Secret Affair With Girlfriend’s Neighbor- Part 2

To know how I landed in this situation, please read the previous part, Secret Affair With Girlfriend’s Neighbor- Part 1.

As I rang the bell after 2-3 minutes Vandana opened the door. I was shocked to see her in a light blue chiffon saree. I was just near the door and was stunned by her looks.

V: Please come. If someone sees you it will not be good.

Me: Yeah sure.

I went in and locked the door from inside. We had a small talk I got to know about her that she is of 29. She was married (arranged) at the age of 25 and had her kid at 26. Her husband met with an accident while he was traveling to Bangalore in his car for his business purpose.

After her husband’s death her In-laws and parents forced her to marry. She was not interested as she has a kid.Now she is taking care of her family business which is textile showroom (details didn’t ask) and she is happy with her life. Only thing she is missing is her sex life.

She used to have a very good sex life with her husband. After hearing all this I thought I should help her. But deep inside I was jumping because I got chance to fuck her.

Later I asked her why did she give Viagra to Sneha?

V: I don’t want you to get tired soon. This is the only day I have and Sneha said that this would be first and last time.

Me: Acha.

We had all this conversation in her bed room. The room was set perfectly. The room was cool as the AC was maintained at 20 degrees. There was a very good lavender smell in the bed room. So, I asked her did she spray anything in the room. She said yes, the lavender room freshener.

Everything was set perfectly and I was feeling a huge tent in my underwear. Don’t know if this was the effect of Viagra or just the effect of a beautiful married women in the best shape size and height

She was 5.5 with the body stats of 34-28-34 got to know later.She wore a blue chiffon saree which was a bit transparent and a sleeveless blouse which was designer wear. We were silent for 5 minutes then she said shall we start.

Me: Yeah, sure.

She went to hall to check if the main door was locked. She came to bed room and locked the bedroom door. She switched off the lights and it was pitch dark Then she came near me and sat beside me. Then we started kissing. Slowly she sat on my lap and we again started kissing we kissed for a good 10 minutes.

All this time my penis was poking her while kissing. I caught hold of her left boob and started pressing it slowly on her blouse. When I caught her boob she left a small sound but did not stop kissing. This made me know that she is not going to stop unless she is satisfied.

While kissing I slowly unhooked her blouse and threw the blouse aside. Then slowly slided her bra strap aside and started pressing her bare boobs one after the other. I slowly started rubbing her areola in between my fingers. She suddenly stood up and went 2-3 feet away from me.

I was shocked. I switched on the light. I don’t know what happened. I waited for 2 minutes and went near her. I kept my hand on her shoulders and asked her what happened. She was crying. I was tensed, again asked her.

Me: What happened? Do you want me to stop?

She then started saying that

V: Even her husband use to do the same thing. He used to press her boobs and then pinch her areola as you did. I felt like you were my husband but then I realised that it was not him.

I was confused and didn’t know what to say

Me: If you want to continue, we will continue or else we will stop.

V: No please don’t stop. I really need you. I really need someone to help me out. I need someone to fuck me as many times as possible. I have been using dildo and vibrator for the last 1 year. It was just a temporary relief. I need to feel a real cock in me. I want to feel that muscle. I want you.

After saying I want you, she started kissing vigorously. We kissed for 2-3 minutes. While  we were kissing, she slowly removed my t-shirt and even unhooked my jeans. She was standing only in the saree and that to lower half. She caught my dick while we were still kissing and she started giving strokes.

She went down on her knees and took my dick. She had a good look at it and started sucking it. She sucked for about 5 minutes I told that I am cumming and then I cum in her mouth. Then she removed her saree and her petticoat. She was standing in front of me in her panty.

Then I again kissed her. I threw her on the bed and started sucking her boobs. While I was sucking her left boob, I was pressing her right boob. I made circles around her areola and pinched it. I repeated the same with her other boob as well. Then slowly I kissed her navel.

Then I went near her pussy and smelled it. She was already wet there and the room started to smell with her pre cum. Then I started kissing her inner thighs and she was restless. She caught hold of my head and pushed it near her pussy. I slightly moved her panty and gave light strokes on her pussy.

Slowly I tongue fucked her for 2-3 minutes. Then she cummed heavily. After that we took break for 5 minutes and rested on her bed naked. After 5 minutes she woke up and started sucking my dick. She kissed me and said that she doesn’t want to waste time as she may or may not have me again.

I was awestruck and thought this woman might go into depression if she did not have sex. She sucked my dick and it was grown to its full extent. Then we went into missionary. I rubbed my dick on her pussy. Then I searched for the condom which was in my jeans pocket.

She said no need to wear condom. She is operated and will not get pregnant. She also said that she needs to feel my dick in her pussy. I kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. Inch by inch my dick went inside her pussy.

She had tears of joy in her eyes. I kept my dick in her pussy and kissed her. I took the control and started fucking her for good 7-8 minutes. She cummed and I kept my dick in her pussy. When the pussy was contracting I again started fucking her. She cummed again but I was no way near to climax.

She was completely out of energy. But my dick was still erect. When she cummed second time I could feel that my dick was getting crushed between her pussy walls. I removed my dick and gave her some time. My dick still erect due to the Viagra.

