Kerala Tour With Added Benefits – Part 2

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Hello Girls and Aunties. This is ‘Casanova369’ back again with the continuation story of my  Kerala tour experience. I am thankful to all the women and girls for your feedback on my previous stories. Few aunties and few girls showed their interest in taking it forward.

I am very happy about that. I would like to thank this platform for allowing me to share all my sex expeditions. I request all of you to read my previous stories as well and give your feedback. Deflowering Hot Virgin Odisha College Girl and Rashmi Aunty’s Delicious Pussy.

After the passionate sex that night on the terrace and making Ravali lose her virginity, we had silently gone back to our room. We ensured that no one was awake or got any kind of doubt on us. We woke up the next day morning, fully refreshed. I started our journey to Munnar after breakfast.

We all sang songs, and Ravali and other kids were around me. By now, I became part of their family. I gained the trust of all the elders that I am a responsible guy and a good boy. Both of us acted very normally and it’s 4 to 5 hours of a drive to Munnar.

We reached our hotel by the afternoon, and it’s a one and half-day halt. We had taken 3 rooms in this hotel. All the kids, along with Ravali and myself, were put in one room. I knew it’s going to be the same steamy session tonight. We had our lunch and left to visit the ‘Echo Point’ in Munnar.

We took many pics and had a lot of fun and returned by dinner time. We had a quick dinner and came back to our rooms. All the kids were tired, and they all fell asleep in no time. Ravali said she wanted to refresh and come. I quickly got refreshed in 5 minutes and was in my boxers waiting for her.

After 20 minutes, she came out with wet hair. She has taken a head bath, and water droplets were dripping from her hair in between her cleavage. It was so romantic in the dim light of the bedroom. She was on her shorts and camisole. All the kids slept on the king-size bed, and we had an extra mattress in the room.

So, we arranged the mattress below and decided to sleep below. She was trying to dry her hair. But I couldn’t control myself seeing her in that attire. I pulled her and started smooching her. She also responded, and we kissed for 10 minutes.

She was rubbing my back. I was rubbing on her back and pressing her waist. She was getting horny. I started kissing her neck and ear lobes. She started to explore my dick and inserted her hands in my boxers. My dick was already hard by then, waiting to enter its golden hole.

She removed my boxers and released my dick and started licking it. She gained experience from the previous day, and she was a pretty quick learner. She blew me for 10-15 minutes, and I cummed in her mouth. She has swallowed every drop, and I started kissing her navel and stripped down her camisole.

I started kissing her nipples and pressing her boobs. She was blushing my hair and was kissing my ear lobes and neck. She was rolling on the mattress when I was kissing and biting her nipples. I wanted to give her many love bites as memory and gave her so many around her boobs.

She was uncontrollable by now and asked me to fuck her. I removed her shorts, and she was already wet. I straight away started licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly. I was scared that kids might wake up. So, I asked her to control her moans as much as possible and started licking her clitoris.

She kept her hand in her mouth so that she won’t moan loudly and was enjoying what I was doing. I started fingering her and was licking her clit for 15min. She was begging me to do it faster, faster, and faster. I was fingering her g-spot and had given a bite on her clit. She released all her load in my mouth.

She was breathing heavily, and I wanted to give her a short break before I explore her pussy once again. I cuddled in her arms and was kissing her lips. Rubbing my hand all over her naked body. She was also kissing me deeper and was playing with my hair.

After 5 minutes, I asked if she’s ready to fuck. She blushed and gave me a green signal. I inserted my dick into her pussy in 2-3 pushes and was inside her fully. I was fucking her at a slow pace kissing her beautiful pink lips. She widened her legs and gave me full access to fuck her deeper and harder.

After 5 minutes of slow fuck, I increased my pace. I was slowly taking my dick out and hitting her deeper and harder in one strong push. She started moaning heavily, scratching my back with her nails. To control her moans, I was fucking her harder and was kissing her simultaneously.

I fucked her in missionary position for 20 minutes and suddenly, she hugged me tightly.  I understood that she reached her 2nd orgasm. I fucked her for 5 more minutes, and I also released my load in her pussy. I couldn’t fuck her in any other pose because the kids were sleeping on the bed, and they might wake up.

So, we got dressed up, and she slept next to the kids on the bed. I slept on the mattress below. We could not have sex in the next 3 days because she had some health issues. But we had our last session on the 8th day in Thiruvananthapuram, and we all returned.

She joined in her engineering. She still invites me to her home whenever her parents are out of town and whenever I am in the town. She recently shared that she wants to try threesome with her best friend. We are waiting for the right opportunity. I will be sharing that story in the coming future.

I hope you were all able to imagine how horny it was fucking on a terrace and how we enjoyed twice in the hotel room. I think you all had wetness by the end.

Any girls or women can email me and give feedback on my story at [email protected] Any aunties/girls/widow/divorced from south India, please feel free to ping me. Love you all, your Casanova.

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