My Beautiful Neighbor Akshita

Hello readers, this is my first story on Indian Sex Stories. I am reading stories on ISS for a long time but never thought of sharing my sexcapades with other readers. I am Aditya Sharma, 28-year-old, working in an MNC in Gurgaon.

Being state level badminton player in my younger days I am fit enough to look athletic. I am 5’7 with good communication skills. I can say so because my communication skills made me lucky multiple times in the past.

The heroine of this somewhat real incidence is my neighbor Akshita. She is 2 years elder to me but has a personality to die for. Let’s begin. I got an opportunity to work as a consultant in a Gurgaon based company and I was shifting with my girlfriend.

Most of you know that getting accommodation for a bachelor in a decent society is a pain in the ass. I and my girlfriend decided to show ourselves as a married couple and get a 3 BHK in a good society. Luckily we cracked a very good deal in an upper-middle-class society.

While shifting furniture I saw that each floor has 3 apartments. The apartment adjacent to mine is occupied and a family is staying in it. One day I was in the lift. Suddenly a girl in yoga pants and tank top entered the lift and I was blown away by her looks.

My pulse started raising when we made eye contact. She was 5’3 slim with average-sized boobs and a face which you can lock in your eyes whole night with love. She was a replica of Pari Choudhary, an actress. For my luck, she got off on the same floor as mine and started walking towards my apartment.

I was blown away by her figure. Those slender legs with bit fleshy bums. Just wow. I was praying to be her neighbor. She opened the flat adjacent to mine and I was jumping with joy. I opened the door and found my girlfriend standing in traditional attire.

I got so horny that I start kissing my girlfriend, who was leaving for a function.  I decided to shower my new love on my girlfriend by lifted her my arms. She resisted as she was going for a friend’s engagement. I started making love to my girl, Isha. But the thought of my neighbor and her face keep buzzing in my mind.

Isha: what happen to you? (While I was rubbing my face on her boobs. And touching her vagina)
Me: Nothing babu just found you too beautiful. Never thought you look so good in red saree. Let me love you.

I started rolling my tongue on her face and licking her neck. Then I undressed her and covered ourselves in the sheet. I licked her vagina but thoughts of my neighbor keep coming around. For a moment I believed that I am making love to my neighbor.

She held my hair and shouted out loudly cause it was getting intense. “Ah, Adi. Fuck me na.” By saying so I removed my boxers and my girl came on top. She was looking like a 10-year-old who loves to lick ice cream. She covered the entire length of my dick, 6 inches, with her tongue and started running the tip of dick with her tongue.

She was going wild. In between, she was squeezing my balls. When I was about to cum I got up, lifted her in my arms and threw her on the bed. I separated her vagina and fucked her for a good 30 minutes in missionary and side positions. She was shocked to see how much love I have to share with her.

We took some rest and after 2 hours she left for the function as her phone was ringing continuously. I am a lovemaking addict. I love it when I look in women’s eyes and they look at me with the same feelings. I used to look in my girlfriend’s eyes whenever I wanted to cuddle and make love to her.

I love it whenever I kiss and she looks at me. I love whenever I penetrate and she looks at me. I love it when I take her from the back and in the mirror, she looks at me. I used to make love to my girl whenever we meet in the evening. We used to start kissing and cuddling in the lift itself.

There were moments when we were kissing our neighbor used to see our acts. One day I was kissing her madly on the main door which was left ajar. I found a suspicious figure looking at us. But I ignored it and continued with the act. One day the neighbor lady met my girlfriend in the lift.

She was asking questions about our marriage. Isha told me when I was undressing her that the neighbor lady was asking about us. I asked isha if she asked her name. She was affirmative and replied her name is Akshita Pathak. From the very next day, I started searching for her Instagram and Facebook profile.

She is damn hot and beautiful. I used to masturbate thinking of her in my free time. I used to see her while leaving for her office and pass a smile. In a few face-offs, she started to smile with a cute shyness on her face. That was enough for me to imagine her in my arms.

One day I asked my girlfriend about her new friend i.e Akshita. My girlfriend told me that whenever they meet Akshita is the one who keeps asking a question about our married life and how much passion we have for each other. She also told me the reason for her curiosity about the noise my girl makes while cumming.

Isha told her everything about me, from my duration and love for lovemaking. She also boasted of my skills to make friends quickly. I don’t know why Akshita was taking so much interest in me. But deep down I was on cloud 9. To be continued.

Hey, people, this is my first story on ISS. I believe my real-life incidence and stories will satisfy you to the core. I am awaiting your feedback. For the ladies, I would say your appreciation means a lot to me. Please ignore my grammatical mistakes. I am open to chat and discussions.

In the next episode, I will describe the cuteness and beauty filled within my Akshita. Love from a budding writer. Thank You. [email protected]

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