The Magical Swapping! – Part 3 (Sex For Shelter)

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Hi, I’m Shrey turned to Shreya after a magical locket turned me into a girl. This is the 3rd part of that series. Surely check out the previous part before reading this one.

In the last part, I found out that this locket belonged to an evil sorcerer who was long dead. But his spirit wanders the ruins. I went there and got a heavenly fuck in all my holes by the spirit!

Now the rest of the story.

After getting fucked by the spirit, I exited the ruins. I was still a girl and would remain like that for the next 6 days. I had no identity and nowhere to stay. I couldn’t go back to my home as I had no rational explanation of my current condition.

I had to stay low for the next week. I even had no money to even pay for a cheap lodge. But I had my body that would favor me. I searched for a place in the town nearest to the ruins so that I won’t have to travel a lot to give myself up every day.

After enquiring a lot, I found a place. It was a house where a man lived alone. He was a 50-year-old who had lost his family in an accident.

I went to him and knocked at his door. He opened the door.

He: Yes?

Me: Hi, I’m Shreya. I belong to a village far away from here. I came to the city in search of some work. A person helped me, but his intentions were bad. I was kidnapped and taken to his personal farmhouse. He and his men fucked me a lot and for many days.

Me: They gave me these slutty clothes and turned me into this slut. When I got the opportunity, I ran away from there. They are after me, please hide me for a week. Give me shelter in your home for few days, then I’ll leave.

He: Why should I give you, what’s in it there for me?

Me: I have no money to give you, but I can give myself to you. You can do to me whatever you like, just let me stay for a week.

He checked me out, from top to bottom. He was a man in his 50s, getting an opportunity to fuck a girl in his 20s. That too, after not getting sex for about 2 years, he couldn’t let this opportunity go.

He: Ok, I’ll let you, but you have to do whatever I would say.

I agreed and entered his house. He took me to his bedroom. Immediately stripped me of my clothes and ordered me to please him. I went down on the ground, lowered his pajamas, and took out his 7″ cock. It was semi-hard. I took it in my mouth and started sucking. It gradually got hard.

I sucked it hard, rolling my tongue over it, pressing it with my lips, taking it deep to my throat, gagging on it, etc. And soon, he cum in my mouth. I swallowed.

Next, he made me lie on the bed, came over to me, and started sucking my boobs. He fingered my pussy vigorously, first with one, then two, then finally with 3 fingers. Soon his cock got erect again. He raised my legs and kept them over his shoulders, and held my thighs.

He pushed his cock inside my pussy, and kept fucking me for quite a time. Next, he turned me over, so my front was on the bed. He came to my ass, spread my ass cheeks, and licked it. He kept licking and pushed his tongue in, and tongue fucked my asshole for some time.

By this time, I also gave in and started to enjoy the fucking. After all, a few hours ago, I had been fucked by a spirit. Compared to that, he was just an aged man who had been devoid of fucking for 2 years. So I should show some soft-heartedness to him, rather some openness for my holes.

Next, he took coconut oil, rubbed it over his cock, rubbed some of it at my asshole. He put his cock at my hole and pushed in. It slid inside quite easily. He held my thighs and began fucking vigorously while continuously spanking my ass. He and I both started moaning together as we were enjoying the fucking.

“Ohh, yeah, fuck my ass,” I moaned.

“Yeah, bitch take it in. I’ll fuck your brains out.”

After about 20 minutes of ass fucking he cummed while I also got an orgasm. He fell on my back, with his cock still stuck inside me. I pulled it out and went to the bathroom to clean up.

I came out, we had dinner. I was tired as I got 2 wholesome fucks that day, so I wanted to sleep. It was 9 at night. But he had other plans. He ordered me to get ready for the next fuck session. I requested him to let me sleep due to my exhaustion, but he denied it.

He said that he got a pussy after a very long time. He just couldn’t waste even a minute. And like that, my next fucking session started.

I blew him. He sucked my boobs, pussy, fucked my pussy, ass, and mouth. He cummed multiple times. He got hard again after only a minimal excitation of sucking him. He fucked me at all places in his house, like in the bathroom, on the floor, kitchen slab.

We fucked even on the lawn outside his house, where there was a risk of being seen by others. He gave the excuse of darkness and did it. That session lasted till 12 midnight. I slept for 1.5 hours. Then he again woke me up and started his 3rd fucking session, and then there was 4th also.

I was fucked the whole night. I was deeply exhausted. At last, I was fucked in the bathroom. So I slept on the bathroom floor only at 6 am. I was drenched in cum, all over my boobs, ass, face, belly, hair, etc.

I woke up at 10am, feeling a sticky sensation over my body due to the dried cum. I took a shower, and we had breakfast. Then he got ready for another fuck session. This time I denied strongly. But he threatened to throw me out if I didn’t comply, so I had to give in.

He fucked me for another 3 hours. I washed up after that and had lunch. He went to sleep. Until then, I had been fucked continuously with just 4 hours of sleep. I was still tired and sleepy, and still, I had to go to the spirit. When I woke up after 2 hours, he was still asleep. I slipped outside and went to the ruins.

The spirit fucked me like the previous day. Fucking and filling each hole with the wetness of cum like sensation and sucking over my boobs, pussy, belly button, neck, etc. I had multiple orgasms with quite a bit of squirting.

When I was returning from there, I was too exhausted due to all that fucking. My pussy hole and asshole were sore, I couldn’t walk straight as my legs and inner thighs were aching. So I fell to the ground.

Then came a woman, who picked me up, helped me stand, and took me to her house. She was Reshma, a local. She appeared to be in her early 30s with a beautiful figure of 34-33-36.

She seemed a perfect religious woman wearing a salwar kurta, a small necklace, earrings, nose pin. She was a fair 5’5″ lady with a sense of innocence on her face.

I told her my current condition was due to sleeplessness, not anything else. So she let me sleep at her home. I woke up at 9 pm. I felt relieved after taking a night of sound sleep. She offered me water and then asked my story.

Now, what should I have said? The fake one, which I told the old man? But she seemed a nice lady. She wasn’t someone from whom I was asking for shelter desperately. So why lie.

On the other hand, my truth was out of this world. Why would she believe me? It couldn’t be explained rationally. I was in a dilemma about what to tell her.

I eventually told her something. Then she did something I never imagined in my dreams! To find out about that, stay tuned for the next part.

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