Vieweristic Delight Of Neighbors

Hi, this is Mohan Reddy once again 54 years old, male. This is a story of how interesting it can be when neighbors have the habit of exposing.

I lived in a nice neighborhood which was like row houses. A set of 12 houses. 2 houses lower joint and 2 houses above them. On both sides of the houses, there were around 8 to 10 ft land. Then the next set of four houses with the same. So besides my house was another house. Our bathrooms faced each other.

There was a cement mesh that was put as a window around 4 ft from the ground in the bathrooms. We used to put a curtain so we did not notice anything. We rarely used the outer 8 ft section of land except to hang clothes.

Around 8 years ago my wife and children had gone on a holiday and I stayed at home to take care of my father. My neighbors were a family of husband, wife, 3 daughters and a son. The wife was around 50 at that time and a bit fat. I never bothered to look much at her.

One day while I was urinating I heard a conversation and realized it came from their bathroom. I pulled the curtain a bit and saw that the lady was sitting on the floor washing clothes with the door open. The children moving around and talking to her.

I was about to turn away when I saw her get up and saw her nude tits. They were nice. So out of curiosity, I stood on the pot to see lower in the bathroom. I found that she was totally nude with a bush of hair trimmed. I was surprised. I kept the curtain closed so no one could see me.

I pulled it slightly and kept seeing. She then moved to the bedroom to get some more clothes. Before coming back she went to the side toilet which also did not have curtains. So I saw a lot of this stuff happening. She then came back and sat down to wash the clothes.

When she sat I saw her pussy well spread as she had her legs apart. Nice fleshy legs and a big trimmed pussy. The husband came home stood at the door chatted with her and went. She was so comfortable around the house naked that after washing the clothes she went to the back courtyard also nude and hung the clothes.

Her 20-year-old daughter stood talking to her. Then she stood by the drum at the back and took water and had a bath. She scrubbed herself well. She massaged her tits, pussy, and body with oil. She also oiled her bum cheeks and asshole too. I got too horny.

I started checking out every time I passed the bathroom. I later came to know she cleaned the house fully nude every day. The kids’ friends who visited had seen her that way and it was the talk of the colony. I was lucky at times to see 2 of her daughters bathing. But was unlucky to see their frontals as they did not face the window.

6 months later they sold the house and left. I felt lucky to have got such a chance. A couple of years later I had shifted to another city. This time I got lucky to watch a young lady dress at the dressing table and then have sex with her husband at night.

She looked around 22-24 years old nice firm tits. Size around 32-26-30. I noticed one day while she came out of the bath to dress up she accidentally left the curtain open. Since both our houses were on the 1st floor I could see into the bedroom. Windows are not high so a full view of the person is possible.

I had come home from work. I took my drink, put off all the lights and went to sit in the balcony. Since I was drinking I used to sit in the dark. Most of the days the window curtains were pulled so I could not see anything. But this lucky day it was open and she was sitting in front of the mirror combing her long hair.

It looked normal but then I saw the mirror and noticed that she was nude. After combing her hair she took moisturizer. She put it all over her front body massaging the boobs well and especially the nipples. During this manipulation, I noticed she had her eyes closed and mouth opened.

I realized she was enjoying the manipulation of the fingers. She then went lower and put on each of the legs right till the thighs. The feeling she was having seemed great as she did it with her eyes closed and ecstasy on her face. She took some moisturizer in the palm of her hand and massaged her pussy and fingered her bum hole.

She did it for a full 5 minutes. She then took out a dildo put moisturizer on it and massaged the inner walls as well. This time for around 10 minutes. She was now trying to keep her mouth closed. I could see her biting her lips with pleasure.

She then turned around faced her bum to the mirror and massaged the cheeks for a while. Then she lay face down on the bed and inserted the dildo in her bum till she almost screamed. But she took her panty and bit on it so that no noise came. She then dressed up slowly with nice sexy lace panties. She then modeled a bit.

Then put on her bras, also lacy. Then turned and twisted around. She made sure she was sexy and cute for her husband at night. Then she wore a lacy nighty 3 inches above her knees and a gown above it. By now she had to dry her pussy with a towel as her legs were wet. She then left the bedroom as her husband had arrived.

I was lucky she did not close the curtain. I was able to see the full show till night. Them making out in the kitchen and fucking at night. That’s another story for later.

I enjoyed watching these scenes and masturbating. I still masturbate thinking of this happening before my eyes. If you like the story mail me on [email protected]

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