Secret Affair With Girlfriend’s Neighbor- Part 1

Hello Readers, this is my story. I am John and I am 24 years of age and I am from Hyderabad. So, after a gap of 1week one fine day, I got a call from Sneha. She said to come to her place. I asked why she said, “You just come I need to talk to you.” I was a bit worried as Sneha’s tone was a bit different

Different thoughts were going through my mind. Previously when we had sex, we had it without a condom. So, is she pregnant? She was insisting on me to marry her. I took a few apples and pomegranates on the way as I went to meet Sneha in her apartment.

I knocked on the door. After a minute she opened the door and welcomed me in. As I entered her house, I saw a woman in t-shirt and track pants in her late 20’s. She was in very good shape and height. Sneha told that she is her neighbor and came to talk.

I said ok and sat on the sofa and was watching TV. After about 10 minutes the woman left and Sneha locked the main door. Then Sneha came and sat beside me and said that her name is Vandana. She stays in the 4th floor just beneath her apartment and she has a 3 years old kid.

Her husband died in a car accident last year. She is staying away from her in-laws and parents because they are forcing her to remarry. I just nodded her head and said ok. She went near the refrigerator and brought sprite and gave it to me. I took a sip and gave it to her. Even she took a sip.

So, after about 15-20 minutes I asked her, “What is the matter?” She said, “What?”

“You told me to come as you need to speak to me.”

Sneha: Yes, I need to speak to you.

Me: You are not pregnant, right?

Sneha: No baba if I was pregnant, I would jump in joy, right?

Me: Yeah, you would jump in joy and kill me.

Sneha: So, when I told you to come you thought I was pregnant? That’s the reason you brought fruits for me?

Me: Not like that I brought fruits as you skip your dinner most of the time. At least you won’t sleep on the empty stomach.

Sneha:(she was rubbing my hair) You love me so much.

Me: Ha, baba.

Sneha: Acha so at least someone started loving.

Me: Come on don’t bring love and stuff into this. We are good friends and will be good friends whatever the consequences are.

Sneha: Ok Love ante kopam osthadi (If I tell love you will get angry.)

Me: What is that you want to say?

Sneha: Tonight, I am going to Vijayawada to meet my grandparents. I will be staying there for 1 week.

Me: Arey, why 1 week?

Sneha: Why shouldn’t I stay there for 1week? Will you miss me?

Me: Of course, I will miss you.

Sneha: You’ll miss me or miss sex with me?

Me: Both.

Sneha: So basically, you miss sex with me but not me.

Me: Arey, Sneha I say something and you will understand something else.

Sneha: Fine, I understood you miss me as well.

Me: Yea

Sneha: Even my parents are coming so I will be staying there with them as my grandmother is not well.

Me: Acha, so how are you going.

Sneha: Bus.

Me: Ok.

Sneha: Actually, I need help from you and you need to promise me that you will do it.

Me: (confused mind) At least tell me what is that then I can promise if I can do or not.

Sneha: You can do it that’s the reason why I am asking you.

Me: Ok but tell me what it is.

Sneha: Promise me first.

Me: Ok baba I’ll do, tell me what it is.

Sneha: I don’t know how to say it but.

Me: Come on tell me. Whatever it is I will do it.

Sneha: Can you please help Vandana?

Me: What help does she require?

Sneha: As I told you that her husband died in a car accident and she…

Me: What she…

Sneha: She needs some physical help.

Me: What?

Sneha: You promised that you will help.

Me: Sneha what is wrong with you, I don’t even know anything about her and you want me to have sex with her?

Sneha: Arey even you didn’t know about me when we met. We had sex, right.

Me: Sneha it is completely different and moreover she is married.

Sneha: Arey her husband died 1year ago and even she has some physical needs.

Me: You are mad. You are out of your mind

I got up from the sofa and went to the balcony which is attached to the bedroom. I took a cigarette and started smoking.

Sneha: See as you need a cigarette for your stress relief even, she needs some physical help to relieve her stress

She took the cigarette from my hand and she started smoking. After 2 minutes of silence.

Sneha: So, I want you to help Vandana, dear. She is literally fighting her life. She is so stressed and moreover she has a kid. She is not marrying anyone only because of her kid.

Me: Arey, why me?

Sneha: She knows about us.

Me: What? Did you tell about us to her?

Sneha: No, actually we are good friends almost from 2 years we used to meet once or twice a week.

Me: Ok.

