Helping Friend To Ease His Wife’s Emotions

Raju is a neighbor with whom I have very friendly relations. He and his wife Renu live alone. They got married about 5 years back and both are in their mid-20s. They do not have any issues as yet. I confronted them on several occasions as to why they are not planning a child. But they always avoided me on the issue.

Renu is about 5’8”, very fair and athletically looking. She has about 34 size breasts and a nice round ass. But whenever I see her, my eyes are always glued to her hands and feet. I never had any bad intentions about her. But I could never take my eyes away from her beautiful hands and feet.

And she takes great care of her whole body and is always nicely dressed. Her finger and toenails are always well-sized and painted. She has soft and pink soles.

One day, I found Raju very upset. During discussions, I came to know that for last about a fortnight, they have not been talking to each other and were sleeping in separate rooms. Once open, he requested me to mediate between them. He suggested that I talk to her alone sometimes about the issues.

I promised to do it at the earliest. Two days later, Raju had gone out of the station and Renu was alone in her home. I went to meet her. She invited me in and we walked into the living room and settled on the sofa. Renu was wearing a low cut blouse showing her cleavage and a saree.

She was looking stunningly gorgeous. She was wearing black striped sandals. He pink feet with light pink painted nails were looking stunning in those sandals. I was really sucked by her. Nevertheless, controlling my urges, I began to chat with her. After the routine exchange of pleasantries and general discussions, I came to the real topic.

“Renu bhabhi, I understand that you and Raju are going through some misunderstandings between you,” I said.

“Nothing really so bad as you say.” Replied Renu, trying to play down the matter.

However, I insisted that if she is frank with me, I would try to sort out the matter between them. She tried to break the ice with hesitation.

“Actually, Bhaiyya, I do not know how to talk to you. Or even, whether I should talk to you about this matter.” She said hesitatingly.

“Bhabhi, I am a well-wisher and a friend of both of you. I would always do whatever is good for you. You can trust me!” I assured her.

“Bhaiyya, you know, every woman has some needs and the husband should take care of her needs.” She said hesitatingly.

“But bhabhi, as far as I know, Raju never refuses for anything you need. He regularly takes you to the market for shopping and you spend a lot of money on your clothing. See what a gorgeous dress you are wearing!” I replied.

“Bhaiyya, food, and clothing are not the only needs of a person. A woman has some other needs as well.” She said.

“I did not get it, Bhabhi,” I said, trying to let her clear whether what I was presuming was correct.

“Bhaiyya, there are some needs of the body as well. He does not fulfill the needs of my body,” She said.

“Do you mean the sexual needs, Bhabhi?” I cleared the air.

She lowered her eyes and said, “Yes!”

“But he seems to be very well. What problem does he have? How can someone avoid a gorgeous woman like you?” I said.

She blushed!

“Bhaiyya, he does not have a proper erection. This is the reason that we did not have a child so far,” said Renu.

“Did he ever saw a doctor in this regard?” I inquired.

“He did and the doctor says his problem cannot be cured, “ she replied.

“Oh! I see.” I replied, perplexed with the problem.

“You know Bhaiyya, I am burning with this relationship.” She began to sob.

I moved close to her and put my hand over hers, trying to console her. Her sobs increased. I began massaging her hand with mine. The other arm I put around her and hugged her to console her. But this added fuel to the already burning fire. She held my hand tightly and pressed herself against my chest.

Looking straight into my eyes, she said, “Bhaiyya, please help me! I am burning.” With this, she planted her lips against mine.

“This is not fair on my part to cheat my good friend,” I insisted, trying to break free from her clutches.

“Bhaiyya Please! Do not leave me burning. Please help me.” She pleaded.

“Bhabhi, this is not correct!” I insisted.

“My dear friend, I request you to help her.” Suddenly, I heard the voice of Raju walking in from the main entrance. We both were in a state of shock.

“Raju, I was just trying to talk to her as you suggested,” I tried to explain.

“I know my friend. But I am serious. Only you can help us in this relationship and this is the only way. It is between three of us only,” Raju insisted.

Emboldened by the support from her husband, Renu jumped on me. Clenching my cock, she planted her lips on me. She literally threw me on the floor. I too surrendered. Raju settled himself on the chair while I and Renu took to the sofa. Taking Renu in my arms, I embraced her tightly and planted my lips over hers.

I began sucking her juicy lips. She started fondling my cock. I made her sit on the sofa and sat below her in front of her feet. I took her feet in my laps and started kissing them. My lifetime ambition of kissing those sexy feet was fulfilling now. I licked her feet all over, strapped in black sandals.

Raju was sitting in front, watching all this with great interest. I took out my 7” erect cock, rubbed it for a while and put it between her two feet. She understood my intentions and began massaging my cock between her feet. I held her hands, kissed them and started licking her fingers one by one.

Slowly, I started raising her saree, exposing her legs inch by inch and kissing all along her legs till I reached her thighs. I unwrapped her saree turn by turn and she was left only in petticoat and blouse. I buried my face into her breasts. I removed her petticoat and blouse and then her panty and bra too.

She was stark naked. She too removed my clothes one by one. Now, both of us were standing naked in front of her amused husband. I took her nipples in my mouth and suckled them, kneading her breasts. She had very shapely firm boobs. Making her lie on the sofa, I kissed on her thighs and moved my lips up and up till I reached her cunt.

I buried my head between her legs. I opened her vaginal lips with my tongue and my tongue probed into her cunt, till it reached her clit. I began rubbing the tip of my tongue on her clit. She became wild with pleasure. She put her hands on my head and pushed my head into her cunt.

And then she started trembling wildly. This was probably her first orgasm! One, she was burning to have. She sighed! Holding my cock in my hands, rubbing, I shoved it into her cunt. “Aaaaah!” she sighed. I began pumping my cock into her cunt slowly. She began moaning, “Ooooh! Aaaah!”

My speed increased gradually. Faster and faster! Her moans also became sharper. Every few minutes, she was trembling wildly. She must have had nearly 8-10 orgasms, all very wild ones. I was now on the verge of cumming. “I am cumming!” I exclaimed and tried to pull my cock from her cunt.

She held my cock and insisted, “I need your baby too, Bhaiyya.” I jerked vigorously and pumped all my load into her cunt. Exhausted, we both fell one over the other on the sofa, like two souls and one body.

After a few minutes, we got up and sat on the sofa. She hugged me tightly. Planting a deep kiss on my lips and holding my cock in her sexy hands, she said, “Thanks a lot Bhaiyya!”

“Did you enjoy the show?” I asked Raju.

“Yes! Indeed. And thank you, my friend, for being such a help,” replied Raju.

“And, whenever you feel, you may enjoy together. I have no problems.” Raju added. Renu walked over to Raju, kissed him and said, “Thanks, dear! And I am sorry for whatever wrong I have done to you.”

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