Sex With Maid In A Restaurant – Part 1

Hi all. How you guys are doing? I hope great. I am writing a story about my life which happened after my breakup. As time passed, I was getting more and more depressed about what has happened in my life. This was the second love of my life which failed again. I was unsure of what to do in life.

I thank god not being alone at that period of life else I would have badly shattered. Family is the key to coming out of any problem in life. I am delaying the actual sex story and letting you all know how I was able to get her. I want you all to feel everything before the actual sex. Kindly start stroking your dick and pussy.

Coming to the story. After coming to my hometown, I and my partner (friend) met a guy who owned a restaurant in my city. We met him through my uncle who was keen to open a restaurant. After discussing with him about various stuff he agreed to lend the restaurant to us for running for some months.

Although we have to do share profit and loss, we agreed on that and took control of the restaurant. After running it for two weeks it became stable for us to manage daily chores. I automated all of the work and use to roam around.

One fine day the old lady who used to come to clean the utensils denied coming. After asking her to come and talk she came and said that the workload is more and pay is less. We were already paying her 300 bucks a day that too for 2-hour work. After much bargaining she denied and we settled her account.

We started looking for another maid. We asked all our staff to inform them of their knowledge about the same. One day two ladies came for the same job. I interviewed them and told them we only require one maid for now. They had a talk and one agreed.

Let me describe her. She was a local lady. Her height was small close to 5 inch and her assets were average. She used to wear a sari and a somewhat deep cut blouse. From the time they both came to talk for a job I sensed that they were not really of good character. They started a little bit flirting with me.

Thinking about not a good future of fucking one of then I wanted to say no (due to recent breakup). But my partner told me to keep them as we don’t have anyone to wash the daily utensils. Days passed and she started coming.

I asked her if she can come twice. Once in the morning before the restaurant opens and at night before we close the restaurant to which she agreed. From the next day, she started coming at the time we agreed. One day when I reached the restaurant I saw her sitting outside.

Usually, she comes around 10 am but she was there at 8 am. I tried asking her. But then thought that after she left last night more customers came in and we have plenty of dishes that need to be washed. I didn’t asked her anything and gave a smile and opened the gates.

She came in, sat for some time and then went into the washing area to clean the utensils. After some time I got a call from our tea maker that we would not be able to come today. He usually comes at 8:30. I got angry and disconnected the call.

After using mobile for some time I saw the maid working through the computer monitor. I forgot to tell you guys we had CCTV installed. I noticed her belly and got excited and started zooming on her. After some time I started rubbing my dick over my jeans and got high.

I knew no is going to come till 11 am and my mind started working itself on fucking her. My recent breakup was keeping me away from such thoughts. So I turned off the monitor and started checking the accounts. After 30 minutes she completed her work and came out and stood in front of me drenched wet.

I again got a horny seeing belly. I also noticed her cleavage is more visible. I asked her to sit next to me and asked if she needed anything to which she replied water. As there was no water left I asked her to take Bisleri from the fridge. She got shocked and took it.

After having it I thought she would leave but she came and sat next to me. I asked her what is the matter to which she started abusing her husband and started crying. I was confused should I console her or not. I offered the bottle to her and asked what happened.

She started telling how her husband treats her and taken all her hard-earned money. After some time she stopped crying and asked me if I can increase her pay. I didn’t say anything as I thought this all can be a trap for me to increase her pay.

Noticing I am not replying to her she said she would do extra work and would do anything for me. I said there is no extra work now and I will give it to her if there is. I gave her 100 bucks and told her she can go home and take rest. She smiled and touched my thighs and said thank you.

A current flowed into my body as I was not expecting that. My dick started to rise and she noticed that and smiled. She again asked me if there is some extra work and if I want her to stay. I was really confused between heart and mind now.

Controlling my feelings I told her to leave and come at night as per the timings. She left and I started calling various vendors. After some time I started thinking about her. As the restaurant’s door was closed from inside, I switched on the CCTV and started shagging. I cummed thinking about fucking her on the billing counter.

She came at night and gave me a naughty smile going inside the kitchen. I was not able to control myself. I went in and saw her washing the utensils. She tied her sari till her knee level and a bit part of her brown thighs were visible. I was getting hard and was not able to control my mind.

I asked her about her day and she smiled and said it was good. I went ahead and took a chair and sat next to her. She started smiling and asked what are I am up to, to which I replied nothing. I started noticing her boobs swinging a bit while she was cleaning big dishes. It made my erection more strong.

I went to my billing counter. I gave every worker their day’s salary and asked them to leave. Now I was left with maid alone. Seeing the opportunity I switched off the CCTV and closed the gate from inside. I switched off the main sitting area light and went inside the kitchen.

She was done with cleaning and was about to leave. I asked her if she is hungry and wants to eat now. (Usually she takes the parcel home) to which she said yes. I asked her to take the food from the kitchen table and asked to bring it for me as well.

While having food I told her that I had sent everyone home to which she smiled naughtily. After having food I gave her pan to eat which I kept on my desk. She came and sat very close to me and started talking. Slowly she started touching my legs with her foot and touching my thighs with her hands.

She also noticed a tent inside my pants. I was very high and suddenly she took hold of my dick from my pants and rubbing it. I saw into her eyes and we both knew what is going to happen now. I also started pressing her boobs and she also increased her pace.

I didn’t want to kiss her as she was smelling bad. I asked her if she can go and take a shower inside the washroom to which she agreed. To be continued.

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