Hot Aunty Gets Drilled On The Hillside In Coorg

Dear readers, this is my first story in which I have decided to pen down my hot, unforgettable experience with a mature lady in Coorg during our trekking to the famous Mallalli Falls.

So, this incident took place in Coorg. We, a group of friends, were visiting Coorg during a weekend and decided to trek to Mallalli Falls which was close by. As decided, we started our trekking around 11 am in the morning.

As most of my friends were drinking on the way to the falls, I decided to reach the water falls first and hence started walking alone until I found a mother carrying, rather struggling with her 4-year-old kid on that sloppy mountain.

I wasn’t much concerned about how the lady looked like at this moment, I just asked the mom if I can help her to carry her kid on my shoulder till the falls. She readily agreed and we reached the water falls in an hour or so!!

I and my friends had a very good time in the falls and the rest of my friends continued to click pictures. I walked back to the corner and to my surprise, there was the same aunty looking at me while playing with the kid. I was scared to start a conversation with the aunty directly and so, I started to play with her kid!

The aunty’s clothes were all wet which tickled the naughty side of me! I started small conversations in between and to my more surprise, the aunty was occasionally leaning forward to treat my eyes with the view of her milky cleavage!

Her huge boobs immediately made me hard and I badly wanted to touch those juicy boobs. However, as it was a public place and there was also her husband who was playing in the water at a distance, I didn’t dare to do anything. But, at the same time, I didn’t want to miss the chance.

So I winked at her and gave my visiting card to her. She collected it as if she was waiting for it. Her response to my every look was so positive which made my dick erect and hard. It started showing off in my shorts too.

Seeing that, this married Indian aunty smartly unhooked the first button of her bra and complimented my hard dick! Only signals with our eyes and hand gestures while we were still talking.

Soon, her family decided to leave the falls and hence called her. But, here I was at the peak of my lust and clueless to do anything. I just told her to give the kid to her husband and walk alone!

I literally had no idea if anything would work but she also seemed to believe a magic was going to happen. She handed the kid to her husband and started to climb.

Then the aunty played a drama pretending to be tired and she got far from her family by sitting on the side. I was following her all through and seeing the opportunity, I quickly pulled her to the hillside where no one can see us!

Aunty: I have your number. I will call you once I reach home.
Me: Thanks but I can’t control myself now.

Saying this, I planted a kiss on her lips!

Aunty: Hey! This is too risky. I promise I will call you. Let’s leave now.
Me: Alright but just give me an advance here itself, please.

I started to press my hard dick against her. I guess aunty also lose her control at that instant and the next moment, we were kissing passionately like two sex-hungry animals.

I started to rub aunty’s big boobs so hard that she forgot everything and started moaning in the open. The horny Indian aunty even started saying, “Fuck me here, I don’t care!!”

But I wanted to get her in a more erotic mood and hence teased her more. Then, she, all of a sudden, smashed her big milky boobs on my mouth!

I am an expert in boob sucking and I wasted no time and started sucking and biting her boobs vigorously leaving multiple bite marks on those lovely globes. Then I made the sexy milf suck my hard dick for a good 5 minutes.

Our foreplay continued until we heard another group of people climbing up the hill. She quickly came back to her senses and said that she had to leave. But how can I leave her unsatisfied like that?

I insisted her to go further inside where bushes would cover us completely. Then I dragged her to such a spot. I pushed her against the rock, locked her lips with mine and pulled her pant down.

I quickly bent down and started to give her a tongue job while pressing her huge boobs hard and pinching her tits like a sadist. The poor aunty was now uncontrollably tempted and told me in a harsh voice to rather kill her instead of keeping her waiting for my dick!

I did not want to make her wait any longer. Hence I started to fuck this sexy aunty. She was pulling my hair hard during that time and was moaning loud! She was pinching and rubbing my upper body so much which ensured that she was getting a very good fuck!!

I finally took out my hard dick and shot my cum on her fleshy thighs. Then I locked my lips with hers and told her that I wasn’t able to see her entire body properly as we were in a hurry. I told her that I wanted to enjoy her completely later.

The aunty said they will be in Coorg for one more day and I can visit them at night after her family sleeps. She gave me the details of where she was staying.

Before leaving, she gave an amazing blowjob until I cummed in her mouth. She then drank all the juices and said this is the advance which she is giving before the night and more is waiting! She was seriously a queen in giving blowjob!

She then wore her clothes and started walking away while the juices I left on her thighs were now elegantly seen through her pants. I was going behind her teasing her by saying what all I will do to her when I meet her at night!

At last just before her family departed from the parking spot, she dropped a sheet of paper in which her contact number was written with her lipstick!

What happened on that night was even more exciting and adventurous. I will share that incident based on the feedback and comment I receive for this story.

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