A little plump around her body. Her t-shirt and jeans slightly revealed her great curves. Her face was glowing with a bright shine.

Her low-neck ladies’ t-shirt gave away her slight cleavage when she went down to keep her bag close. She had a lot of luggage. I think she was coming from the airport. I would certainly put her around the early thirties. I doubt whether she is married. I then gave a few smiles till I felt she was a little comfortable with me.

I then put in the liner and introduced myself. She was a bit reluctant at first talking to a stranger. I felt that. So I tried to make her feel at ease in my conversation so she would start responding to me. I asked her where she was going to get down. It was Bur Dubai, the same station as me.

We talked some more. Where we were from, what we were doing her, her profession, she asked about my stay. I told her I was on vacation; I was staying with my brother in law and my sister. We got really close within 15 -20 minutes. I helped her with her luggage to get down to a taxi and get home.

I was really sad to bid her goodbye. However, I asked for her number, to which she was hesitant. Then I took the chance and gave her my number. I told her she can ping me anytime.

A few days passed, I tried to make the same trip at the same time to meet her on the train again but no luck. Then one Friday, at 11, I got a ping on WhatsApp.

Maya: – Found any new girl on the train?

I instantly knew it was her.

I: – Not as one with a beautiful smile like yours.

Maya: – (smiley)

Then we started to chat. It went for a few hours of continuous chatting. She told me that she is working as a nurse in Dubai. She got married to a chartered accountant in Dubai but was shipped off to Canada for some days. He was supposed to pick her up at the airport but sadly, he couldn’t be there.

She had taken a 1-month leave and yet arrived early in Dubai. Her husband promised her a second honeymoon and a great vacation. That was the reason she got a job in Dubai and came here. After coming here also in 6 months, they could be together only for 5 to 10 days.

I could sense the disappointment through the chat. I tried my level best to cheer her up. We spoke about so many topics. I keep complimented her beauty. She was responding with ease to me. I then asked her about her evening plans. She didn’t have any. I asked her whether we could meet up, she agreed.

I took my bro in law’s car and went to her flat. She came out in a tight red shirt, again revealing her curved and jeans. We then drove off, had tea and went off to the park and started talking. All through the talk, I kept my hand on her hand and kept on rubbing it. I could see some lust and disappointment in her eyes.

I kept her cheered up. We had dinner that day outside and had great laughs. I dropped her back at home. Then that night, we had a quite steamy chat. I started to flirt with her. She too was well responding to me. I then kept at it for a week, until the next Friday.

I had woken up late. She called me, asked me whether I had any plans. I replied none. She asked whether I could come to her home. She was preparing lunch, and it was her birthday. I wished her. I freshened up and got dressed and got the gift. It was a good prized lady’s watch.

I went to her flat. She invited me dressed in a classic Mallu white saree. She was looking more like a hot angel. She sat me down on the sofa, brought me some juice. I drank it. Her beautiful face looked a lot more beautiful now. We started to chat. Her perfume smell was enchanting.

I then told her I have a surprise for her. I asked her to sit on the sofa and close her eyes. She was a little hesitant but did as she was told. She then closed her eyes. I took out the present and gave it to her. Her eyes filled with joy. As she opened was again filled with the wow smile and happiness.

I then told her I have one more present for her. I asked her to close her eyes. This time, she did as she was a child obeying my commands. I went near her ears, with hot sweaty breath on her neck. I told her she was a beautiful, elegant woman I would cross heaven to be with you.

“What will you do if I say I love you?”

She was stunned. She smiled at me and told me that I was naughty. I looked her in the eyes. I took her face told her to be my wife today. She smiled asked me then what would give your wife in for her birthday (with a dirty smile). I made a lip lock and pressed her boobs over her blouse.

It felt soft like cotton, like a water balloon could feel them between my fingers. Our lips on each other’s lips hugging and our breath exchanged into one another’s mouth. Our tongue rolled on each other. Her hands started to feel my broad chest, rubbing it down.

I slowly broke the kiss, I started to kiss her chin, earlobes, while taking a grab at her big boobs through her blouse. I feel their softness, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breathing started to stutter. I started to suck her neck bit by bit. My hands took her pallu off.

My tongue moved to lick her neck then, I moved my tongue down. Soon, I reached her mangalsutra. I kept it on her. I dipped my tongue into her cleavage, licking between her boobs and rubbing their skin on the sides. I felt her figure on my palms.

My hands rubbed down her body and pressed her curvy bubbly navel. I pressed her deep, and gave her a deep kiss on her collar bone. I was mad about her boobs, constantly squeezing. I lowered her blouse on both shoulders. I moved my tongue through her collar bone lining to her shoulder.