Sneha told the conversation between Sneha and Vandana

Sneha: S, Vandana: V

V: Hi Sneha.

S: Hi how are you.

V I am good and I feel you are fantastic.

S: Hm how come you know that?

V: I heard everything yesterday night as I was sitting in the balcony.

S: (shocked) What all did you hear?

V: Just that you were moaning and humping sound.

S: Oh my god.

V: Don’t worry, I won’t tell it anyone.

S: Thank you.

V: By the way are you both in a relationship?

S: Yes.

V: Good to hear that.

S: Hmmm

V: So how many times you have sex weekly?

S: Actually, yesterday was our 1st sex.

V: Ohhh.

S: Actually, he is having sex for the 1st time.

V: Wow.

S: Hmmmm

V: Are you serious about your relation?

S: Yes.

V: Ok.

S: Why did you ask me like that?

V: Just want to know. I need help and this should be a secret between us.

S: Yea, sure.

V: Do you know any gigolo?

S: Hmmm. No.

V: Ok. (sad face)

S: If you don’t mind, I will ask John if he can help you. I know how you might be feeling after your husband’s death. But I am not sure if he will help you or not.

V: (In excitement) Yea yea please do that favor. I am restless from yesterday. I am using dildo almost 2-3 times daily but unable to satisfy my need. After hearing your moans yesterday. I was so restless that I used a dildo 4 times in the night.

S: Oh my god.

V: Yea dear I need someone to fuck me really hard and satisfy me.

S: I will ask John if he can help you that would be great.

V: Thank you so much. Will be in touch. Let me know what John says. If he is ok, I am ready any time of the day. If not, I need to find someone else.

S: Yea sure.

Now the conversation between me and Sneha.

Me: Ohhh my GOD. this is what you people share.

S: Arey actually I didn’t tell her anything. She was in the balcony of her bedroom, she heard the sounds, what can I do?

Me: Yea what can we do.

S: Please help her dear. She really needs physical attention. I have been seeing her for 2 years. She was never so desperate. But after husband’s death, this is the 1st time I am seeing her like that. You can help her. I trust you This will be first and the last time. After that I will tell her to see someone else

Me: I need some time.

S: Yea, take your time but tell me by the end of the day as she will be waiting for you.

Me: What? You are out of your senses?

S: Arey anyway I will be leaving at 8 o clock and now the time is 4. After 8 you can spend some time with her and take care of her need. Moreover which girlfriend allows her boyfriend to have sex with other women or girl, ahhh?

Me: Ok, I need some time.

Sneha: Please help her dear. When I come back after 1 week, we can have full sex you can fuck my anal too.

Me: Ufff what offers are you giving me?

Sneha: Please help her dear.

Me: Ok will help her.

Sneha: Thank you so much, I’ll just come in 5 minutes.

Me: Where are you going?

Sneha: To tell the same thing to Vandana.

And she went out in a hurry. I lit a cigarette and was smoking in the balcony. After about  10 minutes Sneha came and said that even Vandana is ready for today and told to come to dinner at 7.

Me: Ok

After that, we kissed and went into the hall and were listening to songs. At 7 we went to Vandana’s flat and rang the bell. She opened the door in the loose t-shirt and track pant. Sneha was speaking about different things. But I and Vandana were not able to make eye contact.

We 3 had dinner together as Vandana made chapati and chicken curry. Sneha asked about her kid. She said that he is with her parents and will be returning the next week.

Sneha: So, you planned everything and sent him to your parent’s place?

V: Arey not like that. He went last week and his school does not start yet so he will be staying there for a few more days.

S: Ok, ok I am getting late I will leave.

Me: Wait let me drop you still the stop.

S: Arey, it is not required You have fun. I will book an OLA.

Me: No, I will drop you.

S: Ok let me get my bag.

We went to Sneha’s apartment. I was a bit tensed Sneha came near me and said, “Do not worry,” and we kissed. Sneha asked to light a cigarette and we smoked. Then Sneha gave me the leftover condoms about 5(It was a 10 pack). She came near me and kissed and gave a tablet.

I asked what is this. She told trust me and take it. I took it later I asked what tablet was that she said it is Viagra 50mg. I was shocked, “How did you get that tablet?”

“Vandana gave this and told me to give it to you.”

We went to the bus stop and dropped her. After she boarded the bus I came back to Vandana’s flat and rang the bell (For all this it took around 1hour and I came to Vandana’s flat at 9:15)

What happened after that? I will tell you  in the next part.