Made Her Pregnant On Request

It was the month of October 2019. I was chatting on a social networking site, searching for females to hook upon. After chatting for so many days I met a man, Rahul. He was searching for a man who could make her better half pregnant. Since they were married for so many years but were childless.

So they need it badly due to the reasons you all know. He started chatting with me. He asked me a number of questions related to my background. And about how I could make her pregnant. I provided the answers to all his questions. He was completely satisfied.

He told me to let him inform his wife and things went calm for a few days. After about 15 days I got a message to be ready. We shared pictures and addresses. Finally, it was agreed we all will meet in New Delhi. All the arrangements were done by him.

The day of her fertility period was fixed as the day of the meeting. I reached the meeting place. I met Rahul at the airport and he took me to the hotel without talking more. When I reached there I saw his wife and I was a bit disappointed as she was not looking so attractive.

But I had promised the couple so I praised her as I could. Let me tell you, I am fair, handsome and I can satisfy hungry sluts with my massive cut dick hours. We talked about everything, taboos, politics, academics, sex. She was so horny. She informed her hubby to go for a quick dinner.

We dined and went to our rooms as we booked two separate rooms. Natasha came with me. We started kissing like there is no other day for 10 minutes. In between, I took every cloth from her body except the violet bra and panty. It was looking that she was thirsty for sex from the last few years.

Then I started licking her body from foot to toe. I was licking the tasty lollipop of the world. She was fully drenched with sweat and I was massaging her boobs and butt cheeks continuously. She was in great ecstasy and the meantime. I started putting my finger in her holes and she was in the fire.

She was saying I have never experienced it. Since I am an expert in aromatherapy I massaged her body with olive oil as much as I can. She was enjoying my every move. She was becoming very crazy with my style and she took my cock in her hand and started pinching it.

I took my cock and went towards her dark pussy and started massaging it. She started crying, “Put it in, I am dying.” I massaged and teased as much as I can. Finally, I engulfed my dick in her pussy and it went in like a lion is entering the cave. I started fucking her as if there is no tomorrow.

She was crying with pain and pleasure. I was fucking like hell without caring for her. I forgot that I’ve to make her pregnant. She was so high in sex she bit my shoulder and I started biting her too. It was like two hungry people praying for each other.

The fucking was so intense that her hubby in the next room was hearing the thrusts and noises. The room was full of sex too and it was a war between cunt and dick. After about 20 minutes we came so high that I thought she almost died. She was so exhausted that she was not able to move for hours.

But she was so happy that she told this was the best orgasm of her life. Her hubby knocked on the door and I put a bed sheet on her naked body. He was angry with me that we are here for pregnancy not for your enjoyment. His wife told him to shut up. “I found a real man today and you gay can’t satisfy me.”

Anyway, I assured him of pregnancy and he went back. I told Natasha are you ready for the second session. She got ready reluctantly and we started kissing. I started massaging her asshole. She liked it and I put olive oil on it and put my thumb in it. Then she was so horny she begged me to fuck her.

I put my cut cock in the entrance of her asshole and pumped it like I was pumping a machine. I fucked her till she was drained with my juices. Her asshole became swollen and red. I was spanking and eating her butt cheeks in between. She was enjoying my every move.

I was fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. She was full in excitement and was just moaning and crying fuck me. I was doing all the sex moves at a very fast speed. The more she was taking in her asshole the deeper thrusts I was giving her. I fucked her asshole till my cum juices drained all over the asshole.

These juices were oozing out. It was a very beautiful scene that I recorded on my camera. Later after 5 minutes, I started fucking her melons which she liked a lot. I fucked and fucked then moved towards her armpits. She told the first time in her life she was being fucked there and I did what was my fantasy.

I fucked her cunt gain and drained all my thick sperms in her cunt. I asked her to sleep in that position till every drop of this juice will remain in her womb. It was just a promise to make her pregnant and her satisfaction. I was successful in implanting her and she was fully satisfied.

We slept and in the morning I fucked her for pregnancy. I did all that made her pregnant. This went on for three days and we left. After a month I was congratulated by Rahul and Natasha is begging to meet again.

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