My Mom’s Friend Priya Seduced And Fucked Cleverly

My mom’s friend’s name is Priya. I really don’t know her body measurements. I had great respect for her till one day. Priya is 33 years old, she has a son and a daughter.

I was also friends with her daughter. Once I went to her house to see Priya’s daughter. She wasn’t there, she had went out with her schoolmates.

As Priya’s daughter wasn’t there, I was about to go back. But then my mom’s friend called me from her bedroom window. She asked me to stop the vegetable vendor who was passing through the street at that time as Priya couldn’t come out soon.

I stopped that guy and now he was waiting for Priya. I called her again, “Aunty, that street vendor is waiting”. She just showed her face (and some portion of her cleavage in a Kerala saree and blouse). I was stunned seeing her cleavage and imagining her melons. That was when my lust started.

Then we changed our house and even they vacated to a new house. After my 12th, we didn’t meet them. And also her husband suffered from some nervous problem which made him paralysed.

We went to see them. At that time, my mom’s friend was in a churidar (fuck, at her late 30’s, she looked damn sexy in churidar). My lust increased.

Later I completely my PU and joined the B.E course. Her daughter had also completed PU and joined B.E.

As I was one year elder to her, Priya and her daughter came to our house. I was excited as I was seeing them after 3 years. Her daughter had developed some really big boobs. But as she was my friend, I didn’t have lust like I have on her mom.

They came to borrow my maths textbook as we had the same syllabus. After that, we started meeting more often. When her daughter had some doubt, I would clear it. Some times, I go to their house to meet my friend.

Priya once came to my house. I was masturbating (like most guys do when they are alone) at that time and I hadn’t locked the door properly. As Priya used to come often these days, she didn’t ring the doorbell or knocked. She just came inside and saw me jerking my 5-inch cock!

I quickly wore my pants and was standing in front of her with my head down. Then I said, “Aunty, please don’t tell this to my mom. Please please..”

She said, okay. She asked where my mom was. I said mom has gone out. She said ok and left.

I was worried. Priya wasn’t shocked or surprised when she saw me masturbating. She looked very calm.

Then when my mom came back, I told her Priya aunt had come. My mom called Priya to ask what the matter was. Priya came to my house and said, “My daughter and son have holidays and they are going to my husband’s home town. They are taking their father also as they think it will be a good change of atmosphere for him”.

Priya couldn’t go as she had work. She takes care of the whole family after her husband was paralyzed.

Then she asked my mom whether she can let me stay at her place until they came back. She was afraid to live alone.

My mom understood her situation and agreed to send me over. I was very happy inside. I thought this would be the best chance to fuck this hot milf.

I took my clothes and went to stay with my mom’s friend for a week. Priya gave me her son’s room to sleep.

I was eagerly waiting for her to ask about by jerking off. As her husband was paralyzed, I knew he couldn’t fuck and satisfy her.

That night, my mom’s friend prepared dinner for both of us. We started to eat our dinner at 8 pm. She asked me how was the food? I said it was good. So we kept talking about random things.

Then I apologised to her saying that I was masturbating when she came to my house that day. She said, “No problem, this is very common at your age”. And then she left.

Fuck, I realized didn’t utilise that chance very well.

Priya went and took a shower and started changing her clothes. I saw my mom’s friend nude for the first time through door’s key hole. “What a Kickass milf!”, I said to myself.

Then after changing her clothes, she slept. I thought that day was gone end like that.

After some time, I was watching a hot English movie sitting on the sofa and was jerking off slowly. Then I heard her door-opening sound. I quickly acted like I was asleep with my cock visible outside my pants.

Priya went to drink water and while returning to her room, she noticed my cock hanging out of my pants. The lack of sex in her life must have done the trick. She must have got aroused when she saw me first time jerking off my cock but she controlled it. But now in her own house after seeing my cock, her control didn’t last long.

I still kept my eyes appear closed and my hand near my cock. My mom’s friend came and moved my hand carefully as she thought I was in deep sleep. Then, to my shock, the horny milf slowly took my cock in her mouth. It was my first time getting to feel someone’s mouth on my cock and I was in heaven!

My mom’s horny friend started sucking my cock very slowly. She was tasting my precum. I controlled myself to not make any noise. Priya started to suck faster which made me moan lightly, “Haa..”

But she neglected it (probably she understood I wasn’t really asleep) and started sucking my dick harder and harder. All of a sudden, I pulled her up, bringing her face near mine. I said, “Whore, I need your pussy now..”

My mom’s friend smiled and said, “And I want to ride your cock, jerker.”

I took her to the bedroom and pulled her clothes down (literally, I tore them). I saw the milf’s big boobs and shaved pussy. There was no pantie or bra. She had planned everything and I was the fool who didn’t realize it.

I kissed her, chewing her lower lip like chewing a bubble gum. I was finally getting my mom’s sexy friend after 7 years of lust. Even she was very horny as there was no sex life for her till yesterday.

I took her boobs and sucked and licked every inch of it before covering her whole body with my kisses and saliva. Finally, it came to that part of putting my cock inside my mom’s friend’s pussy.

Her pussy was tight and it took me 10 minutes of hard work and the help of oil to finally penetrate it. Priya hugged me so tightly as it was so painful for her. I then slowly slid slowly inside her pussy. Then I fucked Priya very hard and with a lot of passion before cumming inside her. Then I slept next to her, sucking those melons.

We fucked again after 10 minutes in doggy style. However, I cummed very less this time.

We slept tired and I kept my cock inside her pussy for the whole night.

The morning session will be told in the second part.

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