Seducing A Long-Haired Married Aunt

I am Rishi working in a software company. I am single and starving for sex. I have an attraction toward long-haired girls from childhood itself.

I could give you an example of my long hair fetish for women. During my college days, my distant aunt came to my house for spending her holidays.

She was around 35 years of age with huge sexy boobs and long hair. I would stare at her long hair at every given opportunity. She had very long hair till her knee. Her long hair would give me a hard every time I see her. She was such a long-haired queen!

This story would be my sex experience with my beautiful long haired hotty distant aunty Roopa (name changed).

My Roopa aunty staying in my house for 20 days made me really happy that one day I could get my long term dream come true which is to have sex with a long-haired angel.

My house had only 2 bedrooms – one for my parents and the other one for me. So, my parents had only one option to accommodate aunty which was to give my room to her. So I had to sleep in the hall.

As all my books were in my room, I asked my parents’ permission to study in my room. Suddenly, Roopa aunty came in and told us that she had no problem having me in her room for studying and told me that she will also help me in preparing for my exams.

I got really excited after hearing this and I realized got an opportunity to share a room with my long-haired Indian queen.

It was night time and I came to my room and started preparing for my exams hoping Roopa aunty would help me. I knew I won’t be able to concentrate on my studies if she was near me. I will only concentrate on her huge hair and boobies!

Now the time has arrived, my aunty came into my room and smiled at me as usual. She was looking gorgeous in her nighty. Her boobs in that nighty looked well-curved and so huge that I can bury my face in them. Aunty’s nipples were visible through that nighty.

And then came the real beauty in her – her long long hair. She has made it into a huge bun. I could not take my eyes off her huge bun.

Suddenly, I realized Roopa aunty was watching me and I had to change the conversation quickly by saying, “Roopa aunty, do you have any problem in me studying in this room?”

She immediately pinched my cheek and said, “No Rishi, absolutely not. I am ready to help you in every possible way.” Saying this, she gave a cheeky smile.

Then I started to pretend as if I was studying with Roopa beside me. But actually, I was looking at her hair and boobs instead of studying. She noticed it and immediately told me, “Hey, I don’t think you are studying. If you don’t study, then I will give you good beatings! I am in charge of you today so don’t try to cheat me”.

I said, “Ok aunty, I will study. Please don’t beat me”, in a shivery voice.

She thought I got scared. She held my hands and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t beat you. But obey my orders and study properly.”

I replied, “Ok aunty, I will follow your orders.”

I started studying but I wanted to have a chat with her. So I started a topic with her regarding her hair. I asked her, “Aunty, how do you maintain your long hair? I think it is a difficult task.”

“Yes Rishi, it is not easy. But I have been looking after this hair for a long long time now and I like having long hair. So I never thought of cutting it. But your uncle would often ask me to cut my hair. I don’t listen to him as I love to have long hair and then he stopped insisting.”

“Uncle has a very bad taste then. How could someone ask to cut such gorgeous long hair? He must be a loser”. The next moment, I realized I have just told her my fetish for long hair and degraded uncle.

Roopa looked offended by that and she asked me to do 10 sit-ups for talking bad about uncle. Then I replied, “I won’t do that, aunty. I told you the truth only, so I don’t feel sorry.”

Suddenly, aunty pinched hard on my cock over the pants. I cried out loud in pain but I was happy inside knowing her intention. Then she tried to calm me down so that my parents won’t hear my sound.

Then she asked me if she can check whether my cock was injured or not so that she can give some treatment.

My cock got really hard hearing this! I pretended to be in so much pain but was very happy inside knowing that my Roopa aunty was going to see my cock.

She went and locked the door in order to check my cock. In the meantime, my cock was super hard.

Then Roopa aunty came and asked me to remove my pants. With a slight hesitation, I slowly opened my pants and my inners. To her surprise, my cock was huge and very thick and around 8 inches. She was shocked which I could see in her face. Immediately, she said, “I thought you are a small boy but I never thought you have grown this much.”

I was really happy that my aunt was now seeing my cock and praising me. Then I tried to pretend I was still in pain because of the hard pinch she gave.

After seeing me in pain, she came immediately and checked where the pain was. There were some red patches on my cock and seeing that, she asked me if there was any medicine to apply. I said, “No aunty, there is no medicine in the house for this except one.”

She asked me what it was and I responded with all my guts that she was the medicine.


“If you could suck my cock, then my pain will go away.”

When she heard this, she turned her face to the other side. I was not sure what she was thinking but now her huge bun was clearly visible to me and right in front of me. So I took my cock and shoved it inside aunty’s bun and started moving it in and out. It took a few seconds for Roopa aunty to realize what was happening.

“No! This is wrong, Rishi. Please get out of the room now”, she shouted.

“Aunty, I know you liked my cock when you saw it the first time. I could see it in your eyes. You must be starving for sex as uncle has been in the US for years. Please don’t turn me down. I am a big fan of your long hair and your beautiful structure.”

She slowly turned to my side and nodded. Without wasting a second, I grabbed her bun with my hand and made her kneel down and inserted my cock into her mouth! Wow, it was such a beautiful moment for me. I was finally getting sucked by a gorgeous long-haired Indian woman.

Aunty first resisted as my cock was not clean but I insisted to make it clean with her saliva and suck. And all this while, I was holding her huge bun and making her do whatever I asked.

After a few minutes of cock-sucking, I untied her bun and made her long hair loose. Her long hair was until her knee. It made me more and more excited and I rolled her hair towards my cock and asked her to give me a hairjob.

Then I pulled her hair and cummed in her mouth and some on her hair. She tasted my cum and smiled. Then she went to the restroom.


Seducing A Long-Haired Married Aunt – Pt 2

I will stop here. I would like to write about the upcoming sessions in a separate story. This is my first story. Corrections in my way of writing are always welcome.

Write to me if you guys have similar interests. My id is [email protected]


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