Seducing A Long-Haired Married Aunt – Pt 2

Hello everyone. Here I have come up with a part 2 of seducing my long-haired aunt Roopa (name changed). I have received all your appreciations and comments for part 1 which was overwhelming.

Seducing A Long-Haired Married Aunt – Pt 1

This is Rishi once again narrating the story. I am now 25 years old, well-built, tall, and fair looking. Without taking much time, let me start the story.

After the last visit from my aunt, I wasn’t able to meet my aunt for the next five years. Within that period, I had grown. I was working now and missed my aunt a lot. I had fun here and there but still, it was nowhere near to my beautiful long haired aunt. Years went but my love for long hair grown infinitely.

After a span of 5 years, my aunt called my dad and said that she would be coming to our place for the summer holidays with her daughter.

Hearing this, I was really happy and I started imagining like, how beautiful she will be now after 5 years and how about her hair? Will it still be that thick and long as before? Would I be able to make love to her and her hair? All these questions passed through my mind.

Days passed thinking about all my fantasies which I dreamt off every day. The D-Day came when my long-haired angel Roopa aunty arrived at my house with her daughter. They came in and I followed them to have a close view of their hair. To my surprise, I got to see 2 long-haired queens with a huge load of hair in them.

I was stunned by the beauty of both of them. I saw my aunt in a braid which was so thick and it was dancing down till her knee. And she was having a huge boobs with such a great ass.

After all these years, she didn’t lose her beauty. Even at 40, my aunt was so sexy. To elaborate on my aunt’s daughter, she’s kind of skinny, in her early 19 with quite good structure. And she too had very long hair, not that long compared to my aunt but it was around her butt.

My aunt’s daughter was in her ponytail and her hair’s thickness was impressive which was on par with my aunt Roopa. I should give the entire credit to my aunt Roopa who maintained her hair so well.

Once they reached the place, we allocated a room for both of them as we had 3 bedrooms in our new flat. But the AC was not available in their room as it was a guest room, we didn’t install it (has a link with part 3).

One day, I went past just by giving pleasure to my eyes watching those two beauties throughout the day. The next day, my parents had to go to out of station for some urgent work for 2 days so they asked my aunt to take care of me.

I was really very happy to be under the supervision of my aunt as there was a possibility of my fantasies becoming true as we had a great hairjob last time she visited. This time, I was expecting something more to give to her.

The next day morning, my aunt was taking care of the household stuff and so I didn’t want to disturb her. So I was just dreaming about those long hair beauties. After completing her work, she went to a bath but the heater in her room was not working.

So she knocked at my door and I opened the door to see my aunt with her gorgeous huge silky bun. She told me that the heater was not working and requested me to take a look at it. I was damn sure she was very anxious to use my bathroom.

I instantly told her that that heater was not working for a while and she can use my bathroom for having a bath. She smiled at me and thanked for the offer and said,

“I know what you are waiting for. This time, I won’t disappoint you.” Saying this, she pinched my cock and went inside the bathroom. Wow, I was so excited thinking my dreams would be coming true today.

After a few minutes, she called me to ask for soap. I know it’s not only for soap.

I slowly went inside the bathroom. My aunty was all nude with not even a single cloth on her. My dick was now standing very straight looking at her. Wow, what an experience.

Her boobs were so delicious and on a naughtier note, I pinched her boobs and asked if it was real or I was dreaming. She removed my shorts and my inners and kissed my cock and said, “Yes, sexy”.

Wow, such a beautiful moment. I caught her huge bun and lifted her and started kissing her lips with all my love towards her. Then she removed my t-shirt as well.

Then I initiated to have her suck my cock and do a hair-job like last time. She was very happy to suck my dick this time. As it was huge 8.5-inch, she was very impressed with it. I made sure to have her suck my cock hard. In the meantime, I started undoing her bun.

I slowly removed the knots from her bun and made her free hair which was very heavy. Now I had her suck me faster. I was pulling her heavy long hair and wrapped her one side of her hair to my cock and the other side, I was pulling very hard. And this time, I said to her I won’t be stopping with blowjob or hairjob.

Then I lifted her by her hair very tightly that she shouted “Ahhhhh” with pain. Then I took her to my room from the bathroom. I told her it will pain but she was all mine today.

“I know you are starving for sex with a huge cock like me, my fucking aunt. Come on, let’s fuck” I said. Saying this, I asked her to kneel in doggy style position. This time, for me to give her some pleasure, I rolled my tongue towards her ass. It was already very wet and juicy and sucked her like anything.

She was moaning in pleasure, “Oh my god, you are my master and I am all yours”.

It made me super boosted and now I let my huge dick into her sweet asshole. I rolled my cock inside her slowly. As she was already wet, my cock went so smoothly. She was shouting in pleasure.

Then I held her long hair in my hand, pulled it very strongly, and made my cock hit her ass very strongly for the next 20 minutes.

I was about to cum so I pulled her hair and brought her towards me and made sure to have my cock in her mouth. I asked her to suck it once again. When I was on the verge of cumming, I took her huge bunch of hair and released my load of cum on her hair and face.

Then I asked her to clean the cum from the cock by using her tongue and asked her to make sure my cock was clean.

She was really happy to help with that as she loved the taste of my cum. After cleansing my cock, I told her I would be giving a cleaning session soon and asked her to go to the bathroom and wait for me.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. I was like, omg, it should be my aunt’s daughter. I dressed up fast and pulled my aunty by her long hair to the bathroom and asked her to lock and I went to open the door.


I am stopping the story right now. I will continue the rest of the story in part 3 where you would be having more and more sex, long hair. And of course, the thing you were expecting the most – that’s a surprise.

Please wait for my next part. I want to know if you guys like this part through your comments. And also you guys can mail me on [email protected]

Hope you guys liked my story. Please read my previous part, “Seducing my longhaired Aunt” as well. Cheers!

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