My Senior Vidya – Part 2

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Hi, guys, this is Varun back with another episode of mine. I had a huge response to my earlier stories. I thank everyone who had texted me personally encouraging me with the feedbacks.

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About me: I am Varun Krishnan, aged 28, from Bangalore. I am working as an accountant in a small firm. I am not athletic and I don’t have a six-pack muscular body. But I am an average good-looking guy. I can assure you that you will be satisfied in bed with me

Let’s get into the story. I ask all those to read this story to please lock up the room and slide into your comfort dress and start pleasuring yourself. Guys your hand on your rod and girls on your sweet hot pussy.

I made her lay down on the bed and I laid to her right side and kept my right hand on her tummy. I started to kiss her neck and the fragrance from her body was killing me. (If you have read my earlier stories you will come to know how addicted I am towards women’s smell).

I was kissing her entire neck from left to right and slowly went up towards her pinkish lips. I started kissing her very slowly. I could see that she has closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. I then went up to her forehead and gave kisses. I kissed her closed eyes and went near her ears.

The moment I licked her ear lobes she twisted her face and laughed. She then pulled me down on the bed and she came up. I had kept my right hand inside her top and was moving my hand on her back. She started undressing my t-shirt and was kissing my hairy chest.

She was sucking my nipples and licking my whole chest till my tummy like a dog. I was shocked to see her wildness. I then caught her face with both my hands and pulled her towards me. I could see the wildness in her eyes. I removed her top completely from her body.

I could feel her cold body on me. We then started to suck each other’s lips and I turned her around and I came on top of her. I could see her deep cleavage and I started to suck her breast above her pink bra. I then removed her strap from her right shoulder and started kissing her neck.

I slowly moved towards her left side shoulder and moved the strap down. I pulled her bra completely down till her tummy and caught both her boobs on my hand. She placed her hands above mine. She had her eyes closed but I saw her tears were rolling down.

I laid above her again and slowly licked her tears from her face. She opened her eyes and gave a smile. I slowly went down towards her knee and slowly started to lick her toe. I was sucking her toe fingers as if I was sucking a candy. Then I went a bit up and started kissing her legs by moving her skirt up.

When the skirt reached her waist I saw her black panty which had flowers printed on it in red color. I slowly started rubbing my hand on her pussy (above her panty). I could feel that it had hairs. Not bushy but I think she might have cleaned her pussy just before coming to Bangalore.

When I looked at her I saw she had closed her eyes tightly and was also biting her lips. I kept my face on her pussy (above her panty) and started to inhale the smell. Guys that was crazy. It was piercing into my nose and I could feel my lips and getting wet. I slowly removed her panty from her body.

Her pussy was brown and was wet. I spread her pussy lips with my 2 fingers. Vidya have a jerk when my fingers touched her pussy lips. I inserted my tiny finger inside her pussy. And I moved my finger up and down. She was giving a small noise. I pulled my finger from her pussy and tasted it.

It was salty and had a different kind of taste. I laid above her and started sucking her lips. I slowly kept pushing my dick in her hole. She was pushing her body up. We broke our kiss. She whispered in my ears asking me to take off my shorts.

I got up from her body on the floor and removed my shorts in 1 go and again jumped between her legs.

Vidya: (looking into my eyes and with wet lips) Slowly I might be torn apart badly.

I kept my dick head on her pussy entrance and slowly pushed it. She closed her mouth and her eyes tightly. I pulled my dick out. But kept it on her pussy entrance suddenly I saw relief in her closed eyes. I started to kiss her eyes. I had both my hands on her left and right side of her face.

After a few seconds, I pushed my dick inside. I felt like I was digging a new hole. Her pussy was damn tight. She gave a loud moan and I was scared of my neighboring flat members. I caught her face which was turning left to right and vice versa. And closed her mouth with mine.

I kept my dick inside her pussy for some time. Once she was fine I started to ram her harder. She was moaning into my mouth and was pushing me away with her hands. I pinned both her hands above her head and kept ramming her pussy harder and deeper.

After some time she loosened her grip and her moaning became a bit low. I stopped for a few seconds to see her reaction. She loosened her grip from my hand and gave a small slap on my cheek and asked me to fuck her harder. Again I started but this time faster.

I started eating her boobs and pulling her nipple by my teeth. Suddenly she hugged me across my neck and came badly. I stopped for some time so that she can catch some breath. I got down from the bed. I turned her around and made her on knees. I spat on my dick and pushed my dick completely inside.

She gave a loud moan. I stopped suddenly and asked her to shut her mouth. She took the pillow lying next to her and dipped her face into it. I kept ramming her pussy for 10 – 15 minutes. I pulled out my dick and knelt on the floor and started licking her pussy.

I moved my fingers up to her ass and down to her pussy. She moaned and asked me to do that again. I started licking her pussy and asshole simultaneously. I kept fingering her pussy and she came with a loud moan. After some time I positioned myself and dipped my dick-head inside her pussy.

She arched her head back and gave a loud moan. I pulled my dick completely out and started rubbing it in her pussy walls. She was going crazy. She pulled my hand with her hand and was asking me to fuck. But this time I took my dick a bit above and gave hard push tearing her asshole.

She was trying to move away. But I caught her waist and kept hitting her asshole badly. It was hurting me. But this was my dream come true and I didn’t want to waste this lovely opportunity. I pushed her head into the pillow so that her scream wouldn’t be heard.

I kept hitting her asshole hard and took my right towards her pussy and kept playing in it. After fucking her for a solid 15 minutes, we both came at the same time. But what shocked me was the way how she came. She started to shiver badly and fell on to the bed.

My dick slipped from her ass and my cum was all over her ass cheeks. She was still lying on the bed shivering as if she got a shock. It was my first time seeing someone shivering when she orgasm. I went near her and tried to console. But she didn’t allow me to touch her. I felt her alone for a few minutes.

I walked towards my kitchen to fetch some water. When I came back to her room. She was fine and was lying down on the bed. I gave her some water to drink and consoled her by hugging her. I felt some wetness on my chest and found that she was crying.

When I asked her the reason, Vidya said that no one has given such care to her even her boyfriend from college. Both her husband and her boyfriend just wanted to cum and they left her as if they were playing with some garbage. She thanked me.

She promised till she leaves back to Kerala she would stay in this house as my wife. After that night she was there with me for almost a month. We were like a newly married couple and would keep having fun inside my flat.  We walked naked around and I was banging her in the balcony at midnight etc.

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