Seducing My Strict College Professor Rekha

Hello readers, thanks for your response on my previous story series. My stories are about all my sexual journey with my partners. I will continue Kavita’s story some other time but in this story, I am going to tell you about my sexual journey with a short height lady professor named Rekha.

Rekha was 37 years old with normal figure, normal face and sex with her was quite surprising because I was not interested in her at first. She was quite strict and she always was in an angry mood. She was having so much of rules but in her married life, she was alone as her husband had left her.

She used to wear kurti pyjama daily and during college functions, she use to wear saree and a little makeup. No one liked her attitude in the college and I was also hating her.

I had some bitter moments with her in the college but later on, it changed into something different which I never imagined. I used to be involved in college projects and for that, I had to miss my lectures. Every professor used to give me attendance except her and for that, we had arguments several times.

Things went like this but she started targeting me and she used to ask questions to me daily. They were quite absurd. Even if I used to answer right, she tried to prove it wrong. I was angry at her and from that time, I stopped respecting or responding to her. And I started to stare at her daily only to make her uncomfortable so that she would stay away from me.

I started checking her boobs, looking at her lips and sometimes staring at her ass. Soon, she started noticing it but didn’t say anything. In a few days, her behavior changed and she stopped troubling me.

After a few days, I also stopped looking at her because my plan was successful. Days went like that but soon I realized that she had started noticing me sometimes and she used to be lost in her own thoughts while looking at me. But I didn’t care much because she was not that attractive and her behavior also had pissed me in the past.

Like this, my first year in college ended and the second year began. I was quite happy and enjoying my college days.

Soon I got involved in a environmental project and she was the incharge of it. Till then, I was quite mature and could understand where to focus to get any lady.

We started our project with a team of six members and she used to tell us the process of everything about making our project. I noticed her staring at me a lot but this time, I thought to take a move and get her on the bed. So I started staring her back and she used to look away.

I knew she wantedsex badly and she was seeing me with her lusty eyes. But she seemed too much strict and very rude. So I was taking slow steps.

As we were making project together, we were connected through whatsapp in group. One day she sent me a personal message with a hi but she did not reply after my hi.

Next day, I was working on my project alone in a lab in the college and she arrived and sat near me. As usual, she was staring at me. So I stopped making the project and looked at her and asked what she wanted. She was surprised and asked what I meant.

I went closer to her body while feeling her body aroma and said, “I understand everything you want and desire miss”.

Her eyes became big and she was sweating. I took her hands and kissed there. She was shocked and was not reacting much. But her facial expressions were sexy and I planted a soft kiss on her lips. Then I started working on the project again. She was standing there for a few seconds looking at me and then went away.

I wanted her to come to me by herself and that was why I didn’t took any step further. But this thing continued for a while. I used to touch her hands and plant a soft kiss on her lips and she used to go away.

One day while I kissed her, she replied saying this is wrong. To which I kissed her lips, pressed her boobs and put my finger over her pussy inside her panty in pyjama and massaged there a little. She was shell-shocked and looked at me for a moment and then ran away.

I smiled and started working on the project again. For a few days, she didn’t come but then again after a week, she was sitting alone with me and said to me that we should not do that thing again as it was wrong.

I went closer to her and kissed her. She was not responding but just standing there. I planted a kiss on her neck, she closed her eyes. I started squeezing her boobs a bit with my hands taking all her boobs over her kurti. She was staring at me without any emotion.

I took my hand inside her panty and started massaging her pussy. She started moaning softly but then too, she was not being passionate.

Her pussy was getting wet and her moans were soft. Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming towards our lab and we separated. My team members arrived to work.

She was still confused and lost. She didn’t say anything but just sat there. Her body was shivering and she was thinking something in her mind. We guys started discussing and making our project. She sat on a chair in the corner of the lab. I was checking her out.

A lot of things is going to happen in the next part of this story. Thanks for reading my story guys. I will tell you in brief that what happened next with Miss Rekha.

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