She was very happy as she cummed twice. I was still in between her legs. She saw me said that due to Viagra I am unable to cum. She told me to fuck her as many time as possible until I cum in her pussy. After hearing that I rubbed my dick again over her pussy.

I entered in with full force. After fucking her for 5-6 minutes there was juice around her pussy and my dick. I took tissues and cleaned it. I started fucking her vigorously. At last I cummed in her pussy and we both were out of energy. As I cummed I fell beside her and we both were breathing heavily.

After 15 minutes I again started kissing her and started to rub her pussy. She was kissing at her best level. While rubbing I inserted by middle and index fingers inside her pussy. This time, she cum in 2 minutes. And she was taking long breaths.

We rested for 1hour and the time was 12:30. I checked my phone and found a missed call from Sneha. I immediately called her but she didn’t pick the call. After 2 minutes I got a call back from her. But Vandana took the call and started saying, “Thank you so much Sneha, Thank you so much.”

Then there wasa small conversation between them about Vandana’s experience was. She was really happy. After that I spoke to Sneha.

Me: I didn’t see the phone when you called me.

Sneha: Yeah why would you see, when you were busy fucking her.

Me: Arey, Sneha I didn’t hear the ring.

Sneha: Yeah how could you hear when she is moaning at the highest level.

Me: Nothing like that. It was the effect of Viagra. By the way did you reach?

Sneha: No will be reaching with in 2 hours.

Me: Ok.

Sneha: Ok so if it is the effect of Viagra then we need to try when I come back.

Me: Yeah, we’ll surely try.

Sneha: Ok then will call you in the morning.

After hearing all the conversation between me and Sneha Vandana was laughing

Me: Why are you laughing?

V: You guys are beyond expectations. I like couples who plan their next sessions. Sneha is really lucky to get fucked by you.

Me: Ufff that’s ok.

V: From when are you guys in relation?

Me: Since 10 days.

V: Really? (Shocked)

Me: Yeah.

V: That’s great. But she really loves you so much. I hear a lot about you when I speak to her, and she trusts you. No girl will be ready to give herself until and unless she has trust in you.

Me: Yeah I know that she loves me very much. But presently I’m not planning to marry her any time soon. We will see how it goes and will plan accordingly.

V: Until you marry her make a visit to my place, At least once monthly.

Me: Sneha told that this would be out 1st and last.

V: Yeah, but think about it. Even I need someone in my life. You can get 2 pussies and if you want you can try my anal as well.

Me: Wow, shall we try anal now?

V: Yes, if you promise me that you will fuck me at least once in a month. But my pussy is all ways there to welcome your dick.

Me: Let’s talk about that later. I need to speak about this with Sneha.

V: Come on, don’t say she will not allow. Let’s have a secret sex relation, if you want. I can give you money as well.

Me: Come on we will think about that later, first let’s do anal.

V: Ok anything for you.

By saying this she turned and her back facing up told me to insert in her anal. I found a dildo vibrator on the table beside the bed. I took the vibrator and inserted it in one go inside her pussy. She was confused about what I was doing. I took a condom and wore it and kept my dick at the entrance of her anal.

She had lube ready. I applied some on my dick and some on her anal hole. I inserted my tip of my dick in her hole and she was in pain. I switched on the vibrator which was inserted in her pussy with remote. She was giving small jerks. in between the jerks I inserted my dick completely in her hole and started to fuck her.

First, I started with slow strokes and gradually increased my pace. At one point of time I fucked her really heard. During this she cummed again due to the vibrator in her pussy. Even I cummed but I still kept my dick in her anal hole which was very tight.

We laid there for some time. I slowly removed my dick from her anal hole and lay there. Then I switched off the main light and only the blue light was there. I can see her skin shining due to the sweat and there was a glow on her face. Then again, she kissed me and said that this is the best day in her life.

Even her husband didn’t make her cum so many times. She also said that she is completely out of energy. Then we kissed each other. After the kiss my dick was again erect. May be the effect of Viagra but she said she cannot move.

She said if you still feel horny my pussy is there for you. You can fuck it but don’t expect me to move. So we went into 69 position. I started licking her pussy and she was licking my dick. After some time she was still sucking. So I caught hold of her head and fucked her mouth but I didn’t cum.

She said that she can take it for 1 last time as my dick is still erect. So I went into missionary position and fucked her for 5 more minutes. She had tears in her eyes both with pain and happiness. After 5 minutes I cummed in her pussy and kept my dick inside her pussy. Then I collapsed on her and both slept naked

The next day she woke up around 12 in the afternoon. She woke me up as well and she was completely a different Vandana. There was a glow on her face. She said that her pussy had swollen and it is hurting. Then I had a look at her pussy stretched her pussy lips and started licking it again.

This time she was ready for another round. So quickly I made her into doggy style and inserted in her pussy from behind. We had another round for a couple of minutes and we cummed almost at the same time.

Then we went into the shower. After the shower, we had breakfast and I left her place. While leaving she came to bid me goodbye but she was not able to walk properly. Still she came till the main door and requested me to meet her again before Sneha comes back.

I told her we will meet again in 2 days and I left her place. I will write about what happened next. Feedback: [email protected].

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