Unexpected Sexual Encounter With My Girlfriend’s Mom

Hello readers! My name is Raj. I’m a final year student in Chennai, 22 years of age. This story is about an unexpected sexual encounter with my girlfriend’s mom at her house.

I have a girlfriend named Sanjana who is 21. Sanjana has a super thick lower body with a big protruding ass that is to die for.

My girlfriend’s mom mentioned above, Priya, 41, has a thicker lower body and a bigger protruding ass than my girlfriend. No wonder Sanjana got those from her mom.

Priya hated me very much. She even tried to make a guy whom she liked to have sex with Sanjana, even before their marriage so that I won’t be able to marry her. But little did she know that I had already fucked her daughter so much that her pussy would have molded into the shape of my dick.

I was getting so tired of Priya that one day I decided to teach her a lesson that she’d never forget. But unexpectedly, it turned out that she probably would crave to be taught again! Lol!

One day I was at her house. I had a secret camera fit in Priya’s bedroom and bathroom to record everything and send it to her anonymously. My girlfriend’s dad was not at home and my girlfriend Sanjana was on the way from work.

Priya had asked me to wait until Sanjana came home and she went to take a bath. Priya was in her bathroom, while the camera was recording. She undressed and I saw her (through the recording) super thick thighs protruding in the sides. The big protruding booty that was bouncing as she moved.

She had big boobs with brown nipples, which were erect at that time. She was nude. She sat on a stool and started masturbating. My dick was super erect and super wet in no time. She was moaning heavily as she rubbed her pussy with her fingers.

As there was no one else in the house, I went to the bedroom. I placed my ears on the bathroom door and heard her moaning like hell. I took out the dick from my pant and started stroking it as well. She was moaning and masturbating uncontrollably as if my girlfriend’s dad did not fuck her in years.

I was so out of control and horny that I did not look at the phone for some time. I was just stroking my dick. But then suddenly the bathroom door opened as she witnessed me with my dick in my hand. I froze and was a bit embarrassed at that moment.

But it looked like she was too, a bit, as she thought I was masturbating to her masturbation (her moaning). But at that moment, she was so horny, that she wanted to be pleased more than anything else. For her, there was the perfect solution right in front of her. She wanted me to fuck her!

I was a bit embarrassed to put my dick inside her with which I had fucked her daughter. But she wanted my dick so badly that she promised me to give me her daughter despite disliking me. Well, I was not left with much choice than to have sex with her.

She was nude. She removed my pants and underwear as well and started blowing my dick with her mouth. She was 100 times better than her daughter in sucking my dick (obviously, with years of experience.).

She then lay on the cot and opened her thick thighs wide. Oh my god, the smell of the wet fluid from her pussy turned me on so much. She pulled me by my hair and stuffed my face between her legs. She asked me to lick her pussy as intensely as I could and I did exactly that.

My tongue was full of her pussy juice as I licked her intensity. She was moaning heavily and loudly as there was no one in the house. More than that, it was the intensity with which I was eating her pussy. I came on top of her and started licking her big boobs while I put two fingers in her pussy fingering it.

Her pussy made a wet squishy sound as I fingered it. I was also sucking her nipples simultaneously, while she was moaning like crazy. It continued for some time. Then she wanted me to insert my dick inside her pussy. I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her.

She went crazy. The pleasure was too much for her. Every time I thrust the dick inside her pussy, there was that thick soft padding that I banged against. It was her thick under thighs and the big booty flesh below her pussy. God, it felt heavenly.

Actually, I enjoy that when I have sex with my girlfriend also. (as she also has thick thighs and big booty). But then, her mom’s booty was way way better. Then, she was on four legs for a doggy style fuck. I opened her ass and inserted the dick into her pussy and started fucking her in the doggy style.

Her big booty felt like pillows cushioning the sides of her pussy. I banged against it while thrusting my dick inside (similar to my girlfriend, but better). After fucking her for a while, I came inside her pussy but she wanted more. So I continued fucking her.

After some time she also orgasmed while my dick was still inside her pussy. Her eyes rolled heavily while she was having an orgasm. The moan she was giving while she orgasmed was intense. If someone else had heard that without seeing, they would have thought that she was giving birth.

I then removed my dick from her pussy and it was completely covered with her cum. Then I put it inside and fucked her more and came inside for the second time. Then she sucked my cock once again and made me cum once again for the third time.

She swallowed the cum and made me suck her nipples again. She told in a soft moaning voice that she just had the best sex of her life and was beyond satisfaction. Meanwhile, the whole thing was being recorded in the first secret camera I set up in that bedroom.

It was ironic that I ended up being recorded in the camera which I set up to record her. I could definitely tell that she was not satisfied at all by my girlfriend’s dad. From then on she secretly started sex chatting with me and sent her nude pics, teasing, and masturbation videos.

That was my unexpected sexual encounter with my girlfriend’s mom. I hope you all liked it.

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