Then, I ran my tongue back to her neck. Licking the undersides of her face and her chin. She bit her lips and the voice of her breaths filled the room. I completely removed the saree. She was standing in just lowered blouse and her petticoat.

I then gave her a kiss. I went down kissing her blouse buttons, navel, then biting at the knot of her petticoat. She put her hand on my head, immersing in pleasure. I then raised her petticoat, placed her fatty thighs on my shoulder. I gave a few bites to make her even horny and moan in pain.

I then slowly reached for her panties. They had a small wet stain. I rubbed it through, to give her a few shakes in the body. Her body was bit sweaty and its aroma was like a drug to me. I gave hard rubs on her panty while I kissed her both thighs, licking them from toe to thighs.

Her moans were a low invoice and were of a passionate woman. I then rose myself. While my hands still between her legs, rubbing her pussy on her panties with force. She hugged me tight, squeezing her boobs against my chest as we kissed again.

I lowered her blouse bit more to reveal off her cleavage. I started to suck them, then I carried her to her bedroom. She helped me make myself nude. I could see her lustful eyes, wanting my dick with thirst when she saw my fleshy hard long dick. I then lay down together with her on the bed.

I then placed my hands-on lowered blouse and ripped it off. I kissed her and then sucked on her neck. I placed her on the bed and moved to her shaven armpits. I raised her hands to the bed, pinning them down. I licked it and bit it. She was giving out gasps of breath and slow moans.

Her body vibrated with my every bite. I then lost my mind, as I saw her boobs bounce. I started to suck them like a baby. Bite the skin, sucked on her nipples, and bite those hard. I squeezed them to make her give a loud moan. My hands squeezed them like a slice of lemon.

I removed her petticoat and threw it on the floor. Then I went to lick her navel again slowly moving my tongue down. My hands kept on squeezing her nipples. She screamed my name. Then, I moved into her shaven pussy. Then I moved my tongue to her pussy, licking her clitoris and rubbed it with my tongue.

Then I inserted my fingers into it, rubbing it between my fingers and squeezing it. She slowly started jumping on the bed as her nails scratching my back. Her hands too made a mess of the soulful sheets on the bed. She moaned and gave out stuttering breaths.

I squeezed her light pink nipples while my tongue moved down into her pussy. Deep kissed her pussy lips. I kept on rubbing the entrance with my tongue for some time and inserted my tongue into her pussy. I licked her insides while she gave out such slutty moans, asking me for my cock.

I then inserted my finger into her asshole, slowly rubbing her insides as she jumped on the bed. I then bit her clitoral skin. I fingered her in her asshole and pussy and sucked on her juice. I then scratched up rubbing her g-spot. The foreplay went on for a few minutes.

She had a great orgasm and squirted on to my face, she took a great breath satisfaction. I then stood up on her bed and kept on rubbing my thick cock on her pussy lips. She wrapped her legs around me and hugged me tightly. I didn’t enter. I gave a deep rub on her pussy.

She whimpered in her light moaning sound. I then penetrated her pussy with force. While my teeth on her nipples with my lips sucking her boobs. I then took her by the waist and pushed her on my dick and pumping my thick dick with a hard push.

I then slowly took my dick out and gave her a hard push and kissed her at the same time. She squealed and her eyes filled with tears. I squeezed her nipples. I sucked both of her boobs while I started to give her hard pumps. I gave her deep and hard pushes. Her tight pussy walls squeezed my dick, making me moan too.

Then she hugged me tightly. Her legs wrapped around my back like a blanket. With each hard push, she took a deep breath. The room was filled with thump thump sound. She then turned me and made me lie on the bed and came on top of me. She then directed my dick into her pussy.

My dick once again stretched her pussy walls. Her face was in utter satisfaction as she let out slow moans She soon started to jump on my dick with her boobs bouncing along. Her mangalsutra was in between her boobs. I rubbed on them. I thought about her husband. How he could leave such a horny beauty unsatisfied?)

Seeing her ride and give out moans and squeal was a great sight for my eyes. I rose myself up, kept my hands on her boobs and fondling them, and sucked in those nipples. Her moans became more and more sluttish as her jumps became rigorous and speedy.

I put in my waist in for extra force, which made her wild. I could feel her body tremble as she was nearing another orgasm. And it lasted for 15-20 minutes. Her pussy walls crushed my cock and she gave a loud moan. Her body trembled in my hands and came on my dick. She hugged me tight onto her boobs.

I continued to pump her as her breath broke and my pumping made her moan. She was trying to catch her breath. I pumped her more and more. She asked me to cum inside. I did in the next few more minutes of hardcore thrusting. We hugged each other like that, kissed passionately. She smiled at me.

I am glad I could share the story with you. I visited her last month in Dubai and impregnated her. Now she is pregnant with my child. I welcome all your feedback. All ladies feel free to chat with me at [email protected]

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